Stargate SG-1: Season 3

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Disc 1

Into the Fire

Synopsis: Hathor has set up a quite good copy of the SGC. She wants that one of the three (Jack, Sam & Daniel) becomes a host to a Goa’uld. And General Hammond has no authority to send reinforcements to free SG-1.

My Opinion: This was a far better continuation than the first part could promise. As far as I know it was for the first time that we’ve seen a Gao’uld Death Glider (although a dated model) flying through a Stargate and it looked really cool. I also liked the fact that Teal’c tried to convince his brothers and sisters to join his path.


Synopsis: The biblical figure Seth is also a Goa’uld but he has disappeared for thousands of years. He is on the run from both the System Lords and the Tok’ra. As it turns out, Seth keeps himself hidden on Earth and is a leader of a cult. There have been “Cults of Seth” before and they always ended in the collective suicide of the worshippers.

My Opinion: I like the idea that a Goa’uld could be a cult leader and is using Goa’uld technology for this. But this episode had many logic holes and I don’t like them. For one, how Seth is able to build new ring transporters on Earth. Or where he got himself a personal forcefield, a technology that was new to Teal’c in the first season. Even the ear device with the electrical shock was implausible because it couldn’t possibly be as strong as a Zat Gun.
Interesting is the fact that the humans have increased their Goa’uld killing rate, first Hathor and now Seth.

Fair Game

Synopsis: Sam gets promoted to Major but in the moment Jack wants to congratulate her he gets beamed up to an Asgard mothership. Thor is in the orbit of Earth and he brings a warning: The Goa’uld see the Tau’ri now as a serious threat, after they rid themselves from three System Lords (Ra, Apophis & Hathor).
The Asgards plan to include Earth into the Protected Planets Treaty and for this three System Lords come to the SGC: Cronus, Nirrti and Yu.

My Opinion: One should neither poker with Jack nor with Thor. πŸ˜‰ I again liked the fact that they took elements from former episodes and continued them: The protected planets from Thor’s Hammer, Nirrti from Singularity and the Re’tu from Show and Tell. Ironically the Re’tu will be mentioned again but we’ve never seen them again since Show and Tell.


Synopsis: SG-1 finds nine death Goa’uld from the “minor league” but they can’t explain how they died. But then Daniel starts to hallicinate and hears voices. He has to go to a mental facility.

My Opinion: Again a great acting of Michael Shanks. I loved the trip to the nuthouse.

Disc 2

Learning Curve

Synopsis: On a planet that seems to be a descendant culture of the Aztecs, SG-1 meets children that are very eager to learn. A girl at eleven years explains to Sam how the Naqahdah reactor works that she has designed. Another boy wants to learn everything about the culture and the battle tactics of the Goa’uld from Teal’c. But the future of these children is rather gloomy.

My Opinion: In my opinion “Clash of Cultures” is the right term here. The Orbanians are no “bad guys”, they have just another way of living than we do. I still liked the fact that Jack followed his heart again.

Point of View

Synopsis: After Earth has been overrun by the Goa’uld, Sam and Major Kawalski have to escape through the dimension mirror – into our world – and they ask for asylum. Suddenly there are two Sams and that leads to unexpected side-effects.

My Opinion: Jack & Sam. I like it when they hint to that possibility during the run of the series but never actually realize it due to the rules set by the US military. The toying with alternate realities is always interesting, as it is this time. I also liked that they kept Teal’c’s face in the shadows to not to spoil the gag. BTW: The beards of Apophis and Teal’c were a reference of the producers to Spock’s beard in the mirror universe.

Deadman Switch

Synopsis: SG-1 is caught by a bounty hunter who wants to trade them to the System Lord Sokar. But he offers them a deal: If they help him to catch the Goa’uld Kel’tar they are free to go. But Kel’tar isn’t who he seems to be.

My Opinion: Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon, The Highwayman) may not be a good actor but I like him anyway. He has a dry from of humour that I like.
When the transport ship (Tel’tak) decloaked I felt strongly reminded of the first time a holodeck door opened in the middle of a landscape. I still like this effect very much.


Synopsis: In a village that seems to be based on a middle ages christian society is a woman that is to be sacrificed to a demon. She is supsected to be possessed but is just ill. SG-1 prevents the sacrifice but subsequently gets into trouble. The word demon is not randomly chosen this time: The Demon is an Unas in service of Sokar.

My Opinion: I am very bad at recognizing faces, if I haven’t seen someone several times I don’t recognize him/her. But in the moment I saw Simon I knew it’s the same actor as the prosecutor in Cor-ai and I was right: both were played by David McNally.
As for the episode: I didn’t like it that much because I didn’t like the explanation of how a middle ages christian society can be found on another planet.

Disc 3

Rules of Engagement

Synopsis: SG-1 meets an unidentified SG team that is under heavy fire by Jaffa. But the moment they want to help them they get shot by the “SG team”. As it turns out are both “SG team” and “Jaffa” humans on a training mission under the order of Apophis. No one there knows that Apophis is dead and SG-1 has to explain that their mission is no more.

My Opinion: These soldiers (who are no Jaffa) strongly reminded me of the “Volkssturm“, being the last resort of Apophis. I was glad that SG-1 could show them the futility of their mission without causing too many casualties.

Forever in a Day

Synopsis: Some of the Abydosians – including Daniel’s father-in-law – have been captured by Amonet who has also retaken her and Apophis’s child. When SG-1 attempts to free the Abydosians, Teal’c is forced to kill Amonet/Sha’re who in turn was trying to kill Daniel. But Sha’re manages to send one last message to her husband.

My Opinion: This was a very good ending to the Amonet/Sha’re storyline. They gave her a worthy exit that remended me positively of Angel‘s You’re Welcome. And now Daniel has a new mission: to find the child of Apophis and Amonet, the child that has all the knowledge of the Goa’ulds.

Past and Present

Synopsis: SG-1 comes to a planet that has neither elders nor children. And all the other people have lost all their memories one year ago. Hints indicate that this could be the work of Linea, the Destroyer of Worlds (Prisoners), who SG-1 has inadvertently freed. It’s also not impossible that she is still on the planet.

My Opinion: Another good episode. Can a person have a change of heart? Hasn’t Teal’c already proven that it’s possible? I liked it.

Jolinar’s Memories

Synopsis: Jacob/Selmak has been captured. He is held prisoner by Sokar – who imposes the devil instead of a god – on a moon (Ne’tu) that literally has been turned into hell. Sokar plans a massive assault on the System Lords and Jacob/Selmak has inside knowledge. The problem is: There is only one person who has ever managed to esape from Ne’tu: Jolinar of Malkshur.

My Opinion: These Goa’ulds just don’t know when they are supposed to have died. Apophis is back! Actually I like it, Apophis is a worthy opponent and his new mask looks “good”. A very thrilling cliffhanger. Can’t wait to see the conclusion.

Disc 4

The Devil You Know

Synopsis: SG-1 is in hell. Their plan to escape didn’t work after Apophis had unexpectedly risen from the dead. And he needs a dead pledge to prevent Sokar from executing him. But the Tok’ra have also a plan B: They intend to blow up Ne’tu.

My Opinion: Cool continuation. Apophis managed to save his skin again. I also liked the hallucination sequences due to the “Blood of Sokar”.


Synopsis: After SG-1 returns from a mission something strange happens: Teal’c awakes in the infirmary and overhears a conversation between General Hammond and an unknown alien. There are two possibilities: Either the base has been overtaken or they have been exposed to a dangerous chemical that causes hallucinations.

My Opinion: When I watched the episode for the first time, until a certain point it was unclear to me which one is the truth, especially with the argument between Jack and Maybourne. What I like about such disguise devices is that they can actually change the size and form of a person. πŸ˜‰


Synopsis: Klorel crashes with a Death Glider on the Tollan homeworld. For a short moment, Skaara is in control of his body and he asks the Tollans for help. They agree to hear both sides.

My Opinion: A great episode. I love episodes with court hearings, especially when you could agree with both sides. I also liked the split where Daniel argues with logic and Jack with his heart. I thought this episode stands in one row with Star Trek TNG‘s The Measure of a Man. Regrettably we haven’t seen Omac (Enigma) again.


Synopsis: SG-1 can’t remember being on a planet for 15 hours. But then they find a microscopic device implanted into their brains. It generates an audio-visual hologram that only SG-1 can see and hear: Urgo.

My Opinion: Dom DeLuise (Cannonball Run, father of Peter DeLuise) is too funny as Urgo. I had a really good laugh, it was a great fun episode.

Disc 5

A Hundred Days

Synopsis: Every year the planet Edora crosses a meteorite belt. Every 150 years the planet comes too close and the meteorites impact on the planet causing chaos and destruction. Now this year has come again and SG-1 tries to evacuate the small population. But then a meteorite hit buries the Stargate and Jack is stuck on the planet.

My Opinion: While I liked the episode I would have liked it more when Jack’s conflict had been larger. The end should have been longer and Jack Jack shouldn’t have decided that quickly. After all, we know he likes a quiet life and he lives one on Earth.

Shades of Grey

Synopsis: After Jack has stolen a device from the Tollans that can disable Goa’uld weapons, General Hammond sends him into retirement. But he doesn’t stay retired for very long, because suddenly Maybourne visits him and makes an unrefuseable offer.

My Opinion: The infiltration of an organization is a difficult process. Jack’s change of heart never felt real and Maybourne was very naΓ―ve He swallowed the bait too quickly, especially when he should know Jack and his moral standards. It would have been better to make a non-SG-1 episode from the POV of an unknown person and letting him be the bait.

New Ground

Synopsis: Two scientists excavate a weird ring and they have no idea what it is. But then the rings starts to glow and it opens a portal – through that SG-1 comes. Unfortunately would the existance of the Stargate prove that the people of an enemy continent are right about the origins of the people of this planet.But both continents wage war because of this “difference of opinion”.

My Opinion: A very good episode about dogmas and those who can’t let go of them.

Maternal Instinct

Synopsis: Apophis devastates the planet Chulak because he want revenge and he is on the search for his and Amonet’s child – the Harsesis that has all the knowledge of the Goa’ulds. But Harsesis is hidden on Kheb, a planet the System Lords know nothing about. But with hints from both Jaffa history and Earth mythology SG-1 manages to find Kheb – and Harsesis.

My Opinion: “Don’t believe that you can light the candle. Believe that Oma Desala can light the candle.” It took Daniel a while to understand that. πŸ˜‰ The episode was ok but I didn’t care much for the Harsesis arc in general.

Disc 6

Crystal Skull

Synopsis: SG-1 discovers a crystal skull within a huge pyramid. Such a skull has been found on Earth by Nick Ballard – Daniel’s grandfather. But then the skull emits an energy field and Daniel is shifted out of phase. Nobody can see or hear him anymore. SG-1 needs the help of Nick to find out what happened to Daniel.

My Opinion: One can really imagine that Nick could be Daniel’s grandpa. I think they did a great job with the conversations between Daniel and Nick, before Daniel realizes that Nick can actually see and hear him. They work as monologue as well as as dialogue. (Loads of “as” here!)


Synopsis: Thor’s ship, the Beliskner, has been taken over by the Replicators. The Replicators are the enemies from Thor’s galaxy, of whom he has reported earlier. They are a mechanical lifeform which primary objective is to reproduce. For that they literally eat Thor’s ship. The Replicators have brought the Beliskner to Earth and they plan to land. SG-1 has to prevent that.

My Opinion: Spectacular crash. If humans are good at one thing, then it is to destroy things. πŸ˜€ I liked it a lot.

The Season – My Opinion: The storyline that began it all has come to an end: Sha’re is dead and Skaara is free again. Only Apophis is still terrorizing the neighbourhood. There have been weaker episodes again, but as I said before I don’t believe in a perfect season. But the season had a lot of interesting episodes, especially some that started new storylines.

Season 4