TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 18

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Chuck 3×15 Chuck versus the Role Models
Again, I’ve enjoyed this episode very much. Loved the tiger even without Mike Tyson.
I also liked the hint to an oncoming arc in the end. I strongly suspect that the Chuck gang and the Awesome family will soon cross paths again.

And I loved this little spoof of Hart to Hart (not to mention the blink towards LOST at the end) (warning: contains spoilers if you’re not up2date):

And here’s the original:

LOST 6×14 The Candidate
Just like with Supernatural they seem to be cleaning up the game board for the Grand Finale.
What disturbed me most about the Kwon’s death was not that it happened after they reunited after being apart for three years (bad things happen…) but that neither Jin nor Sun thought about their daughter at that moment, a child that will now be raised without parents. I understand that a little more from Jin’s perspective since he never saw his child and it was three years since Sun had been pregnant but Sun should have said something!

The Big Bang Theory 3×20 The Spaghetti Catalyst
I loved it how Leonard and Penny behaved like divorced parents (IMHO with switched gender roles – she takes him to Disneyworld and he has to deal with his nightmares afterwards) and how Sheldon – who loves them both – has a hard time deciding of whom to hang with.

How I Met Your Mother 5×21 Twin Beds
This story was not well constructed. I get that Barney and Ted might have regrets but how it played out was not well executed IMHO – especially since Don is basically an unknown to me. How often have we seen this guy? Three, four times? And now I should care about him?
I also didn’t like the twin bed story, it felt contrived.

Community 1×23 Modern Warfare
I can’t even count how many references this episode alone had – and still was able to tell a fully fledged story: First there were the named references to Friends and Cheers then it seemed like a post-apocalyptic movie, then Abed quoted The Terminator and fought like in The Matrix (including bullet-time at a later point), then there was this doomsday movie scene where people are warming their hands over a burning barrel in the midst of destruction (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow), the mention of the Neutral Zone (Star Trek), The Prize (Highlander), the gun taped on the back (Die Hard) and I’m pretty sure Señor Chang’s golden guns were from some movie, too.
I’m also sure I did not mention every reference here nor do I think that I caught all of them. Two words: Absolutely hilarious.

Bones 5×20 The Witch in the Wardrobe
Finally! Took them long enough. And since they aren’t the primary couple I’m just hoping that Hodgins and Angela can now live happily ever after.
The actual case wasn’t that interesting IMHO especially in the way it turned out.

Smallville 9×20 Hostage
When it was announced that Martha would return to Smallville it became clear to me that she was Red Queen.
In general I had no problem with how the story was developing. Except for the split of Clark and Lois because that’s just convenient drama for its own sake right before the season ends.
I also don’t think that the “unmasking The Blur” message was from Clark. He’d probably tell her who he was and then show her that he actually is the Blur and not vice versa. Which leaves Zod and since the finale is coming up, Lois gets right in the middle of it.

PS: I hate Youtube (i.e. the music industry) for disabling all the videos for different countries. I really liked this one which I now can’t access anymore without jumping through hoops.

Doctor Who 5×06 Vampires of Venice
This episode was a bit underwhelming. On a rational level I can understand why the Doctor took Rory along for the ride but for me it worked better when Mickey was the companion to the companion.
The story also didn’t hold much interest for me. The best part was when the Vampire Queen and the Doctor played twenty questions.

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