TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2018 – September

Sep 01
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×08 Drive in
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×09 Thanksgiving
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×10 Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Battlestar Galactica (2003) 2×10 Pegasus
Battlestar Galactica (2003) 2×11 Resurrection Ship: Part 1
Battlestar Galactica (2003) 2×12 Resurrection Ship: Part 2
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×11 Eric’s Buddy
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×12 The Best Christmas Ever
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×13 Ski Trip
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×14 Stolen Car
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×15 That Wrestling Show
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×16 First Date
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×17 The Pill
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×18 The Career Day
Total: 6h 18m

Sep 02
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×19 Prom Night
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×20 A New Hope
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×21 Water Tower
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×22 Punk Chick
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×23 Grandma’s Dead
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×24 Hyde Moves In
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×25 The Good Son
Total: 2h 31m

Sep 03
Total: 0m

Sep 04
Cobra Kai 1×01 Ace Degenerate
Total: 28m

Sep 05
Total: 0m

Sep 06
Total: 0m

Sep 07
Total: 0m

Sep 08
Smallville 5×18 Fragile
Total: 42m

Sep 09
Real Time with Bill Maher 07.09.2018 Jim Carrey, David Axelrod, Charlie Dent, Michelle Goldberg, Jack Bryan
Total: 57m

Sep 10
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 09.09.2018 Felony voting disenfranchisement
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 06.09.2018 Maggie Gyllenhaal
Total: 54m

Sep 11
QI 16×01 Panimals
Total: 29m

Sep 12
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×01 Coral Palms: Part 1
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×02 Coral Palms: Part 2
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×03 Coral Palms: Part 3
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×04 The Night Shift
Total: 1h 22m

Sep 13
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×05 Halloween IV
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×06 Monster in the Closet
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×07 Mr. Santiago
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×08 Skyfire Cycle
Total: 1h 22m

Sep 14
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×09 The Overmining
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×10 Captain Latvia
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×13 The Audit
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4x11x12 The Fugitive
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×14 Serve & Protect
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×15 The Last Ride
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×16 Moo Moo
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×17 Cop-Con
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×18 Chasing Amy
Total: 3h 25m

Sep 15
Real Time with Bill Maher 14.09.2018 John Kerry, Steve Ballmer, S.E. Cupp, Mark Leibovich, Richard Clarke
Total: 56m

Sep 16
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 12.09.2018 Anna Kendrick
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×19 Your Honor
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×20 The Slaughterhouse
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×21 The Bank Job
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4×22 Crime and Punishment
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×01 The Big House: Part 1
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5×02 The Big House: Part 2
Bodyguard 1×01 Episode 1
Bodyguard 1×02 Episode 2
Total: 4h 25m

Sep 24
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 23.09.2018 Facebook in Myanmar
Bodyguard 1×06 Episode 6
SOKO Potsdam 1×01 Saubere Geschäfte
Total: 2h 27m

Sep 25
Castle 7×06 The Time of Our Lives
The Big Bang Theory 12×01 The Conjugal Configuration
Young Sheldon 2×01 A High-Pitched Buzz and Training Wheels
The Good Doctor 2×01 Hello
The Resident 2×01 00:42:30
Total: 2h 47m

Sep 26
QI 16×03 Piecemeal
The Jim Jefferies Show 25.09.2018 Republicans Stand By Brett Kavanaugh
Total: 51m

Sep 27
Smallville 5×12 Reckoning
Lethal Weapon 3×01 In the Same Boat
Single Parents 1×01 Pilot
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 27.09.2018 Bill Gates
Chicago P.D. 6×01 New Normal
Chicago Fire 7×01 A Closer Eye
Total: 3h 35m

Sep 28
Chicago Med 4×01 Be My Better Half
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 27.09.2018 America Ferrera
Young Sheldon 2×02 A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron
The Big Bang Theory 12×02 The Wedding Gift Wormhole
Total: 1h 45m

Sep 29
The Good Place 3×01 Everything Is Bonzer!
SOKO Potsdam 1×01 Saubere Geschäfte
Total: 1h 26m

Sep 30
Total: 0m

Total: 2d 7h 38m
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