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The Big Bang Theory 3×19 The Wheaton Recurrence
Didn’t they have the “I love you.” – “Thank you.” joke on last year’s Two and a Half Men (another Chuck Lorre production)?
But first to the Wheaton part: I enjoyed him being back and once again triumphant over Sheldon. They can keep this up if it were for me.
Now to Leonard & Penny: I smell break-up. But the problem is that it wouldn’t feel organic if they did. Penny and Leonard had the most normal intimate relationship in all TV shows over the last few years. They got together and then they just were. No obstacles, no real complications – most often their relationship wasn’t even a real topic in the episode. And suddenly Penny gets cold feet. Maybe they decide that they need a break. Then Leonard sleeps with another woman, Penny doesn’t forgive him and five years later she has a baby with him and in the end she wants to move to Paris and … oh hold on there. That was another couple…

LOST 6×10 The Package
I liked the idea of Sun not speaking English anymore. It brought back memories of the first season.
Unfortunately I didn’t feel that both stories brought the entire story really forward (except for the last minute, but I already guessed that it would be Desmond).

LOST 6×11 Happily Ever After
Everything is falling into place, I can feel it. I still don’t see the whole picture or how this flash-sideways is going to turn out but I can really feel how we’re steering towards the end of a long journey and I’m still exciting to be on board.
If Smokey can’t penetrate an EM fence and Desmond can survive huge EM pulses maybe it will be his task to lure Smokey into such a place (Remember? Huge EM pockets beneath the island?) and then tear him apart in an EM eruption.
And I think Penny and Charlie are so much more interesting than their counterparts on FlashForward.

LOST 6×12 Everybody Loves Hugo
Yes we do! I liked Hugo from the moment he fainted over the U.S. Marshall. He’s basically the only one who didn’t have a big agenda over the last six years, he just went along with one group or the next.
I think it was a big mistake of Smokey to throw Desmond into that well because I bet that’s the place where Desmond was supposed to end up anyway, at the core of everything.
Assuming Sun is the correct Kwon, it means that all remaining (known) candidates are in one place: Jack, Sun, Hugo, Sawyer, Sayid and an unknown person.
One oversight on Richard’s part: since he cannot blow himself up, he should have handled the dynamite…

Smallville 9×15 Escape
It was an OK ghost story. I’ve read somewhere that “Silver Banshee” is a known DC character but I have to say I’ve seen better guest appearances of other DC characters.
But I’ve enjoyed the bathroom scene very much; somehow it reminded me of the first witch episode in season 4. I also like it when they play the forgetfulness card to embarrass one of the characters – like when Chloe figured everything out.

Smallville 9×16 Checkmate
I don’t know if it’s really a good idea to bring yet another party into the game at this point in the season. We’ve already got the “JLA”, the Kandorians & Checkmate. Why a fourth group and why would John join them? – Unless of course it’s the old JSA who don’t yet trust the “new boys in town”. We’ll see. I just hope they don’t screw it up again towards the ending – but so far I’m very optimistic since I’ve enjoyed the entire season so far.
Too bad Lois wasn’t in this episode, I missed her. In earlier seasons I didn’t mind but by now I feel she should be present most of the time.

Human Target 1×10 Tanarak
It was an OK episode but the end fight had some obvious continuity errors (like when they jumped of the truck but were nowhere to be seen in the wide shot afterwards when it blew up only a second later and to the other car with it).

Human Target 1×11 Victoria
While the plot was obviously a big nod towards Princess Diana, I did enjoy the episode; especially when the Irish Connor recognized the Princess of Wales. 😀
Though they seemed to have a problem to get enough people with an English accent to pose as security detail – I doubt the queen would have that many Americans in her staff. 😉

Human Target 1×12 Christopher Chance
I honestly don’t think she’s really dead. Why? Because it was one of these obvious fake TV deaths. You see something blown up where you saw the “dead” person last alive. But here it’s even worse than in White Collar. Because there were minutes between when we saw her and when the boat blew up. I know Baptiste is rather ruthless, but maybe he had another plan or he couldn’t get to her before she vanished. Or whatever.
But as long as I don’t actually see a person die on television I am not convinced she or he is actually dead. And even if they are dead: If it’s the right genre that might mean nothing.

Everything considered I think it’s a nice action show but if you don’t watch it you haven’t missed anything either.

Smallville 9×17 Upgrade
Ah the good ol’ Red K again.
What bothered me about this episode (and every time it has happened in the past) is when Clark asks or demands of someone to be “totally honest” with him. I know he just wants to protect them but it’s always a bit hypocritical because … well you know why. If he doesn’t want to share his secret that’s fine with me but he should give others the same right.
I’m also still worried about Chloe, she has done too many things to others “for their own good” and of course without telling them. I think that will backfire one day – way worse than it did this time with Clark. And since this is Allison Mack’s last season (as far as I’m aware) this could go down rather badly.
LoJacking Lois may also not have been Clark’s best idea – even if he just wanted to protect her. And what was with his Red K ego this time? I know they tried to explain it in the end, but I still though he was very different than on his previous travels to RedRubyLand.

Bones 5×17 The Death of the Queen Bee
Sweets: And this Ray Buxley was a prime suspect in ’94?
Booth: He was high school custodian, but they didn’t have enough to hold him.
Sweets: Lives alone, low-status job, obsession with gruesome crime stories, surrounded by teenage girls. Very creepy. It’s like Freddy-creepy.

He can still pull it off. I loved it how Ray and Bones talked about things that are slightly disturbing from an outside POV and thought nothing of it. In fact I loved the entire aspect of Bones’s class reunion and how the others reacted to her. 😀

10 Things I Hate About You 1×13 Great Expectations
It was an average episode and I can’t really say much about it.

Castle 2×20 The Late Shaft
I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as other Castle episodes, mainly because the trail to the murderer felt a bit too constructed (a death threat by a not-murderer started the whole thing and it ended with the elaborate way he was actually murdered) and I couldn’t really feel why he did it even though he spoke the words. It was just not really convincing.

Justified 1×03 Fixer
I like that strange assortment of people they seem to have in that town. And I like this man’s style. He certainly makes sure that the prisons aren’t overly crowded. 😉

Justified 1×04 Long in the Tooth
I enjoyed Alan Ruck in this role, it was fitting for him (Cameron Frye anyone?). And the whole thing that got the episode started: Ouch. Too bad it ended that way but I assume he knew that his wound was fatal and he tried to protect her…

Justified 1×05 The Lord of War and Thunder
No wonder he wanted to get away from that town. That’s quite a family. And one has to give it to him: He is persistent; gardening for days just to get a peek into a house…

So far me is liking that show.

A few months back I was wondering if TV Show seasons are getting shorter and I expressed some regret over it. Now I’m not so sure that this is really a bad thing. 13 or 16 episodes are still in a range where you can tell a good story.
I may be imagining it but I thing these shorter series seem to have less or no filler episodes like the full season series do. Shorter seasons also make it possible to watch more and different series.
Don’t get me wrong, if there’s enough story, sure, go ahead, tell a full season. But if there isn’t then less is more.

Life Unexpected 1×11 Storm Weathered
Nice analogy there between Jones-Lux-Bug and Baze-Cate-Ryan. I bet after the revelation that Baze might have feelings for Cate after all, it’s going downhill from here.

Life Unexpected 1×12 Father Unfigured
While it adds drama, I liked it that not everything is now suddenly sunshine and roses. I don’t think it would have been a good idea if Cate’s father would now suddenly return and become yet another piece of this already complicated family puzzle.

Life Unexpected 1×13 Love Unexpected
What? No Big No at the end? The deal is sealed? This is going to be an interesting honeymoon… It was fascinating how Baze changed his opinion very five minutes, depending of with whom he was talking to before. But since Ryan and Cate had their doubts, too, I’d rather not speculate how long this marriage is going to last (provided that the show gets a second season).

I have to say I enjoyed this new series. The characters were interesting and it’s nice to watch a show once in a while were not the entire world is at stake or where an killer has to be caught every episode. This is just about a small family who have their own problems. “Bend or broken is the family tree…

Doctor Who 5×03 Victory of the Daleks
Now I’m wondering why Amy doesn’t know about the Daleks. Obviously it has something to do with the crack in the reality but I wonder how the Doctor caused it and more importantly: When. If the Daleks are survivors from the end of season 4 then logically it should happened before that. But then Amy should remember the Earth out of orbit and in the Medusa Cascade. Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff makes my head spin.

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