TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 47-49

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Paradox 1×01 Episode #1.1
A scientist has a satellite in orbit to observe the activities of the sun (like flares and stuff). But when he downloads the new images from it there are eight images that come from Earth. And they weren’t taken by the satellite. The timestamp of the pictures seems to indicate that they were taken in the future. And they seem to show an attack or an accident. The institute involves the police and now a race against time begins.

When I read the description of this new British series, it sounded like a variant of Early Edition or Tru Calling so I gave it a try. But unfortunately the pilot was a bit disappointing. The scientist behaved like he was behind all it. I assume he did it to force the police to investigate but it didn’t really work out for me. And the police didn’t even take the most obvious precaution. They simply could have blocked that seemingly unimportant road but they didn’t.

Paradox 1×02 Episode #1.2
Now they’ve got their first possible paradox. If they hadn’t got the pictures the guy most likely hadn’t died. But if he hadn’t died the boy most likely wouldn’t have died either. So their investigation caused the boy to die but their knowledge helped save him. Stars
Still the scientist is too underused; I believe for the show to really take off, he has to be more involved, otherwise it’s just another ordinary cop show.

Cougar Town 1×08 Two Gunslingers
Alan Ruck was cool in this episode but Travis was awesome; it was so cool to see how he first messed with Grayson’s head and then conned him. πŸ˜€

Cougar Town 1×09 Here Comes My Girl
Huh, that was awkward and uncomfortable at the same time, thus funny to watch…

Bones 5×09 The Gamer in the Grease
That was one huge trailer / viral marketing advertisement for a certain Cameron movie that is about to be released. But I still liked it how Hodgins and Fisher danced around Camille in order to save their spot in the line.

Gossip Girl 3×10 The Last Days of Disco Stick
That was a bit disappointing. Not the story itself but the departure of Olivia. I really liked her and really hope she comes back. The one character I wouldn’t miss is Jenny, she’s just annoying.
And I couldn’t care less about Lady Gaga’s appearance (I take it that she’s currently a celebrity?).

The Good Wife 1×09 Threesome
It’s funny how expectations go. Before this one has never seen Stern himself and I thought he would be an old grey-haired stereotype lawyer. But this guy was really interesting and I am keen to learn what kind of trouble his departure will cause.
This show is really good drama, if you ask me.

Stargate Universe 1×09 Life
This on the other hand, is not. You had one semester psychology? Great, do a psych eval of everyone! We’re on food rationing? Great, let’s all do a lot of exercise to burn some calories!
But at least one gets more insight on the characters – even if only when they “return home”.

Stargate Universe 1×10 Justice
The problem with that ship is that except for three, maybe four people nobody trusts each other. In the long run that can’t either work in-universe nor for the show. It’s like watching day-time soap operas where even the seven year-old niece has an evil scheme.
And while I am actually glad that Rush got marooned I fear they will find some deus ex machina way to bring him back (they conveniently placed a ship there).

Heroes 4×10 Chapter Nine ‘Brother’s Keeper’
This episode was kinda boring even though there were three different storylines. Yes, there were some revelations (at least to the characters, the viewer knew most of this already) but overall not much happened.

Heroes 4×11 Chapter Ten ‘Thanksgiving’
That was a cool episode again. All three Thanksgiving dinners had their appeal, especially the one in House Bennet. I was really glad to see Elizabeth RΓΆhm again. When she first appeared a few weeks back I thought it would be a guest appearance only but I’d really like to see her as a recurring character, I already liked the actress on Angel.
The problem with Thanksgiving in House Petrelli was that I already knew that Nathan would be finally killed and now I am asking myself if this was it (they said it would be disappointing) or if he will at least struggle for a while.

Heroes 4×12 Chapter Eleven ‘The Fifth Stage’
OK, now he’s dead. That wasn’t too bad and it was ultimately inevitable or they would had to sacrifice Sylar – which was unlikely (in my opinion he’s one of the five basics of the show: Peter, Hiro, Claire, HRG and Sylar).
I am also wondering: That’s the big plan of this season’s “Big Bad”? Gather all the mutants? And for this he kills some of his own? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

House M.D. 6×09 Wilson
That was a really cool episode which showed the very difference between Wilson and House. I really felt with House when he said that he would be all alone and I felt with Wilson when he had to learn that his patient does not share his values.

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