TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 13-17

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Chuck 3×14 Chuck vs the Honeymooners
I’ve enjoyed this episode very much. It had the typical Chuck mixture of fun and action the early seasons had. Sarah’s Texan impersonation was also very funny and I don’t think I have to say anything about her habit of walking around in lingerie all the time.
But I also really enjoyed Jeffster’s (IMHO good) interpretation of Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Romantically Challenged 1×02 The Charade
Nope, nothing special about this show. Just your average multi-camera sitcom with laugh-track.

Happy Town 1×01 In This Home on Ice
I’m a bit confused. Is this pure mystery? Is there a supernatural element in the story? What’s up with Chloe?
The pilot felt a bit rushed because so many different characters had to be introduced (however briefly) but it certainly looks intriguing and I’ll continue to watch.

10 Things I Hate About You 1×15 The Winner Takes It All
If there’s one thing in TV Land that gives me the creeps, it’s public embarrassments in front of a big audience, especially if one sees it coming. I always cringe and even try to stall the inevitable moment by pausing(!) the video. And yet I will not skip over it.
In contrast, I have no problem with putting myself into a spotlight and do things I’m not talented enough to do – just for the fun of it.

Unfortunately, 10 Things won’t get a second season. While it’s not the best show out there, I certainly enjoyed it.

Bones 5×19 The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle
This is one of the episodes I have my problems with. Bones always dealt with magic when it came to solve their murders but the way they found the cause of death this time was once again too over the top. It was like the episode where the bones turned into foam and they still could determine the way the blade (bullet?) went through the rips. Wall Banger.
But I enjoyed the other parts: Booth getting loose, B&B singing, Hodgins & muslim guy talking Baseball, Angela invoking her father, …

Cougar Town 1×21 Letting You Go
I know I become repetitive with this but the guys rule! And that to the music of Enya!

Gossip Girl 3×19 Dr. Estrangeloved
Yes! Jenny’s plan failed. Now I need a real comeuppance for her and I’m happy.
In the case Dan vs. Vanessa I have to say I’m on his side. She simply could have told him and none of this would have happened. If she really expected to have no chance at all, why did she send it in the first place?
As for Blair & Chuck it’s surprising how the roles have switched; earlier in the season it was he who was the adult, responsible guy and suddenly she seems to be more mature than him.
And of course Dr. van der Woodsen is up to no good, I did expect no less…

Smallville 9×19 Sacrifice
Too bad this is Smallville. Otherwise I’d expect a huge battle at the end of this season, like the battle in X-Men 3 where everyone has to choose sides.
But since it is Smallville, I expect that the Kandorians will be dealt with without a big bloodshed. I imagine they get bottled up again. And Zod will die by his own hand or stupidity or whatever. I don’t see him being killed by any Human (because that would be cheap) and Clark can’t do it (you know that divine character clause that prohibits him from doing such things…).

House M.D. 6×18 Open and Shut
House simply can’t resist and I’m still not sure whether he really does it for Wilson’s sake or for his own. But at least his meddling takes place on a rather civilized level compared to what he did over the last years.
And Taub … well, he’s Taub. Let’s see when this comes crashing down.
This was also the first time in quite a while that I remembered that Thirteen has an actual name (Dr. Hadley) though I still can’t remember her first name…

Justified 1×07 Blind Spot
And M.C. Gainey’s back…
This was yet another interesting episode; I’m getting quite fond of that show, even though I have my usual problem of not being able to place all the faces and their role in the story.

Supernatural 5×20 The Devil You Know
So, dead ex-boyfriend of Lana Lang’s (Jason Teague) meets another dead ex-boyfriend of Lana Lang’s (Whitney Fordman). The universe is a small place, even when it’s an alternate one. 😉
And yet another familiar face: Mark A. Sheppard, who first got on my radar Badger in Firefly. This season alone I’ve seen him in White Collar, Leverage, Chuck & Supernatural. This guy deserves his own show!
I just hope he doesn’t screw Bobby over because anything is possible with two Horsemen, one fallen Angel and only two episodes left…

Doctor Who 5×05 Flesh and Stone
Seems that River-Song doesn’t seem to know the Doctor as well as she thinks. At least I couldn’t notice any difference in his behaviour just because he found out that she was in prison and why.
I especially enjoyed how Amy tried to snog the Doctor without the hesitation her predecessors had. 😀

One thing my mother(!) noticed: When the Doctor leaves Amy and then comes back to tell her that she must remember, one only sees his face and hands – most of the time. But when you see his neck you can clearly see a tweed jacket.
First of all: He shouldn’t wear that jacket in that moment because the Angels took it from him.
Second of all: Does it look slightly different (darker)?
If it is a different jacket then this was certainly not the Doctor from this episode (and since time is re-writing itself, it’s not impossible that he was actually twice there).
If it’s the same jacket it still poses the question if this was a simple production error (different order of scene shooting) or on purpose which leads to the same conclusion above.

The Good Wife 1×19 Boom
Maybe I wasn’t really paying attention but I was surprised how the trial (not) ended because of that last testimony. Maybe I have to watch it again.
Nonetheless I liked the other two stories of that episode, the one with the lawyer castling and the personal story of Alicia and her husband.

Stargate Universe 1×11 / 1×12 / 1×13 Space / Divided / Faith
It’s getting better (but since it’s rising from the basement that doesn’t mean much) but I’m still not really interested. I just watched it because I was tired anyway and I didn’t want to miss out on a show that I really care about.
The “rebellion” in the 12th episode made no sense whatsoever. If it had succeeded, what was their plan for afterwards? What would have changed? Soldiers without guns. And then? Their argument was that in a democracy the military obeys a civilian government. Okay, but how was that ever supposed to work here? Even if Young agreed: At one point (next battle) they would have gotten back their weapons and if he decided “Screw this!” then there would be nothing the civilians could do about it…

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