Community: Season 5 (2014)

Oct 2nd – €11.55 ($19.99) @

Collection no. 12780 – 12781

2 Broke Girls: Season 3 (2013 – 2014)

Oct 7th – €22.01 (£16.11) @

Collection no. 12782 – 12784

Anchorman: The Legend Continues (2013)

Oct 18th – €9.99 @ Media Markt

Collection no. 1179

Michael Mittermeier: Blackout (2014)

Oct 18th – €12.90 @ Media Markt

Collection no. 20034

20 Years Mittermeier (1999 – 2006)

Oct 24th – €7.68 @

Collection no. 20035 – 20037

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A few days ago I wrote about my first tumbling steps into the world of WPF & MVVM.

Now a friend of mine – who’s been working in that very field – has challlenged me:

a) My GUI should remain responsive while the merge is being executed.

b) I should not re-evaluate the entire GUi after every single user action.

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I’ve never been much of a GUI developer and my programs look it.

Where I’m good at is the Businesslogic part of the application.

That’s why I’ve always stuck to known territory, where you can align controls along lines and it looked halfway decent (though not pretty).

But times they are a-Changin’ and now I’ve challenged myself o the topic of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) in tandem with MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel).

As a starting point I took a program I wanted to write anyway and as such it was ideal as a training ground.

In the ZIP file linked below you’ll find the result. It contains a classic Windows Forms program which is designed as MVVM as well as its WPF counterpart.

Both programs use the same model but have tailored ViewModels.

All accesses from the Model to either the UI (i.e. File Dialogs or MessageBoxes) or the file system are completely encapsulated and are provided by the clients of the Model.

Thus the program should be completely testable by Unit tests since all interfaces are mockable.

I believe the resulting code is quite clear and should be understandable by a developer who wants to delve into the topic of MVVM.

The sequel: WPF: MVVM & Responsive UI

RED 2 (2013)

Sep 1st – €9.97 @

Collection no. 1162

Where the Heart is (2000)

Sep 1st – €5.97 @

Collection no. 1163

Fifteen & Pregnant (1998)

Sep 1st – €6.98 (£2.30) @

Collection no. 1164

The Olsen Gang (1968 – 1981)

Sep 11th – €94.99 @

Collection no. 1165 – 1177

The Olsen Gang is a Danish crime comedy movie series that produced 13 films between 1968 and 1981 and one re-union movie in 1998.

Every movie follows pretty much the same pattern. The head of the gang, Egon Olson (Ove Sprogøe) is released from prison and he has a new ingenious plan that is impossible to fail. Naturally, at the end of each movie he goes back to prison. ;)

Here’s one scene (I couldn’t find a better version) where the gang uses opera music to cover their noise. It compares the original Danish version with the Norwegian remake. But the scene is understandable without words. ;)

That’s the trailer for this movie:

The Big Bang Theory: Season 7 (2013 – 2014)

Sep 12th – €21.44 (£16.11) @

Collection no. 12769 – 12771

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Welcome to Sweden @ Wikipedia
Welcome to Sweden @ IMDb

Synopsis: This series is modelled after some of the experiences of Amy Poehler’s (Parks and Recreation) brother Greg.
Here Bruce (Greg Poehler) is an American celebrity accountant who moves to Sweden with his girlfriend to her home country of Sweden and suddenly he is the foreigner in a land with different customs and languages.

My Opinion: Since the US seems to live in the binary system of a show either being a drama or a comedy this falls into the latter category.
It is actually not that funny if you ask me but I still like it nonetheless.
Why? Because you have countless jokes based on “foreigner from country X comes to America” in many different shows and movies but this time it’s the American who has to adapt and learn that life is different in other countries.
It’s a fish out of water story for both the main character and (I assume) the American audience who (like previously established on shows like Heroes) also have to adapt to people actually speaking Swedish half the time (with English subs of course).
I really do like it, I’m just not sure I’d qualify it as a comedy.

Extant @ Wikipedia
Extant @ IMDb

Synopsis: Molly Woods has returned from a months-long mission in space.
This whole trip she was alone. Yet when she returns she is pregnant.
At home her son is waiting for her. Except he’s not technically her son but a synthetic being trying to behave like a real human.

My Opinion: This is one of the rare occasions where I turned off halfway through the pilot and never bothered to tune in again.
The main reason for this was: I was bored by it.
The secondary reason was that this pilot felt like it tried to cram every subject ever brought up by science fiction into it.
You have the Pinocchio and the discussion what makes someone human. What is a soul.
You have a pregnant woman who didn’t have sex.
She also sees dead people without being Haley Joel Osment.
It was just too much and boring at the same time.

The Leftovers @ Wikipedia
The Leftovers @ IMDb

Synopsis: One day, one normal day as the normal day before it, 2% of the world’s population just suddenly disappear without a trace.
Two years later. The world has changed. Some think of it as a biblical event, some have just learned to accept it and some have joined cults and groups.
No one knows what truly happened that day and if it will happen again.

My Opinion: I watched the pilot but not more.
The whole setting just couldn’t get me interested.
Maybe I couldn’t relate to it because it is centered around a small mid-western town and the reaction to that event is in all aspects very “bible belt American”. At least it feels like it. And that’s a world I usually don’t tend to bother with.

Young & Hungry @ Wikipedia
Young & Hungry @ IMDb

Synopsis: Gabi is a food blogger who gets hired by the young tech millionaire Josh to be his personal chef.
It gets really complicated when Gabi and Josh get drunk and sleep together – because Josh is engaged.
Gabi has to figure out a way to keep her new job without blowing up Josh’s wedding.

My Opinion: As far as comedies go, this one is pretty harmless.
But I still enjoy it because of the characters and how they’re portrayed.
Though quite honestly: You don’t miss anything if you don’t watch it. ;)

The Flash @ Wikipedia
The Flash @ IMDb

Synopsis: No, not that one. ;)
The Flash is a spin-off series of The CW’s Arrow where it started as a sort-of backdoor pilot until it got an actual pilot episode.
In Arrow‘s second season police lab technician Barry Allen visits Oliver Queen’s home town Starling City and actually meets the vigilante.
Back in his own town an experiment in a nearby research facility goes horribly wrong and puts Barry into a coma.
When he wakes up, his body is going into overdrive, allowing him to move and heal at incredible speeds.
But the accident changed other people as well and not all of them are such decent citizens as Barry.

My Opinion: They basically re-used the idea that Smallville had when Clark’s arrival on Earth did not just bring Clark but also the meteor shower that caused mutations and gave Clark enemies to fight against.
But that’s not such a bad thing. This way you don’t need to explain where suddenly all these people with weird powers come from, so that the Flash has something to do week after week.
I also enjoyed the cameo casting of John Wesley Shipp who used to be the Flash in the 1990s (also Barry Allen*).
To be honest I was a bit sceptical when Barry appeared in Starling City because I thought he looked a tad bit too young.
But over the course of these two Arrow episodes and the pre-released pilot episode of The Flash he already grew on me and I will be tuning in when it actually begins.

*The person carrying the moniker “The Flash” is not always the same person, just like there are different Green Lanterns. There were at least for people who used that name: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen. Smallville‘s version of the Flash (who went by “Impulse” in the early days) was Bart Allen.

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Deadbeat @ Wikipedia
Deadbeat @ IMDb

Synopsis: Kevin (Tyler Labine, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil) is a slacker who prefers to get stoned over going to work.
But he also is an actual medium, he can see ghosts.
To get by Kevin helps ghosts to pass into the afterlife in any way he can.
That doesn’t go over to well with a famous TV medium who is actually a fraud and feels threatened by him.

My Opinion: There’s some weird humour in there which you either enjoy or you don’t.
I don’t think there’s much room in between.
I enjoyed it. ;)