The Dresden Files: First six German re-prints are out

While I have all the original versions of The Dresden Files, I’m also collecting the new German versions.

The previous publisher went broke a few years ago and now a new publisher has been found and is reprinting the old books and later on will first-publish translations that never came out in Germany so far. The titles are not as clever as the original ones but it’s almost impossible to translate puns into other languages. But I think the covers look nice which is one of the reasons I’m collecting them. The other one is to show my support to the German publisher in the hope that it gives German readers a chance to discover this series. I’ve pre-ordered all 17 volumes which are scheduled to be released over the next year.

first six volumes of the German edition of The Dresden Files
Pre-order of volumes 15-17 of The Dresden Files
American paperback editions of The Dresden Files 1-17