Stargate SG-1: Season 2

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Disc 1

The Serpent’s Lair

Synopsis: The Goa’uld Klorel who has possessed Skaara’s body commands a Ha’tak that is in close proximity to Earth. His father Apophis has also arrived in the Earth system with another Ha’tak. SG-1 has mined Klorel’s ship but even if Apophis were alone, his ship could devastate Earth.

My Opinion: Good conlcusion. But I think the effect to see Daniel again would have been better if we hadn’t seen him escape through the Stargate. They oculd have told us this afterwards instead. This way they could have avoided the plot hole of how Apophis and Klorel escaped because there wasn’t simply enough time for them. I loved the dialogues between Bra’tac and O’Neill where the former always prepared to die and the latter tried to find a way out.

In the Line of Duty

Synopsis: During a rescue mission Sam gets possessed by a Goa’uld. He calls himself Jolinar of Malkshur and claims to be a Tok’ra. The Tok’ra are opposed to the System Lords. But there is another Goa’uld who managed to slip thourgh the gate to Earth: An Ashrak, an assassin in the service of the System Lords. His job is to kill Jolinar.

My Opinion: Arrogance seems to be a natural attitude among Goa’ulds, no matter if they see themselves as “good” or “bad”. This episodes sets certain things in motion but was unspectacular in itself.


Synopsis: Owing to unfortunate circumstances, the members of SG-1 land on a prison planet that has no DHD. Of course they try everthing to break out.

My Opinion: It was obvious that there was more to the “herbwoman” that met the eye. How else could she have gained the respect of the big blokes? But once again SG-1 did serious damage without knowing it until it was too late.


Synopsis: SG-1 comes to a planet were its few inhabitants are in some sort of stasis. SG-1 also gets caught and they find themselves in the meories of their worst moments.

My Opinion: Has Diwght Schultz ever played a completely sane character? This episode was interesting because we’ve learned something about their past again. But I had wished for a peek into Sam’s or Teal’c’s past. And Jack’s worst moment is without doubt the death of his son. At least we know now that the Goa’uld inside Carter changed something in her.

Disc 2


Synopsis: When Daniel saves the daughter of the local king, SG-1 is captured. Except for Daniel they have to work in the local Naqahdah mine (Naqahdah is the ore of which the Stargate is made). Daniel is enjoying the pleasures of the royal court – including a Goa’uld sarcophagus.

My Opinion: Excellently played by Michael Shanks. First the growing apathy regarding the fate of his friends and then the following withdrawal syndromes. I liked it a lot.

Thor’s Chariot

Synopsis: The planet, on which SG-1 destroyed Thor’s Hammer (Thor’s Hammer), has been overrun by Heru-ur’s Jaffa. SG-1 feels responsible for the population and tries to find the “Hall of Might”. They suspect that they will find weapons which can be used to fight Heru-ur.

My Opinion: “No good deed ever goes unpunished.” (Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #285) One thing I like about SG-1 is, that previous events are not forgotten. They may have been written as standalone episodes but the writers often find a way to continue to tell this particular story. This will happen to several episodes we’ve already watched and it will happen again in the future.
I also liked the idea to present the Asgard as the Roswell aliens.

Message in a Bottle

Synopsis: SG-1 retrieves an object from a planet without atmosphere. They believe it’s a time capsule until it “pins” Jack onto the wall and something infects the basis from it.

My Opinion: Average episode, except for the fact the the basis is nearly taken over (again).


Synopsis: Master Bra’tac comes to Earth to tell Teal’c that his son Rya’c is being held hostage by Apophis. Teal’c and SG-1 return to Chulak to free him.

My Opinion: The family traditions amongst the Jaffa are very archaic. I liked the episode because Teal’c would have done anything to rescue his son. But the behaviour of the new husband was predictable.
The Zat’n’ktel (“Zat Guns”) is a very useful weapon. It was a good idea to give the Jaffa another weapon type beside the staff weapon.

Disc 3


Synopsis: As promised, after an abydosian year Daniel returns there. Unfortunately he returns with empty hands, both Sha’re and Skaara are still Goa’ulds. Surprisingly Sha’re/Amonet is already there – and advanced in pregnancy. Meanwhile Jack and Sam are about to receive a medal by the president himself in Washington, D.C..

My Opinion: They have found a good way to rejoin Daniel and Sha’re without removing the Goa’uld. I also liked the sham they did to Amonet, Apophis and Heru-ur.
But the most emotional moment of the episode was when you see something break in Jack. The moment, when General Hammond points out to Jack, that “It was an accident!” – you simply know, that it isn’t true.


Synopsis: On an uninhabited planet – that was once inhabited – Teal’c is stung by a bug that rewrites his DNA. Colonel Maybourne from the NID takes Teal’c to a research institute to have him examined.

My Opinion: I liked this episode, too, especially the interaction between Teal’c and the little girl. The end was cool, when Teal’c runs through that old building, equipped with sun glasses and a water rifle.

The Tok’ra

Synopsis: After a dream/recollection of Sam’s, SG-1 visits a planet where they supsect to find the Tok’ra – enemies of the System Lords – and they indeed find them. The Tok’ra create tunnels and caves with the help of crystals that give them cover and protection. But the Tau’ri (Goa’uld name for the Earth humans) have nothing to offer to the Tok’ra that would benefit them and that would justify an alliance.

My Opinion: The Tok’ra need hosts and Sam’s dad Jacob is terminal ill. It is obvious what will happen in the second part. I liked the episode nonetheless and Martouf/Lantash is a very likeable person.

The Tok’ra (Part Two)

Synopsis: General Jacob Carter is visited by his daughter and General Hammond in the hospital. He finally learns why his daughter refused his proposal to get her into NASA. The host of the Tok’ra Selmak is dying and Jacob is supposed to take her place. But then the Tok’ra planet is attacked by Goa’uld motherships.

My Opinion: The introduction of Jacob/Selmak was a good idea, SG-1 has now a close connection to the Tok’ra. But it happens surprisingly often that the “primitive” Tau’ri have to save the butts of the higher developed races, in this case the Tok’ra. This was a very good two-parter.


Disc 4


Synopsis: SG-11 mines an ore called Trinium. This ore is especially hard and SGC wants to use it for armor plates and other things. One week SG-11 doesn’t call in as planned and SG-1 goes to the planet. There they meet a tribe that descends from native americans and their “spirits” who protect the tribe.

My Opinion: What I like most about Jack are his high moral standards. He has no problem with confronting his superiors when he thinks that something is morally wrong. In this episode he draws parallels to the colonization of the american continent, especially the dealings with the indians.


Synopsis: SG-1 returns to a planet where they wish to examine a wheather control system. But it was stolen and thiefs seem to have come from the SGC (Stargate Command). As it soon turns out, these people didn’t come through the gate in Cheyenne Mountain.

My Opinion: This was an indirect continuation of the previous episode. Was the device stolen by someone under the order of SGC? The peek into Area 51 was also very interesting. But in general this episode was an average one.

A Matter of Time

Synopsis: Sg-10 didn’t make it back through the Stargate. When a connection from Earth is opened it can’t be closed anymore. One of the two suns of that system has recently collapsed and was transformed into a black hole. Through the open wormhole SGC and Earth are also effected by it.

My Opinion: Whether or not this episode made sense from an astronomical POV doesn’t matter to me. It was very exciting, especially with the several lapses of time within the base and beyond. I liked it a lot.

The Fifth Race

Synopsis: On a remote planet the Stargate seems to be enclosed in a room with no exit. But there is a ring of text written in the same language that was found on Ernest’s planet (The Torment of Tantalus). Jack accidentally activates a machine that downloads all the knowledge of the Ancients – one of the four old races – into Jack’s brain. And that has unexpected side effects.

My Opinion: I love episodes where the actors are condemned to silence because their character has lost the ability express himself/herself. It’s funny to see the desperation on their faces.
The scene at the end where the Asgard and O’Neill shake hands strongly reminded me of E.T. with Jack obviously being Elliot. πŸ˜‰

Disc 5

Serpent’s Song

Synopsis: Apophis – who has many enemies – is very weakened in his position as System Lord. When he is hunted by Sokar, he seeks sanctuary on Earth. In exchange for a new host he offers the secrets of the Goa’ulds. But Sokar wants him badly.

My Opinion: I liked this episode because we see more than usual of Peter Williams (Apophis) and we hear his real/unchanged voice. Even the age mask looked good. That he wouldn’t get a new host was a given, but I could imagine that some people in Washington acutally considered it.


Synopsis: SG-1 comes to a planet where only an old man lives but there are also some strange machines. But when they return from there, Daniel doesn’t seem to be himself anymore.

My Opinion: As I said, everytime they go to a planet with just one inhabitant…
According to IMDb, this episode and the previous one were aired the other way around.* It doesn’t matter. Actually it does. Both episodes are centered around the same topic, only this time a “good guy” occupies an already inhabited body. To grant Apophis now new body is one thing, but Machello? The other way around would be consistent, if even Machello wouldn’t get a new one then Apophis wouldn’t get one for sure.
The funniest part was without question the body switch of Jack and Teal’c, because both actors could fall out of their role.
I couldn’r recognize Michael Shanks (Daniel) as Machello visually but I recognized his voice immediately. But I can’t recognize his voice when Shanks is speaking Thor.
I liked this episode a lot.

*Wikipedia: British Sky One aired “Serpent’s Song” on January 6, 1999, and “Holiday” one week after on January 13, 1999. US Showtime however aired “Holiday” on February 5, 1999, and “Serpent’s Song” one week after on February 12, 1999. The British order is also the episode order on the DVDs.

One False Step

Synopsis: The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has crashed on a planet and has to be retrieved. In close proximity to the crash site SG-1 encounters a humanoid race. Shortly after some of the aliens get sick and it’s spreading.

My Opinion: A very quiet episode (literally and figuratively) which I liked because of the discussion and decision about morale and responsibility. I also liked the argument between Jack and Daniel. πŸ˜‰

Show and Tell

Synopsis: A small boy comes through the Stargate because the Iris didn’t close. He warns them about a rebel group within the Re’tu race. These rebels want to destroy all possible hosts for the Goa’uld after the Goa’uld tried to exterminate the Re’tu. Unfortunately these aliens are out of phase and invisible for the human eye. And one of them is already in the base.

My Opinion: Peter DeLuise (Officer Doug Penhall in 21 Jump Street, Dagwood in SeaQuest) has his first cameo appearance. Since Serpent’s Song he has been on the series as director, creative consultant, supervising producer and writer.
The episode itself was ok, but not extraordinary.

Disc 6


Synopsis: SG-1 goes from the SGC through the Stargate and lands – in the SGC again. But just for a short moment, then the Stargate disappears and they stand under a nuclear missile that is just being prepared for a test ignition. They are stuck in 1969 – until a young Lt. Hammond helps them.

My Opinion: Really great episode, even though the time travel logic is a bit holey. The four (especially Teal’c) as hippies and their flight from the “establishment”. I was greatly entertained.

Out of Mind

Synopsis: Jack awakes in 2077 and learns that the rest of his team is dead while he was held in cryo stasis . Now there is a crew and the scientists of the SGC try to find out what happened back then. For this he gets linked to a machine that visualize memories. Sam and Daniel also wake up alone and learn the same thing.

My Opinion: The cliffhanger itself was ok, but to end the season with a low-cost episode is not a good idea. Last season they found a better solution.

The Season – My Opinion: After the Tok’re and the Asgard appeared the play board is complete (for the time being). This season showed a good mixture of Earth and off-world episodes and had a good balance between action episodes and those that dealt with moral issues.

Season 3