Babylon 5: Season 5

Season 4 | In the Beginning

Wheel of Fire

Disc 1

No Compromises

Synopsis: It is planned that the inauguration of President Sheridan will be take place on Babylon 5. But there is someone who has a faible for dead presidents. Meanwhile Captain Lochley arrives at the station as a replacement for Commander Ivanova. Also a group of telepaths arive and they are not Psi Corps.

My opinion: It was an ok introduction to the last season and I really liked G’Kar’s way of getting the ceremony done.

The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari

Synopsis: One of the two hearts of Londo has given up and while they wait for a transplant, Londo lies in a coma where he has to face the things he has done or not prevented.

My opinion: A walk down on the sin road. I am not much of a fan of any dream or coma episode, they are often strange (and supposedly intended to be that way), but I don’t like the idea that I have just to decide subconsciously to wake up and suddenly wake up.

The Paragon of Animals

Synopsis: Sheridan tries to convince the members of the Interstellar Alliance to sign the Declaraton of Principles. But there is some resistance to do so. Meanwhile a planet on the border of Drazi space is attacked by Raiders and they ask Babylon 5 for help.

My opinion: This one as a fan of speeches I liked a lot. The writers did a excellent job in putting those words into G’Kar’s mouth. Although I found it a bit unrealistic that the Drazi could be suddenly a thread to a large Whitestar fleet, even when they ambushed them.

A View From the Gallery

Synopsis: We watch the events of this episode through the eyes of the maintenance people Mack and Bo who work on the station And they have to repair all kind of things while an unknown force is attacking the station.

My opninion: Great episode. To switch the view from the main characters to some “by-standers” was a fantastic idea. Of course they had to cross paths with the mains, but the focus remained on them.

Quote of the episode:
Mack (to Bo about Londo and G’Kar): “So, how long you figure they’ve been married?”

Disc 2

Learning Curve

Synopsis: Two Minbari Ranger trainer come to the station with two of their students. One of the students is attacked by a new underground boss in Down Below and the Rangers take matters into their own hands. And Garibaldi tries to figure Captain Lochley out, why she was chosen by Sheridan.

My opinion: Average episode. It didn’t happen much in it.

Strange Relations

Synopsis: The centauri regent is dying and Londo is ordered back to Centauri Prime, for he is chosen to become the next emperor of the Centauri Republic. But his transport is sabotaged and explodes. Meanwhil is Bester back and he brought a Psi Cops Bloodhound unit with him to hunt down the “blips”, the unregistered telepaths around Byron.

My opinion: I never really liked Byron and his “hippie gang”. The teeps that were hidden on the station during the second(?) season by the underground railroad were much more likable. Thus it felt har to sympathize with them when they were hunted down.

Secrets of the Soul

Synopsis: Franklin has a new job aside of being chief of the Medlabs. He catalogues the DNA and other stuff from all the races of the new alliance to find cures for their diseases and check if any of that iseases could spread to other races. But something is wrong with the profile of the Hyach. Meanwhile one of the teeps is attacked by undergorund scam and Byron lands behind bars.

My opinion: This is mostly a teep episode. And I hate Byron’s kumba-ya bullshit. Did I mention that I didn’t like him much?

Day of the Dead

Synopsis: The Brakiri buy a square mile of the station for one night for a ritual. Lochley sells it because she thinks that it is metaphorical. But then this part of the station is suddenly gone and the inhabitants have visitors who should be dead.

My opninion: One could qualify it as “dream episode” but it didn’t felt weird. It was a cool idea and I liked to see some characters again.

It is discussed whether or not this episode belongs here. While it stands on its own the next episode “In the Kingdom of the Blind” practically continues where “Secrets of the Soul” ended.

Disc 3

The Kingdom of the Blind

Synopsis: The attacks on alliance ships have been increased and the alliance races point fingers at each other of who is being repsonsible for the attackes. And the blips have made things worse because they spied on the ambassadors and have stolen their secrets to ransom a homeworld of their own. Meanwhile Londo and his bodyguard G’Kar have arrived on Centauri Prime where the regent seems to be under the influence of a foraign power.

My opinion: Now we know that the Centauri or at least a part of them is behind the attacks and that the regent is influenced and so will his successor as seen in “War Without End”. But this episode also marks the beginning of the end. From now on more and more main characters will leave Babylon 5.

A Tragedy of Telepaths

Synopsis: The teeps are becoming a real problem to Captain Lochley, especially since they’ve threatened to reveal the secrets of the ambassadors. Lochley asks Bester for help and he comes again to the station. Meanhwile Londo and G’Kar discover a forgotten prisoner in one of the palace’s prison cells.

My opinion: Teeps again, but at least the Londo/G’Kar story was worth watching and funny to see how Londo got the prisoner out of the palace.

Phoenix Rising

Synopsis: Bester and his Bloodhound units hunt one part of the teeps down, while the other has sealed themselves off and has gone to a hunger strike. But the first group takes hostages, Michael and Stephen among them and Byron (who is with the second group) has to act.

My opinion: Byron and his storyarc is gone! Good riddance! Now the season can really begin and it sadly does this with Michael starting to drink again.

The Ragged Edge

Synopsis: While G’Kar was on Centauri Prime, his book, the “Book of G’Kar” has been gotten in the hands of other Narns and they copied it – about 500 to 600,000 times. G’Kar is treated like a religious icon although he does not want to be. Meanwhile another attack on a ship has taken place and this time there was a survivor. Garibaldi gets the job of getting him out of the Drazi homeworld.

My opninion: Now Sheridan knows that a fraction of the Centauri is involved but I worry for Michael who’s drinking more and more. It was a good episode, better than the last ones.

Disc 4

The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father

Synopsis: A Psi Cop trainee kills his roommate and escapes to Babylon 5. Bester and two other trainees pursue and try to capture him.

My opinion: This whole episode was being told from the Psi Corps’ point of view, most prominently from Bester’s view. They even changed the intro for this episode and put the Psi Corps sign on the back end of the station. This episode was quite interesting but it showed egain, how ruthless the Psi Corps is and how both sides don’t see each other as the same race (homo sapiens vs. homo superior)

Meditations On the Abyss

Synopsis: Delenn secretly orders Lennier to gather proof that the Centauri are behind the attacks. For this he takes a post upon a White Star ship as a Ranger trainee (which he in fact is). But to find this evidence he has to take an enormous risk. Meanwhile Londo offers the post of the Centauri Ambassador to Vir Cotto when Londo decides that Vir is ready.

My opinion: It was great to see Vir getting enraged like that. 🙂 I also liked the reluctance with which G’Kar sees himself as some religious leader, especially when he’s asked “What is the Truth?” and “What is God?”.

Darkness Ascending

Synopsis: Lennier has picked up on a trail, but he is alone in his fighter and the chances of being found and coming out of this alive are small. But finally he finds the proof that he was looking for. Meanwhile Londo is fed up with the information that the Alliance Council will falsely blame the Centauri for the attacks.

My opinion: If Londo only knew what he was going into. It was interesting to see whether or not Lennier would make it out alive, there are only a few episodes left and they could’ve easily killed him. But they haven’t – yet.

And All My Dreams, Torn Assunder

Synopsis: A Council meeting is held and all the evidence against the Centauri is presented. The Alliance decides to build up a blockade on all jump points into Alliance space. As a consequence the Centauri who still deny of being responsible resign from the Alliance and send warships along their transporters. Sheridan tries to prevent a shooting war but he relies on a person that has become unreliable.

My opninion: Michael screwed it up badly this time. He may have prevented that encounter but he was too drunk and now there’s war again. In the new Rambo movie there is a line said by him that was supposedly cut: “Old men start wars. Young men fight in them. And all others get killed. War is natural. Peace is an accident. We are animals.” Unfortunatly that seems to be true and it saddens me.

Disc 5

Movements of Fire and Shadow

Synopsis: The war spreadens and even on the station fightings are breaking out and Centauri get killed. Sheridan has no choice but to give up Babylon 5’s neutrality and order the White Star fleet to fight in the war. He also has to send Delenn back to Minbar to discuss a matter of great importance back there. Meanwhile Lyta and Dr. Franklin discover a secret about the attacking Centauri ships and Londo finds himself in a very uncomfortable position.

My opinion: I liked this episode because it set a storyline in motion that will be contibued in the “Legion of Fire” book trilogy which I liked to read.

The Fall of Centauri Prime

Synopsis: The regent has sent all ships away from Centauri Prime and has deactivated the planetary defense systems. When the Drazi and Narn fleet arrives they find the door wide open and they use it to bring destruction upon Centauri Prime. After the regent has died, Londo becomes emperor and surrenders immediately. But this defeat comes at a high price.

My opinion: The Drakh really want to punish the Centauri for what Londo did in the Shadow war. Londo’s regency and torment will last 16 years and only with his death his people will become free again. He always wanted the best for his people and he brought the worst to them. He is the tragic figure of this play and for this he is to be pitied.

Wheel of Fire

Synopsis: It finally comes out in the open that Michael is drinking again and he gets consequentially suspended. G’Kar returns from Centauri Prime and is revered as never before and his only wish is to get away. He offers to help Lyta who in turn sits in a prison cell because she financed terrorist attacks on Psi Corps facilities.

My opinion: Did I say I didn’t like teeps? Only those around Byron. Lyte I always liked a lot and I think that she didn’t get the thanks that she deserved for what she has done over the years. And that woman can kick ass!

Objects in Motion

Synopsis: Someone tries to kill Michael because they fear that he could dig out stuff at Edgar Industries they don’t want to be found. And because he has decided to marry Lise and don’t to return to his job as Chief of Covert Intelligence the former head of the Mars resistance, Number One, gets the job. Together they bring down those who hired the assassin.

My opninion: Now they are leaving. Londo gone. Michael and Lise gone. G’Kar and Lyta gone. Soon Sheridan and Delenn and Stephen will follow. I said I didn’t like the fifth season that much, but that’s because of the first half. Now I am really into it again and have to realize that it will soon be over. 🙁

Disc 6

Objects at Rest

Synopsis: The episode of departure. Stephen takes his job on Earthdome, Ta’lon becomes the new Narn ambassador and Sheridan and Delenn leave for Minbar, where they surprisingly meet Londo who has a gift for their unborn child.

My opinion: A quiet episode which brings the immideate story to an and. But as Londo would say “Their story isn’t over yet.”

Sleeping in Light

Synopsis: 2281. 19 years after the fith season. Sheridan is going to die and he invites the old friends who are still alive: General Ivanova, Garibaldi,Dr. Franklin, Emperor Cotto and Zack Allen. Then he goes to Babylon 5 which is about to be decommissioned (read: to be blown up). After that he goes to Corriana 6, the place from where the Vorlons and the Shadows have left the galaxy. And Lorien awaits him there.

My opinion: A very emotional episode. To be honest, I cry every time when I see it. And that doesn’t happen very often, after all I know it’s just a TV show. But I can’t help it with this one.

BTW: The service technician that shuts down the lights on B5 just before it is blown up, is JMS himself.

Season analysis: In the big picture it’s one of the weaker seasons of that show but in the second half it’s very good and the ending is magnificent.

In the Beginning