Stargate SG-1: Season 4

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Disc 1

Small Victories

Synopsis: Thor’s ship has been successfully destroyed during the re-entrance into the atmosphere but one of the Replicators did survive. It manages to rescue itself to a russian submarine. There it kills the entire crew and begins to replicate. In Thor’s home galaxy things aren’t good either, the Asgard have no weapon to defeat the Replicators and they close in on one of the Asgard planets.

My Opinion: It was cool how Thor tried to explain that the Asgard are to intelligent to find a primitive way to destroy the Replicators. πŸ™‚ I also liked the fact the russians actually spoke russian without being subtitled. It wasn’t necessary for the understanding to know what they said – I understood it nonetheless. πŸ˜‰ (The one asks what is making that noise and the other one actually replies that it could be the bugs from the previous episode!)

The Other Side

Synopsis: It’s one of the rare moments when someone “calls” Earth and not the other way around. The people of the planet Euronda ask for help since there is a world war on their planet. If Earth gives them all the heavy water they need, they would give all their technology in exchange.

My Opinion: What bothered me about this was the initial behaviour of Jack’s. He behaved more like in Shades of Grey as I would expect of him. He only comes around when RenΓ© Auberjonois’s (Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) character turns against Teal’c. I didn’t like it much.


Synopsis: The Tok’ra Freya/Anise (Freya is the host) brings an ancient technology to Earth. But she only does it because it doesn’t work on Goa’uld/Tok’ra/Jaffa. After SG-1 (except for Teal’c) has put the armbands on many of their abilities enhance by several degrees: strength, speed, sight. Unfortunately the armbands can’t be removed and the human body isn’t able to cope with these changes over a longer period of time.

My Opinion: This episode and the behaviour of SG-1 was funny, especially the entire scene in the restaurant. But it also showed again that the team will be there for one another, no matter the price.


Synopsis: A friend of Teal’c’s, the high priestess Shan’auc, did manage to communicate with her Goa’uld larva. She convinced it that it should join the Tok’ra. But this must happen soon since the larva is fully grown and cannot remain in Shan’auc much longer.

My Opinion: It was somehow predictable that the Goa’uld would betray Shan’auc but I liked to see Peter Wingfield (Methos in Highlander) again. And I could understand Jack’s disappointment that they’ve fleeced by the Tok’ra again.

Disc 2

Divide and Conquer

Synopsis: After a member of an SG team has attacked a Tok’ra the latter reveal that the Goa’uld have found a way to temper with the human mind. Without the knowlegde of the victim he/she is programmed for an assassination and it is conceiled with false memories. The problem is, that a summit between the president of the Unites States and the Tok’ra high council is coming up. This is endangered by two sleepers within the SGC: Sam and Jack.

My Opinion: Althought it was sad that Martouf died, I really liked this episode, especially the solution of why Sam and Jack aren’t Zatarcs. I also liked, when Freya hit on Jack especially with her very “curve-hugging” outfit.

Window of Opportunity

Synopsis: After an ancient device has been activated on a remote planet, Jack and Teal’c are stuck in a time loop, that lasts 10 hours. Every time the loop starts again only they can remember previous iterations.

My Opinion: Also a ver good episode that I liked a lot, practically it’s a Groundhog Day episode – a fact that is mentioned by Jack at the end. πŸ˜‰ I enjoyed it very much.


Synopsis: After the Stargate can’t be opened again the SGC finds out the the Russians have resurrected the original Stargate from the bottom of the sea (where it lay since the crash of Thor’s ship). But now they’ve opened a wormhole that can’t be closed again and they need the help of SG-1.

My Opinion: What I liked about this episode is that the Russians are not portrayed as backward hillbillies. Okay, the screwed the pooch and Jack doesn’t like them per se, but Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation) played her role very well.

The First Ones

Synopsis: Daniel is on an excavation mission with another SG team. The planet is supposed to be the home planet of the Goa’ulds. They find skeletons and fossils of Goa’uld queens, but there are also the first hosts of the Goa’ulds: The Unas.

My Opinion: I liked this episode, too, because the Unas were portrayed as much more that the killing machines they’ve been before. Of course they are an extremly primitive race but it is possible to build a rapport to them and Daniel was the perfect person to do that. Funny was the reference to the Stargate movie where Daniel – just like this time – started an interaction with the help of army food.

Disc 3

Scorched Earth

Synopsis: The Enkarans can only live under a certain ozone layer without going blind. SG-1 has found the perfect planet for them. But shortly after they’ve settled there a huge spaceship arrives and starts a terraforming process which will make it impossible for humans to live there anymore. There’s not enough time to evacuate and thus SG-1 has to stop the spaceship.

My Opinion: I am in two minds about this. The idea was well chosen and the way Daniel convinced Lotan was really good. What bothered me though was the fact that Jack would have sacrificed Daniel. Of course he had to protect the Enkarans but I still belive that the decision should have been harder to make.

Beneath the Surface

Synopsis: The members of SG-1 work in an undergound factory – without having a memory of who they are. Only Teal’c seems to remember but he’s soon brought to the infirmary. But over time the others remember fragments of their past as well. Enough to find out what happend to them.

My Opinion: What I really liked here was the way how the members of SG-1 behaved even when they didn’t know theirself or one another. Jack and Daniel clash once again but still work together to achieve a common goal. But the best scene was when Jack remembered a bald guy with a short-sleeved shirt who is somehow important to him (an accurate description of General Hammond) – “I believe his name is Homer“.

Point of No Return

Synopsis: A man called Martin Lloyd calls the Stargate Center and wants to speak to Colonel O’Neill. He “knows” about the Roswell landing, about the Kennedy assassination and – the Stargate. SG-1 tries to find out what he knows and from where.

My Opinion: “To be paranoid doesn’t mean that you aren’t being followed.” Episodes with Martin are always fun because he is such a comical character. Ironically this is the second time in three episodes that we see an actor from the later Battlestar Galactica series. First Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Gaeta in BSG) in Scorched Earth and now Matthew Bennett (Aaron Doral in BSG).


Synopsis: In Area 51 one of Apophis’s Death Gliders was equipped with Earth technology and redesigned to the X-301. But when Teal’c and Jack make their first testflight something goes wrong. Apophis’s retrieval program activates and both are trapped.

My Opinion: This episode was rather boring because nothing really happened.

Disc 4

The Curse

Synopsis: The artefacts that have been found during an excavation are to be brought from Egypt to America but the ship sunk. Many years later – now – the freight has been recovered and has been brought to Chicago. Among the artefacts are the urnes of Isis and Osiris. But these aren’t normal urnes and soon SGC has to deal with the possibility that a Goa’uld runs free on our planet.

My Opinion: They did a very good job in pointing to the wrong person and conceiling who the real Goa’uld is. I also liked the fact that we’ve learned more about Daniel’s life from before the Stargate.

The Serpent’s Venom

Synopsis: Apophis and Heru-ur secretly meet to negoiate an alliance. Together they are able to defeat all the other System Lords. The Tok’ra and SG-1 try to prevent that. They try to make them fight one another thus detroying both their fleets.

My Opinion: I never quite understood how the Jaffa believe – that the Goa’ulds are gods – works. The Jaffa operate a great deal of the Goa’uld technology; when a Jaffa dies the Goa’uld within him also dies and the Goa’uld fight and kill one another since aeons even without the interference of the humans. I don’t understand how someone can still believe under these circumstances but maybe I am the wrong kind of person fro this – I am ignostic. But the acting of Teal’c and his Jaffa guard was still very good.

Chain Reaction

Synopsis: After SG-1 once again nearly died on a mission General Hammond decides to retire. But Jack doesn’t believe that this is the true reason and he investigates further. In the meantime Sam and Daniel have to deal with the new General.

My Opinion: Of course the new General is an idiot – we have to want Hammond back. But I still liked how far Jack (with the help of Maybourne) went to achieve exactly this.


Synopsis: It is the year 2010. 10 years ago the humans have met the Aschen. They have helped to defeat the Goa’uld and they teach the humans in many ways such as medicine and physics. Regarding the first contact Jack noted in his report “They are to good to be true” – how right he was.

My Opinion: The prevention of the extermination of mankind is a good enough reason for me to undo 10 years of history. Not like other series where it was about the convenient return of a certain starship crew. I liked it a lot.

Disc 5

Absolute Power

Synopsis: Harsesis has come to Abydos to learn more about his mother. But Oma Desala has made him forget the knowledge of the Goa’ulds. SG-1 tries anyway to access that knowlegde in the hope that Oma can make him forget again. Finally Daniel gets a glimpse of what it means to possess the entire knowledge of the Goa’uld.

My Opinion: “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Strangely it’s always the humble Daniel who falls for the power and loses the empathy for his friends – just like it happened in Need. As a warning shot I liked this episode very much.

The Light

Synopsis: After the suicide of a SG member and Daniel’s try to do the same, SG-1 visits the planet where they suspect the cause of this. There they find an addicting source of light and now they’re stuck there.

My Opinion: Average episode, not much to say about it.


Synopsis: Carter is holding a lecture about wormhole physics at the US Air Force Academy while Jack and Teal’c babysit some scientists on a remote moon. A female cadet at the academy seems to be very gifted but she is also rebelious and faces expulsion. Carter shows her where she could go if she manages to finish the academy.

My Opinion: I really liked it when Cadet Hailey and Sam argued (scientifically) but one really sees that she has much to learn, especially about the responsibilites that come with having a command.
When she suggests to use the Zat’n’tkels again she refers to them as “Phaser things”.


Synopsis: When the M.A.L.P. (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) scans a remote planet to analyse of whether it’s safe to go there it is drawn away from the Gate and into the air. Simultaneously a data stream reaches Earth that manifests itself as a program within the computers of the SGC.

My Opinion: For the second time an alien lifeform has taken over Major Carter’s body and for the second time the lifeform has to sacrifice itself for a higher purpose and has to give the control back to Carter. The scene I liked the most was when Amanda Tapping only could speak through an audio synthesizer and could only work with her facial expressions. I also liked the opposite approaches of the warriors Jack and Teal’c and the scientists Sam and Daniel.

Disc 6

Double Jeopardy

Synopsis: SG-1 comes to a planet where the inhabitants declare that they have visted before. Back then they helped to defeat Heru-ur’s troops. But now Cronus has come with a Ha’tak and claims the planet for himself. SG-1 gets caught and Daniel gets “killed”. Now the Team needs help from themselves.

My Opinion: The funny thing about this episode is that one can guess very early where this is going. The android doppelganger are still wearing the HK MP5 as weapons instead of the FN P90 that is been handed out in recent episodes. Additionally Carter is wondering why she’s refered to as “Major” and Jack mentions that there are “two” of them. When I first saw this episode I guessed that this is the real team and when Jack mentioned this I thought the androids had been the team that went there first.
I liked the episode even though it was sad that all the androids were destroyed. With the death of Cronus another Goa’uld got what he deserved.


Synopsis: With the Ha’tak SG-1 “aquired” from Cronus they fly to the planet of the Tok’ra. The latter want to relocate their Stargate to a planet unknown to the System Lords. But there Tanith – the Goa’uld who deceived Shan’auc – must not go. But then Apophis closes in with a fleet and the Tok’ra develop a very risky plan.

My Opinion: The idea to turn a sun into a supernova with the help of a Stargate is an “interesting” plan that is hard to top.
But what attrackted my attention in this episode, was something different: It’s usual with series that at the beginning of the season some innovations are introduced that were invented by the writers during the break. In Stargate SG-1 this often happens within the last episodes although it wasn’t really necessary. For example, the Zats have been introduced in the last episode of the first season, not at the begin of the second. But they didn’t really need them back then. The Al’kesh – a Goa’uld bomber – was introduced in this episode although there could have been other ways to continue the plot.
The Ha’tak and the memory retrieval device have been introduced in a season finale but they were necessary for the plot, i.e. the plot was based upon them.

The Season – My Opinion: Surprisingly there were few direct confrontations with the Goa’uld in this season. Many episodes were playing on Earth or were related to it and the others were Planet-of-the-Week episodes. If one considers that Apophis has the control over Sokar’s fleet and is supposedly very powerful, he kept quite still. On the other hand the writer can’t find endless ways to let them both clash and SG-1 win. But I liked the Earth episodes and the PotW were mostly ok.

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