TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2018 – August

Aug 01
Sick Note 2×01 Frantisek Kotzwara
Total: 23m

Aug 02
The Jim Jefferies Show 31.07.2018 America Reaches Peak Outrage
Sick Note 2×02 New Balls
Smallville 4×11 Unsafe
Smallville 4×12 Pariah
Parks and Recreation 7×01 2017
Total: 2h 30m

Aug 03
Parks and Recreation 7×02 Ron & Jammy
Smallville 6×18 Progeny
Total: 1h 3m

Aug 04
Real Time with Bill Maher 03.08.2018 Nancy MacLean, Steve Schmidt, Charles Blow, Malcolm Nance, Kristen Soltis Anderson
Supernatural 1×01 Pilot
Take Two 1×06 The Devil You Know
Take Two 1×07 About Last Night
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×13 The Cruise
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×14 Karen Peralta
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×15 The 9–8
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×17 Adrian Pimento
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×18 Cheddar
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×19 Terry Kitties
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×16 House Mouses
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×20 Paranoia
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×21 Maximum Security
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×22 Bureau
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3×23 Greg and Larry
Total: 6h 55m

Aug 05
Psych 6×09 Neil Simon’s Lover’s Retreat
Psych 6×10 Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger
Psych 6×11 Heeeeere’s Lassie!
Psych 6×12 Shawn and the Real Girl
Psych 6×13 Let’s Doo-Wop It Again
Psych 6×14 Autopsy Turvy
Psych 6×15 True Grits
Psych 6×16 Santabarbaratown
Psych 7×01 Santabarbaratown 2
Psych 7×02 Juliet Takes a Luvvah
Psych 7×03 Lassie Jerky
Psych 1×02 The Spelling Bee
Psych 7×04 No Country For Two Old Men
Total: 8h 54m

Aug 06
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 05.08.2018 District attorneys in the United States
Total: 30m

Aug 07
Psych 7×05 100 Clues
Psych 7×06 Cirque du Soul
Psych 7×07 Deez Nups
Psych 7×08 Right Turn or Left for Dead
Psych 7×09 Juliet Wears the Pantsuit
Psych 1×01 Pilot
Total: 4h 40m

Aug 08
Castle 3×01 A Deadly Affair
Castle 1×04 Hell Hath No Fury
Total: 1h 22m

Aug 09
The Jim Jefferies Show 07.08.2018 The 1D Brain Behind 3D-Printed Guns
Psych 7×10 The Santabarbarian Candidate
Psych 7×11 Office Space
Psych 7×12 Dead Air
Total: 2h 25m

Aug 10
Psych 7×13 Nip and Suck It!
Total: 40m

Aug 11
Psych 7×14 No Trout About It
Psych 7x15x16 Psych: The Musical
Real Time with Bill Maher 10.08.2018 D.L. Hughley, Lawrence O’Donnell, Seth Moulton, Steven Pinker, Christina Bellantoni
Psych 8×01 Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster’s Goblet of Fire
Psych 8×02 S.E.I.Z.E. the Day
Psych 8×03 Remake A.K.A. Cloudy…with a Chance of Improvement
Psych 8×04 Someone’s Got a Woody
Psych 8×05 COG Blocked
Psych 8×06 1967: A Psych Odyssey
Psych 8×07 Shawn & Gus Truck Things Up
Psych 8×08 A Touch of Sweevil
Total: 8h 34m

Aug 12
Psych 8×09 A Nightmare on State Street
Psych 8×10 The Break Up
Psych 9×00 The Movie
The West Wing 1×22 What Kind of Day Has It Been
The West Wing 2×01 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part I
The West Wing 2×02 In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part II
The West Wing 1×02 Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
The West Wing 1×03 A Proportional Response
Chicago Fire 1×01 Pilot
Total: 7h 5m

Aug 13
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 12.08.2018 Astroturfing
Take Two 1×08 All About Ava
Young & Hungry 5×17 Young & Motorcycle
Young & Hungry 5×18 Young & Bullseye
Young & Hungry 5×19 Young & Magic
Young & Hungry 5×20 Young & Yacht’in
JAG 1×12 The Brotherhood
JAG 1×10 Boot
JAG 2×01 We the People
SEAL Team 1×01 Tip of the Spear
JAG 1×17 Black Ops
Total: 6h 15m

Aug 14
Smallville 8×03 Toxic
Smallville 8×05 Committed
Smallville 8×12 Bulletproof
Smallville 10×08 Abandoned
Smallville 6×21 Prototype
Total: 3h 31m

Aug 15
Ein Käfig voller Helden 1×02 Hold That Tiger
Take Two 1×01 Take Two
Happy! 1×01 Saint Nick
Cobra Kai 1×01 Ace Degenerate
Cobra Kai 1×02 Strike First
Total: 2h 46m

Aug 16
Total: 0m

Aug 17
Barry 1×01 Chapter One: Make Your Mark
Cobra Kai 1×03 Esqueleto
Cobra Kai 1×04 Cobra Kai Never Dies
Cobra Kai 1×05 Counterbalance
Cobra Kai 1×06 Quiver
Cobra Kai 1×07 All Valley
Total: 2h 49m

Aug 18
Last Man Standing 4×11 Wedding Planning
Last Man Standing 4×12 Helen Potts
Last Man Standing 4×13 Mike Hires Chuck
Cobra Kai 1×08 Molting
Cobra Kai 1×09 Different but Same
Cobra Kai 1×10 Mercy
Total: 2h 40m

Aug 19
Total: 0m

Aug 20
Smallville 6×05 Reunion
Smallville 6×02 Sneeze
Total: 1h 23m

Aug 21
Smallville 9×06 Crossfire
Smallville 1×05 Cool
Smallville 10×09 Patriot
Total: 2h 7m

Aug 22
Real Time with Bill Maher 17.08.2018 Preet Bharara, Jennifer Granholm, Charlie Sykes, Jonathan Swan, Adam Conover
The Jim Jefferies Show 14.08.2018 Life During Trump’s Topsy-Turvy Presidency
The Jim Jefferies Show 21.08.2018 What is QAnon
Total: 1h 38m

Aug 23
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 19.08.2018 Trump tariffs
Smallville 7×09 Gemini
Smallville 6×15 Freak
Smallville 3×19 Memoria
Ein Duke kommt selten allein 1×01 One Armed Bandits
Hart of Dixie 1×01 Pilot
Friday Night Lights 1×01 Pilot
Total: 4h 51m

Aug 24
Longmire 1×01 Pilot
Xena: Warrior Princess 1×08 Prometheus
Xena: Warrior Princess 2×19 Ulysses
Xena: Warrior Princess 2×12 Destiny
Xena: Warrior Princess 1×20 Ties That Bind
Total: 3h 42m

Aug 25
Star Trek: The Next Generation 2×09 The Measure of a Man
Smallville 4×17 Onyx
Smallville 6×13 Crimson
Real Time with Bill Maher 24.08.2018 John Brennan, David Corn, Arne Duncan, Rick Wilson, Saru Jayaraman
The West Wing 1×10 In Excelsis Deo
The West Wing 1×11 Lord John Marbury
The West Wing 1×12 He Shall, from Time to Time…
The West Wing 1×19 Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
Smallville 3×16 Crisis
Smallville 3×15 Resurrection
Total: 7h 15m

Aug 26
Smallville 2×05 Nocturne
Smallville 1×07 Craving
Total: 1h 26m

Aug 27
Total: 0m

Aug 28
Total: 0m

Aug 29
The Jim Jefferies Show 28.08.2018 Jim’s Deep Dive Into Religion
Total: 21m

Aug 30
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×01 That ’70s Pilot
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×02 Eric’s Birthday
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×03 Streaking
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×04 Battle of the Sexists
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×05 Eric’s Burger Job
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×06 The Keg
Die wilden Siebziger! 1×07 That Disco Episode
Castle 3×11 Nikki Heat
Total: 3h 12m

Aug 31
Castle 2×07 Famous Last Words
Castle 2×06 Vampire Weekend
Castle 2×12 A Rose For Everafter
Castle 2×17 Tick, Tick, Tick… (1)
Castle 2×18 Boom! (2)
Total: 3h 27m

Total: 3d 20h 24m
Durchschnitt: 2h 59m pro Tag