TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 46-50

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The Big Bang Theory 3×10 The Athens Recurrence
I do that very rarely but I watched the scene where Penny recites the physics stuff three times in a row. It’s so great to see her keep a straight face and the others get dumbfounded. Sheldon can be so proud of her.  Clap
I also really liked the reference to the pilot when Penny explained why Sheldon sits where he sits.

Two and a Half Men 7×10 That’s Why They Call It Ball Room
This was a cool episode, it had many scenes that made me laugh, for example the couch incident or Alan’s wedding video or the dance lessons. I also liked that Jake had a few more scenes but I still feel they should make at least one entire episode about him again sometime soon.

Bones 5×10 The Goop on the Girl
“You look like sisters.” 😀 I really liked Zooey Deschanel’s appearance on the show, it was really funny. It also kinda answers the question why Brennan behaves the way she does even when she had a normal childhood until the age of 16. It must be a gene running in the family. 😉
What I didn’t like was Booth dissing that radio man for having a negative opinion of the U.S.. But I think that’s a cultural difference. In Germany we’ve come to love criticizing our country and everything the parliament (we elected) does.

Castle 2×11 The Fifth Bullet
This one had a really nice assortment of guest actors: Marc Blucas (Buffy‘s Riley), Anne Dudek (House‘s Cutthroat Bitch) and Carlo Rota (24‘s Morris O’Brian). I especially like Carlo because he often plays (he was recently on Stargate Universe, too) these somewhat grumpy character’s that aren’t really likeable (because they aren’t really supposed to be) and he does a great job with them because you actually don’t like the characters but you don’t transfer that to the actor.
But I also liked Marc Blucas in his amnesia role, he was a nice guy.

FlashForward 1×10 A561984
So Dominic’s character doesn’t actually belong to the evil bad guys. But he was still the most interesting character in this episode. I honestly don’t know if I will even remember this show when it starts to air again in 4(!) months.

Gossip Girl 3×11 Treasure of Serena Madre
It’s like watching the crucial elements coming together just to be detonated in a nuclear detonation inside the Thanksgiving turkey. Though I have to say I would have liked it if the bomb had a few megatons more. But let’s see what they make out of the fallout.  Devil

Gossip Girl 3×12 The Debarted
I had hoped for more fallout from this but it has to do, especially the three events at the end will put new fuel in the fire. Though I have to say one thing: While I really like all this scheming and plotting I have no sympathy whatsoever for drug dealing and I think it’s way overdue that Jenny gets seriously punished with prosecution and everything. She had way too much luck in the past three years but now the show has reached a point where this has to stop.

How I Met Your Mother 5×10 The Window
It is somewhat surreal to see actress Joanna Garcia one week in Gossip Girl as a 20-year-old and a few weeks later as a 30-year-old here. Apart from that the episode was quite funny. But I liked best that they acknowledged that Ted drifted away from his search for The One and they now intend to go back to it – it’s the title of the show after all.

Paradox 1×03 Episode #1.3
I have to admit, I have serious problems understanding the people. Not the main cast, but most of the guest characters. Sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about even when it’s supposed to be English. I am far more used to American English.
And the show itself doesn’t hold much interest for me; I think I’ll drop it again.

V 1×04 It’s Only the Beginning
Even though I hadn’t really read any spoilers the revelation at the end wasn’t really one. The very concept of the show allowed for this conclusion. But I won’t complain about the content, because it was an interesting episode again.
However I think it’s a big mistake to make the break this huge. In January a whole batch of new seasons starts and people might forget the old ones that don’t jump back in again.

White Collar 1×04 Flip of the Coin
This was a fun episode, I really liked it how Neal and Mozzie used their abilities the “proper way”. I also really like Mozzie, I liked the actor since his character Martin Lloyd in Stargate SG-1.
Now that I’ve gotten used to the different characters, I really start enjoying them.

White Collar 1×05 The Portrait
That was a really nice con Neal pulled here and I also like that the background story is beginning to go somewhere (literally) instead of staring onto a bottle for three episodes. It’s great to see how Neal begins to work both for the FBI and (if necessary) for the clients.

White Collar 1×06 All In
While the case was OK, the end was what made this episode really interesting.

White Collar 1×07 Free Fall
Whoah. What an episode and what an ending! I have to say that even before the end this was the best episode so far and the ending was really unexpected. I’d say it turns the entire premise of the show on its head (unless of course there’s a ploy within the ploy within the ploy).
Now I definitively will watch further.