TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 45-48

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How I Met Your Mother 5×09 Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap
Lily’s “you’re dead to me” stare reminded me of good ol’ Willow days. *sentimental* And both Lily’s father’s game ideas (especially the burst gall bladder!) as well as Barney’s slap fear were great.

Castle 2×10 One Man’s Treasure
Whoah, what a game of three-sided Xanatos Gambit. Although one must not think too hard about it or else Fridge Logic will kick in. (just a note: I was just looking for that “Fridge Logic” link and got lost in the Tropes for over half an hour…)

The Big Bang Theory 3×09 The Vengeance Formulation
Loved Howard in this episode but the others were great, too. Finally an episode again where the whole cast could chip in. Though I wondered why Katee had this somewhat odd make-up.

House M.D. 6×08 Ignorance Is Bliss
I get the feeling that House (the character) has lost his edge. His schemes are not as entertaining anymore and he even backs down.

Two and a Half Men 7×09 Captain Terry’s Spray-On Hair
While this was still a great episode I noticed that Jake’s missing more and more from the show. He’s often only seen in one scene and then he’s gone again. Soon they have to rename it to “Two Men and Chelsea”.

Bones 5×08 The Foot in the Foreclosure
I loved Booth’s grandpa; he was a cool guy, especially for his advice at the end. The case was not so interesting, though.

The Good Wife 1×08 Unprepared
And the mystery deepens. I really do like these two aspects of the show even though I think the son should no longer hide what he knows since this is way over his head.
And it was interesting to see witnesses prepped.

FlashForward 1×07 The Gift
In my eyes this episode answers only half the question. So, yes, people can die who were alive in the FF. But can people live who didn’t have one? Additionally – as others have pointed out – it would have been far more easy to see if the future can be changed. They only had to destroy a building that some people saw in their FF intact. If the future were written in stone, the “Hand of God” would have prevented the building from being demolished.

FlashForward 1×08 Playing Cards with Coyote
I think Dominic Monaghan makes for an interesting villain because he doesn’t really feel like one. To make an evil man evil looking (with an evil laugh) is just a bad cliché. An evil man coming in a mundane suit is much more realistic. I really like it how you begin to see a glimpse of the “bad guys” even though it’s absolutely unclear what their goals are.

FlashForward 1×09 Believe
Watching these three episodes made me enjoy the show again. Even though this last episode didn’t do much for the mystery arc, I really enjoyed it. But I also think they should find a bit more balance and put both personal and mystery arc into the same episode instead of focussing each episode on one side of the story.

Stargate Universe 1×07 Earth
I can’t help it but isn’t it a bit squicky that you jump into another body and your wife/girlfriend has then sex with you in that other body without having a mental problem with that? And what kind of a**hole is this Telford? Don’t they have enough unlikeables on the show?

Stargate Universe 1×08 Time
Actually, this was a pretty decent episode, even though the end was predictable and once again Eli pointed out from where they got the ideas with the creatures (Alien). But Eli, Chloe and Col. Young are still the only characters that I like enough to remember their names (theirs and Rush’s whom I still don’t like).

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