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LOST 6×17 The End
I’ve been a fan of LOST but not a fanboy. But even I have a buttload of questions that remained unanswered. The most important of all: What’s the island?
Basically the only question the finale answered was what the Flash-Sideways are. But not why the island exists, why it has to be protected in the first place, why Smokey came to be, why it would be a bad thing if he had ever left, why Miles can communicate with the dead (a trait that isn’t connected to the island – in contrast to Desmond’s and Faraday’s abilities), why the time jumps, … and that’s just the questions from the top of my head.
So, the finale left me in two-minded state. I liked it for what it was but there are too many open questions. One could argue that it’s just like real life where things just happen and where there is no why but this is a scripted TV show and not just any TV show: A mystery show and it should have provided more answers. It’s like reading a thriller where someone ripped out the pages that reveal the murderer.

PS: It seems I’m not the only one who has mixed feelings: See Alan Sepinwall’s review.

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