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Romantically Challenged 1×01 Don’t Be Yourself
What I’ve seen so far is a run-of-the-mill sitcom and I’ve seen nothing (except for Alyssa of course ;)) that makes this one special. Maybe I watch a few more episodes, maybe I don’t. But I honestly don’t think I’ll miss something if I don’t.

10 Things I Hate About You 1×14 Meat Is Murder
It was really cool how Blank played Kat while being completely honest with her.
But I also liked how Bianca tried to smooth things up with Cameron and how she “trained” Stacy (especially on the topic of LOST) so that she would be perfect for Cameron.

Bones 5×18 The Predator in the Pool
Rena Sofer, huh? I can see why Booth would be attracted to her. I find it fascinating who both Bs know that it’s “wrong” what they are doing and yet go through with it (for now). But I liked the uncomfortable look on Brennan’s face because the ball is on her side now and she has to act.
As for the case: A lot of convenient coincidences in this one (like the fish burping out the skull at the right moment). I have no problem with written coincidences on TV shows but please not too many and not blatantly obvious.

Castle 2×21 Den of Thieves
Michael Trucco, huh? Starbuck fell for him, Penny fell for him – so why not Kate?
I really liked it that Ryan and especially Esposito played a bigger role than usual. They have been criminally underused so far. And it was great how the two of them and Castle totally “inconspicuously” investigated Trucco’s character.
I also liked how the episode ended and they all covered for Esposito.

Cougar Town 1×20 Wake Up Time
Again the men were the highlight of the episode. Grayson on the emotional level, Andy on the funny level and Bobby on his usual weird level. Too bad Kylie is gone already; I really thought she and Grayson made a nice couple.

And now for “emotional chicken”:

Gossip Girl 3×18 The Unblairable Lightness of Being
I like it that there’s no coming back from this whole Indecent Proposal affair but I certainly would not like to see Dan and Blair involved in any way. But I guess the next big storm clouds are Jenny-Nate-Serena and Rufus-Lily-Dr. van der Woodsen anyway.

House M.D. 6×16 Lockdown
That was a really interesting episode and a nice pairing off due to the external circumstances. The best part certainly was House and that patient (since we all know House does not like patients) and the way they talked about things. Second place goes to Thirteen and Wilson and their truth or dare game. I honestly didn’t really care for Cameron. She’s a character who’s left, she won’t come back, so I’m done with her.

House M.D. 6×17 Knight Fall
I’m somewhat torn about the morality aspect of this episode. I don’t think the “knight” was really an idiot. To tell a female friend who’s getting married to another friend that one loves her is IMHO not a move one should make lightly, especially if it’s not certain, how she would take it. Sure, in TV land all would end well but in reality it’s more likely that at least two people get burned.

How I Met Your Mother 5×19 Zoo or False
The monkey and the doll and the Empire State Building. πŸ˜€ Great ending to a nice episode.

How I Met Your Mother 5×20 Home Wreckers
Finally a real episode about Ted and his progress again. Just like with the last episode I liked it that it remained ambiguous who really cried at the wedding (my bet was: Both of them).
I also liked it that this was the actual house, because that wasn’t just a comment by Marshall, that’s actually who Ted is (as been shown over the last five years).

Justified 1×06 The Collection
That man’s so cool, he’s giving me frostbite. How he calmly talked the horse trainer out of shooting him. Awesome, dude.
What I liked even more was the Voyager‘s Doctor’s collection of Hitler’s paintings and the way he stored then. *thumbs up*

LOST 6×13 The Last Recruit
For now it seems pretty obvious that Jack’s going to be the lighthouse keeper but because it’s so obvious I bet there will be another turn of the table. After all, there are still 5 episodes left.
But I really liked that the ATL people are clustering at high speeds. If they keep that rate up, they all will meet in one spot sooner rather than later.

Party Down 2×01 / 2×02 Jackal Onassis Backstage Party / Precious Lights Pre-School Auction
The dynamics have changed a bit but it’s still the same show. They are still great at showing the truth about every of these events they are catering. The appeal of this show for me is that it’s not a sequence of setup & jokes but it feels more like a documentary where all the characters are involuntarily funny without actually meaning to be.

Smallville 9×18 Charade
So, the Daily Planet is looking for a new editor-in-chief? I wonder who that will be. πŸ˜‰
While Lois’s reasoning why she doesn’t want him to reveal who he is may be textbook superhero reasoning, it still sounded a bit off to me. The Blur never said to her that he doesn’t want to reveal himself. He simply didn’t do it (so far). Also, these hypothetical thugs would have to know that she knows or doesn’t know his face; otherwise her being-at-risk status doesn’t change at all. But maybe someone sent Lois a Spider-Man DVD. πŸ˜€
I just hope that Lois & Clark don’t break up, despite what the end was indicating.

Doctor Who 5×04 The Time of Angels
I wonder how the Angels ever got in that cave. Did someone put them there while being well lit? Because there are so many of them they are bound to look at each other and with the tiniest bit of light they would be quantum-locked for all eternity. Or maybe it’s the nursery and that’s why they haven’t got their wings yet?
But I digress. I find it fascinating that this is a point in time where both the Doctor and Doctor Corday River-Song have met each other but both not for the first time and yet they both have different times when they first met. Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey. Love it.

The Good Wife 1×18 Doubt
10 years for nothing. 10 years for murder. I liked this episode and how they showed most of it from the jury’s point of view. If you take away what you (as the viewer) additionally saw it’s no wonder the jury had trouble to decide. Even with that additional information it never became clear whether she did it. It’s a heavy burden such a group has to bear.

Two and a Half Men 7×18 Keith Moon Is Vomiting in his Grave
Maybe I’m already preparing for this show to end but I didn’t find it as funny as other episodes. Charlie not really caring is one thing, but actually forgetting what just happened is something else.

Supernatural 5×16 / 5×17 / 5×18 / 5×19 Dark Side of the Moon / 99 Problems / Point of No Return / Hammer of the Gods
The finish line is getting closer. Considering the casualties in these episodes they are certainly cleaning up the field to make room for big end fight.
I somehow still wish that Gabriel tricked himself out of this once again but I fear that’s it for him. He had a good run there.
Logic dictates that if the other Gods like Odin can be killed, then the God must also be killable, since they made it clear in this episode that he’s no better than them. Unless of course the power of a God dependent upon the number of his worshippers.
And even if they trap Lucifer again, what’s with Michael? Would he actually stop the war or will God intervene after all?

This is certainly a show I will put in a marathon once I’ve got all five seasons on DVD.

Screw Destiny!

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