TV Junkie Diary 2023 – January

Jan 01
Spuk unterm Riesenrad 1×01 Die Ausreißer
Spuk unterm Riesenrad 1×02 Gespenster auf Rädern
Spuk unterm Riesenrad 1×03 Alarm im Warenhaus
Spuk unterm Riesenrad 1×04 Flucht in die Berge
Spuk unterm Riesenrad 1×05 Eine Burg in Gefahr
Spuk unterm Riesenrad 1×06 Die schauerliche Nacht
Spuk unterm Riesenrad 1×07 Rumpi schlägt zu
Star Trek: The Original Series 1×28 The City on the Edge of Forever
Star Trek: The Original Series 1×29 Operation – Annihilate!
Total: 4h 54m

Jan 02
Total: 0m

Jan 03
#beisenherz Jan 02, 2023 #böllergewalt, #waffenstillstand_im_sommer?, #habeck_früheres_kohleaus, #preisbremse_für_lebensmittel, #ampel_selten_grün
Ice Road Rescue 4×02 Let It Snow
Ice Road Rescue 7×08 Police Hold-Up
Ice Road Rescue 7×01 Marathon Mission
Total: 2h 56m

Jan 04
Nuhr 2022
Nuhr im Ersten 13.10.2022
Ice Road Rescue 7×02 Test of Mettle
Ice Road Rescue 7×03 Roadblock Emergency
Total: 3h 12m

Jan 05
Total: 0m

Jan 06
Ice Road Rescue 7×05 Blizzard Showdown
Total: 44m

Jan 07
Total: 0m

Jan 08
Total: 0m

Jan 09
Supergirl 3x08a Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1
Total: 42m

Jan 10
Psych 1×03 Peak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece
Total: 41m

Jan 11
Psych 1×04 Woman Seeking Dead Husband – Smokers Okay, No Pets
Smallville 6×17 Combat
Total: 1h 21m

Jan 12
Yellowstone 5×02 The Sting of Wisdom
Yellowstone 5×03 Tall Drink of Water
Barry 3×02 limonada
Total: 2h 22m

Jan 13
Smallville 6×18 Progeny
Reacher 1×01 Welcome to Margrave
Smallville 6×19 Nemesis
Total: 2h 17m

Jan 14
Psych 1×05 9 Lives
Smallville 6×20 Noir
Smallville 6×21 Prototype
The Rookie 5×10 The List
The Rookie: Feds 1×10 The Silent Prisoner
The Rookie 5×11 The Naked and the Dead
Hart of Dixie 1×08 Homecoming & Coming Home
Hart of Dixie 1×09 The Pirate & The Practice
Total: 5h 32m

Jan 15
Total: 0m

Jan 16
Total: 0m

Jan 17
Alias 1×01 Truth Be Told
Hart of Dixie 1×10 Hairdos & Holidays
Total: 1h 44m

Jan 18
The Rookie 5×12 Death Notice
Night Court (2023) 1×01 Pilot
Night Court (2023) 1×02 The Nighthawks
Total: 1h 26m

Jan 19
Total: 0m

Jan 20
Total: 0m

Jan 21
Real Time with Bill Maher Jan 20, 2023 William Barr, Andrew Sullivan, Nancy Mace
Psych 1×06 Weekend Warriors
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3×01 Anne
Total: 2h 22m

Jan 22
Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2022
Smallville 6×22 Phantom
Tulsa King 1×06 Stable
Total: 2h 52m

Jan 23
Extra 3 Jan 18, 2023
Total: 30m

Jan 24
Tulsa King 1×07 Warr Acres
Tulsa King 1×08 Adobe Walls
Tulsa King 1×09 Happy Trails
Total: 1h 55m

Jan 25
Total: 0m

Jan 26
Total: 0m

Jan 27
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan 3×04 Our Death’s Keeper
Total: 49m

Jan 28
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan 3×05 Druz’ya I Vragi
Total: 49m

Jan 29
Real Time with Bill Maher Jan 27, 2023 Frances Haugen, Tim Ryan, Bari Weiss
Total: 1h 0m

Jan 30
Person of Interest 1×01 Pilot
Total: 44m

Jan 31
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 6×10 The Magnificient Ferengi
Total: 45m

Total: 1d 15h 35m
Average: 1h 17m per day