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Escape Plan (2013)

Jul 1st – €11.00 @

Collection no. 1143

Office Space (1999)

Jul 2nd – €0.00 ($4.99) @ (paid via gift certificate)

Collection no. 1144

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

Jul 2nd – €0.00 ($12.99) @ (paid via gift certificate)

Collection no. 1145 – 1146

2 Guns (2013)

Jul 3rd – €11.96 (£7.44) @

Collection no. 1147

I love Trouble (1994)

Jul 3rd – €8.17 (£4.58) @

Collection no. 1148


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Amazon’s sabotage!

Dear Mr. Bezos,

the following may sound harsh but on the other hand we Germans are famed for being blunt and direct.

I have a small blog on the internet which barely anyone reads but whenever someone unreasonably attacked Amazon Germany in the past I was there to defend it.

Because I really do like your service and your prices. I’ve been shopping at,, .com, .ca for ages and one time even on (to get the Japanese version of Kill Bill).

As you may know the German press really hates Amazon (not as much as Google, but almost) and I said I defended you.

But now you’re waging war on MY back. You want a bigger share of the profits of the German book publishers? Fine. Price negotiations are part of every business and they can be rough.

But deliberately delaying deliveries of the books from these publishers to pressure them? Now you’re betraying your most holy principle: That the customer’s satisfaction comes first.

And yes, German readers know that it’s not the publishers’ fault that their books are only shippable after 6 to 10 days, the newspapers made sure of that (see above).

And if I want to read Tom Clancy, then I want to read Tom Clancy, it is no help to me that Stephenie Meyer is available right now.

So yesterday I was in this local bookstore and I browsed for a while and found a new Manga comic that seemed interesting. I bought volume 1 right then and there.

Today I read and and wanted to read further. So I naturally went to Amazon. Until “will be shipped in 6 to 10 days”. You know what? I don’t need Amazon for that.

In 6 to 10 days I’ve been in the city twice and could by the sequel volumes in the same bookstore I bought the first one.

As Oliver Queen as Green Arrow would say: “You have failed this customer”.


Friends: The Complete Series (1994 – 2004)

May 2nd – €53.20 (CA$84.99) @ (paid partially via gift certificate)

Collection no. 12686 – 12705

But I’m a bit disappointed. It’s really my fault because I didn’t check this beforehand (I just didn’t expect it): It’s only the broadcast version. As someone who knows the key episodes in their extended version basically by heart, it’s like an audio CD with a few scratches and the music suddenly jumps in the middle of the track.

I bet they pull a Lucas and in a few months / years there will be a Blu-ray Extended Edition…

Cottage Country (2013)

May 3rd – €7.99 @ Drogerie Müller

Collection no. 1114

You Again (2010)

May 3rd – €7.99 @ Drogerie Müller

Collection no. 1115

Pretty Woman (1990)

May 3rd – €7.99 @ Drogerie Müller

Collection no. 1116

The Proposal (2009)

May 3rd – €7.99 @ Drogerie Müller

Collection no. 1117


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Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights @ Wikipedia

Friday Night Lights @ IMDb

I have now watched 4 seasons of the show and I still have no clue what football is about. For me, it will always be the sport where one guy runs backwards, then throws the ball forwards and afterwards everyone is discussing their next move for 10 minutes. ;)

But even though Friday Night Lights is all about (high school) football, it’s not about football at all.

You know these teen drama shows that all start out in high school and become somewhat to totally unrealistic when the people are leaving for college?

This show is not that. Here, when high school ends most of them actually move on and leave the show and they are replaced by new characters. Not new characters that are copies of the old ones but actually new characters with new problems.

On the one hand that is great because it allows these characters to develop. On the other hand it’s really sad to see them go one by one: Jason, ‘Smash’, Tyra, Matt, Tim and now Landry.

By the end of the first episode of the fifth season all the characters from the pilot are gone – except the adults and Coach Taylor’s daughter Julie but she is soon off to college as well.

So, what’s the show about? Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler: Early Edition) moves with his wife (Connie Britton: Nashville) and daughter (Aimee Teegarden: Star-Crossed) to the fictional town of Dillon, Texas to coach their high school football team, the Dillon Panthers. But soon these players become like their own children to them and they live with them to all kinds of ups and highs.

So, even if you don’t care for football at all (like me), check out this show from which some people emerged you only heard later from: Scott Porter (Hart of Dixie), Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Adrianne Palicki (Red Dawn).

I just hope some of them come back for the finale. :)

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Deadwood: The Complete Series (2004 – 2006)

Apr 1st – €27.31 (£19.84) @

Collection no. 12668 – 12679

Chicago Fire: Season 1 (2012 – 2013)

Apr 2nd – €21.99 @

Collection no. 12680 – 12685

Iron Man (2008)

Apr 23rd – €7.99 @ Drogerie Müller

Collection no. 1112

Pacific Rim (2013)

Apr 23rd – €7.99 @ Drogerie Müller

Collection no. 1113

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Gravity (2013)

Mar 1st – €12.90 @ Media Markt

Collection no. 1116

Big (1988)

Mar 4th – €9.99 @

Collection no. 1117

The Final Countdown (1980)

Mar 4th – €9.97 @

Collection no. 1118

Veronica Mars (2014)

Mar 14th – €46.03 ($60.00) @ Kickstarter*

Collection no. 1119

*I pledged $60 for the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign. In return I got a VM T-Shirt, a PDF version of the movie script, a digital download of the movie on release day (the one above, my first actual entry of a Digital Download into my DVD Profiler database) and I’m also going to get a DVD version of the movie.

Cliffhanger (1993)

Mar 18th – €9.04 (£6.31) @

Collection no. 1122


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The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 (2012 – 2013)

Jan 4th – €1.66 ($7.99) @ (paid partially via gift certificate)

Collection no. 12605 – 12607

How I Met Your Mother: Season 8 (2012 – 2013)

Jan 4th – €1.93 ($9.96) @ (paid partially via gift certificate)

Collection no. 12608 – 12610

Justified: Season 3 (2012)

Jan 4th – €1.94 ($9.99) @ (paid partially via gift certificate)

Collection no. 12611 – 12613

Night Court: Season 2 (1984 – 1985)

Jan 7th – €0.00 ($11.99) @ (paid via gift certificate)

Collection no. 12614 – 12616

Night Court: Season 3 (1985 – 1986)

Jan 7th – €0.00 ($11.49) @ (paid via gift certificate)

Collection no. 12617 – 12619


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Chuck Lorre, Where Art Thou?

I used to love Chuck Lorre shows.

I loved them back in the days of the first few seasons of Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory and even the beginning of Mike & Molly.

But now? Not so much. But let me break this down by series.

Two and a Half Men

Let me preface this by saying I don’t care what happens behind the curtains. I never did. Not with this show, not with others. What I care about is what happens on the screen.

TaaHM used to be funny. Back in the days when Jake was still a cute kid, back when Charlie wrote things like the Oshikuru theme song, back then when Alan had no success with women.

Long before Angus T. Jones grew up and pulled a sort-of Kirk Cameron, Jake was used less and less and had to endure the fate of many a sitcom character: His character traits were exaggerated until (in his case) he was basically too dumb to live. Does anyone remember that cool kid from the Pilot who out-bluffed grown men at the poker table?

Charlie (the on-screen character) didn’t change all that much over the season until he was killed off-screen.

And Alan? I found Alan never that funny to begin with but his ability too mooch and his inabilty to find a decent job (has he been working at all in the past two seasons?) have just stretched way beyond the breaking point.

All in all, I’m going to cancel TaaHM for myself at the end of the season.


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RIP Pilot Season

No, Pilot season is not dead – yet.

But the Networks don’t know what to do about it. Recently they’ve started to notice that there is a slight drop in ratings *understatement* for their shows.

And they’ve discovered that other people are creating (TV) shows as well. Just like secret intelligence agencies like the GRU or the NSA these competitors have given themselves cryptic names no one has ever heard of, like HBO or AMC.

And these people just don’t care about Pilot season or even a “full season” show! They just produce 10 to 14 episodes per season and air them at any point in the year they deem fit!!

Some of these companies are even foreign (like the obscure BBC) and even dare to air their shows during the Christmas/New Year’s break! And then they make only three episodes per season and let their viewers wait for two years to get more!!

So, the Networks being forced into this battle they did not see coming in the past few years have decided to employ the enemy’s tactics – except they forgot to tell their viewers about it.

Network viewers are accustomed to get new shows in the fall (late September through mid-October). That’s when they are on the lookout for new and exciting material they could get addicted to. No one expects a new show to arrive on February 17th and no one’s going to watch it.

Especially when it’s not even particularly advertised but just thrown in there into the mix.

You can’t expect viewers to show up and give you good ratings when you don’t tell them LOUDLY that they should be AWARE you’ve broken the rules that have been established for decades.

Networks either have a long way to go until they catch up with the cable channels or the web producers like Netflix or Amazon – or they will ultimately lose the series-loving crowd completely and have to fill their program with even more scripted reality.

I’ve posted this video before, but I really think everyone invested in (TV) shows (emotionally or financially) should watch it:

Here’s the transcript if you’d rather read it.

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I’m slowly falling behind

I hate real life.

Yes I know, it’s bringing in the money and with it the food and the DVDs but still.

There are just so many seasons I still want to watch but I don’t find the time.

And every year there are new shows coming out that seem interesting and you discover old ones that also appeal to you.

But you can’t watch them all so you have to make the tough choices.

For me that means I’m dropping everything I’m only still watching out of habit.

From this year’s batch I dropped Mom. I started to watch it because it was a Chuck Lorre show but I just don’t find it to be that entertaining. I’m also dropping Trophy Wife.

And even though I enjoyed the pilot episodes I probably won’t continue with Almost Human and Intelligence.

If it weren’t the last season of How I Met Your Mother I would drop it as well because it hasn’t been truly funny for a couple of years now. I’ve also axed Bones from my personal schedule last year because I became bored with the characters and the setting and the evermore gorier corpses.

And another casualty from the Chuck Lorre team is Mike & Molly. I really enjoyed the first three seasons but this year they’ve changed their tune and every episode seems to be focused on Melissa McCarthy’s slapstick humour and the charm of the show seems to be evaporated. I will probably cancel Two and a Half Men after this season as well…

I also dropped Supernatural after its fifth season. I always intended to catch up on that but postponed it year after year after year. Now I’m four years behind and I think I will just let it be.

There are two shows that are standing on the edge: Dexter and 24.

Dexter did get worse towards the end and when the last season started I waited ’til it was over so I could watch it in one go. But then I read the reviews (and also accidentally the spoilers) where everyone was trashing the last season and I asked myself: Is it really worth it spending 12 hours watching a show when you’re probably going to be pissed at it?

With 24 it was pretty much the same. Season 7 was good again (IMO) but it had become repetitive over the years. But now with the new mini-series coming out I’m reconsidering to watch it after all.

As far as old shows go, I still need to watch the last five(!) seasons of The West Wing, six(!!) seasons of Gilmore Girls and almost all(!!!) of Friday Night Lights. I had never seen these shows on live television but from what I’ve seen I can tell that they speak to me and that’s why I want to watch then – when I find the time.

And this is what I still need to watch in regards to current shows (in alphabetical – not preference – order):

Breaking Bad: Season 4 + 5
Burn Notice: Season 7
House of Lies: Season 3 + 4
Justified: Season 4 + 5
Mad Men: Season 5 + 6
White Collar: Season 4

But for now, I’m going to finish season 2 of House of Cards

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