TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2018 – November

Nov 01
Smallville 4×17 Onyx
SEAL Team 2×05 Say Again Your Last
Chicago Fire 7×06 All the Proof
Chicago P.D. 6×06 True or False
Chicago Med 4×06 Lesser of Two Evils
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×02 Witch Hunt
Prison Break 2×15 The Message
Prison Break 2×16 Chicago
Prison Break 2×17 Bad Blood
Prison Break 2×18 Wash
Total: 7h 3m

Nov 02
Single Parents 1×06 Lettuce
The Big Bang Theory 12×07 The Grant Allocation Derivation
Young Sheldon 2×07 Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon
Superstore 4×05 Delivery Day
Total: 1h 21m

Nov 03
The Good Place 3×06 A Fractured Inheritance
Speechless 3×04 N-e-New J.J.
Real Time with Bill Maher 02.11.2018 Barbra Streisand, Chelsea Handler, Jim VandeHei, Anthony Romero, Bari Weiss
QI 16×08 Plants
Last Man Standing 7×05 One Flew Into the Empty Nest
S.W.A.T. 2×06 Never Again
MacGyver (2016) 2×12 Mac + Jack
MacGyver (2016) 3×06 Murdoc + MacGyver + Murdoc
Prison Break 2×19 Sweet Caroline
Prison Break 2×20 Panama
Prison Break 2×21 Fin del camino
Prison Break 2×22 Sona
Prison Break 1×01 Pilot
Total: 8h 21m

Nov 04
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×03 Kicks
Prison Break 3×01 Orientación
Prison Break 3×02 Fire/Water
Prison Break 3×03 Call Waiting
Prison Break 3×04 Good Fences
Prison Break 3×05 Interference
Prison Break 3×06 Photo Finish
Prison Break 3×07 Vamonos
Prison Break 3×08 Bang and Burn
Prison Break 3×09 Boxed In
Total: 6h 56m

Nov 05
God Friended Me 1×06 A House Divided
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 04.11.2018 Trump administration family separation policy
Total: 1h 13m

Nov 06
The Neighborhood 1×06 Welcome to the Anniversary
The Good Doctor 2×06 Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)
Total: 1h 4m

Nov 07
Supergirl 4×04 Ahimsa
The Jim Jefferies Show 06.11.2018 Third-Party Debate: The Best of the Rest
The Resident 2×07 Trial & Error
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×03 Dancing Queen
Burn Notice 1×01 Pilot
Burn Notice 1×02 Pilot
Total: 3h 51m

Nov 08
Single Parents 1×07 They Call Me Doctor Biscuits!
Total: 21m

Nov 09
SEAL Team 2×06 Hold What You Got
Chicago Fire 7×07 What Will Define You
Chicago P.D. 6×07 Trigger
The Good Place 3×07 The Worst Possible Use of Free Will
Superstore 4×06 Maternity Leave
The Big Bang Theory 12×08 The Consummation Deviation
Young Sheldon 2×08 An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius
Chicago Med 4×07 The Poison Inside Us
S.W.A.T. 2×07 Inheritance
Total: 4h 51m

Nov 10
Total: 0m

Nov 11
Real Time with Bill Maher 09.11.2018 Bob Woodward, Sarah Silverman, Bret Stephens, Katty Kay, Cornell Belcher
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan 1×01 Pilot
Mr. Robot 1×01
Total: 3h 6m

Nov 12
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan 1×02 French Connection
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan 1×03 Black 22
Total: 1h 36m

Nov 13
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 11.11.2018 Drain the Swamp
God Friended Me 1×07 The Prodigal Son
The Neighborhood 1×07 Welcome to the Barbershop
Speechless 3×05 S-t-Stage Mom
Last Man Standing 7×06 The Courtship of Vanessa’s Mother
The Good Doctor 2×07 Hubert
MacGyver (2016) 3×07 Scavengers + Hard Drive + Dragonfly
Total: 3h 51m

Nov 14
The Jim Jefferies Show 13.11.2018 Trump Wages War Against Journalists
The Rookie 1×04 The Switch
New Amsterdam 1×07 Domino Effect
Total: 1h 46m

Nov 15
SEAL Team 2×07 Outside the Wire
Chicago Fire 7×08 The Solution to Everything
Chicago P.D. 6×08 Black and Blue
Chicago Med 4×08 Play By My Rules
Arrow 2×08 The Scientist
Arrow 2×09 Three Ghosts
Total: 4h 8m

Nov 16
The Big Bang Theory 12×09 The Citation Negation
Young Sheldon 2×09 Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero
Superstore 4×07 New Initiative
The Good Place 3×08 Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By
The Flash 1×01 City of Heroes
The Flash 1×09 The Man in the Yellow Suit
Arrow 2×23 Unthinkable
Arrow 2×13 Heir to the Demon
Prison Break 3×10 Dirt Nap
Prison Break 3×11 Under & Out
Prison Break 3×12 Hell or High Water
Prison Break 3×13 The Art of the Deal
Prison Break 4×01 Scylla
Prison Break 4×02 Breaking and Entering
S.W.A.T. 2×08 The Tiffany Experience
The Neighborhood 1×01 Pilot
Total: 9h 41m

Nov 17
Real Time with Bill Maher 16.11.2018 Garry Kasparov, Van Jones, Steve Schmidt, Nancy MacLean, Eric Swalwell
MacGyver (2016) 3×08 Revenge + Catacombs + Le Fantome
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×04 Wet Hot American Bummer
The Flash 1×16 Rogue Time
Arrow 3×05 The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2×09 Raiders of the Lost Art
Total: 4h 26m

Nov 18
Supergirl 3×06 Midvale
Superman: Die neuen Abenteuer von Lois & Clark 1×07 I’ve Got a Crush on You
Total: 1h 28m

Nov 19
Last Man Standing 7×07 Dreams vs. Reality
Total: 22m

Nov 20
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 18.11.2018 Authoritarianism
The Neighborhood 1×08 Welcome to Thanksgiving
God Friended Me 1×08 Matthew 621
Total: 1h 43m

Nov 21
Speechless 3×06 C-e-Celebrity S-u-Suite
The Jim Jefferies Show 20.11.2018 Jim Becomes a U.S. Citizen
The Rookie 1×05 The Roundup
The Good Doctor 2×08 Stories
New Amsterdam 1×08 Three Dots
Total: 2h 47m

Nov 22
SEAL Team 2×08 Parallax
The Resident 2×08 Heart in a Box
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×05 Tagumo Attacks!!!
Supergirl 4×05 Parasite Lost
Supergirl 4×06 Call to Action
Total: 3h 30m

Nov 23
Chuck 2×09 Chuck Versus the Sensai
Chuck 2×10 Chuck Versus the DeLorean
Total: 1h 23m

Nov 24
Kampfstern Galactica (1978) 1x01x02x03 Saga of A Star World
Penn & Teller: Fool Us 5×12 Never Trust A Magician
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×04 HalloVeen
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×05 Bad Beat
Total: 3h 44m

Nov 25
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×06 The Venue
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×07 Two Turkeys
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×08 Return to Skyfire
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×09 99
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×10 Game Night
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×11 The Favor
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×12 Safe House
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×13 The Negotiation
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×14 The Box
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×15 The Puzzle Master
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×16 NutriBoom
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×17 DFW
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×18 Gray Star Mutual
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×19 Bachelor/ette Party
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×20 Show Me Going
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×21 White Whale
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×22 Jake & Amy
Total: 6h 10m

Nov 26
God Friended Me 1×09 King’s Gambit
Total: 42m

Nov 27
The Good Doctor 2×09 Empathy
The Resident 2×09 The Dance
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 4×06 Tender Is the Nate
Total: 2h 8m

Nov 28
The Rookie 1×06 The Hawke
Supergirl 4×07 Rather the Fallen Angel
Total: 1h 25m

Nov 29
Doctor Who (2005) 11×01 The Time Warrior (Part 1)
Doctor Who (2005) 2×03 School Reunion
New Amsterdam 1×09 As Long As It Takes
Total: 1h 51m

Nov 30
The Night Manager 1×01 Episode 1
The Night Manager 1×02 Episode 2
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan 1×04 The Wolf
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan 1×05 End of Honor
Total: 3h 24m

Total: 3d 22h 11m
Durchschnitt: 3h 8m pro Tag