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Chuck 3×07 Chuck vs the Mask
This episode has cause quite an Internet Backdraft, for example: Chuck, “Chuck vs. the Mask”: Night at the museum, The Double-Edged Sword Of Devotion: ‘Chuck’ Vs. The Entitled Fan Base.
I agree on the part that Sarah/Clark KentShaw was indeed a bit rushed. But I disagree on the Chuck/Lana LangHannah part. And I think that both couples actually do have chemistry. Maybe that’s the reason people are so irritated about it.
I also agree on the assessment of one of the commentators on the first link that Chuck is trying to wear a mask to become a better spy and that he runs the risk of becoming the mask. My prognosis is that the mask is shattered when (and I’m totally guessing here, I have no actual spoiler infos) something happens to Hannah – she’s only a guest star after all.
So in sum, I liked this episode because I didn’t think it was unbelievable what I saw.

Heroes 4×19 Chapter Eighteen ‘Brave New World’
When a friend told me last week that this would be the season finale I was stumped. I couldn’t fathom how they could bring all these loose ends together in just one episode. They somehow did but it felt very rushed and in my opinion it fell a bit flat – but that seems to be a Heroes tradition since season one.
I liked it when they started slow, I got a bit bored when it didn’t speed up in the middle and then it end abruptly.
To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t care if there were never a fifth season – but if there is I’m probably going to watch it anyway in the slim hope that they manage to return to the quality of the first season (excluding the end).
Heroes seems to be the perfect example of a New Year rocket. It rises fast, burns brightly and is burned out even faster.

House M.D. 6×13 5 to 9
That was a great Cuddy episode, it worked really well. From this point of view it’s even more astonishing how Cuddy can bear House and his games and habits.
What bothered me about this (and also last(?)) episode is Lucas’s behaviour. House is a jerkass (with a heart of gold), he always has been and Cuddy knows that. But Lucas isn’t that much better. We saw him threaten House and Wilson over the condo issue and now he’s betting with House about his sex with Cuddy?! If he isn’t a good person, Cuddy might as well choose the original bad one instead of this copycat…

Human Target 1×05 Run
The show is very predictable; there are no hidden plots or meaning, no surprises: WYSIWYG. For example, it was totally obvious that the D.A. was his daughter. But somehow that is part of the fun. It’s like riding a rollercoaster. You know it’ll be fast, you’ll get two downhills, maybe a looping but in the end you’ll get safely back to the station.

Castle 2×15 Suicide Squeeze
Parts of the reveal were pretty predictable this time, with Castle’s background and all… Apart from that not much else happened either.

Burn Notice 3×13 Enemies Closer
One has to wonder why Michael actually does what he does. The series premise prevents that he actually becomes a spy again or the show would be over. But that is a narrative point of view. But even inside the question stands whether Michael actually wants to become a spy again one day. He has been burned for 2.5 years now and his life has changed. He isn’t the man who got beaten up in Africa anymore. So why does he bother himself with Gilroy and his secret agenda?

Cougar Town 1×15 When a Kid Goes Bad
A cool episode again. What’s great about this show is that it hasn’t two or three distinct plots per episode. Sometime it’s even hard to figure out what the plot actually is. Everyone is running into everyone else and taking part in their story. This episode started out with the issue of manscaping and ended up with Christmas decoration on Valentine’s Day…

How I Met Your Mother 2×15 Rabbit or Duck
“The Phone from Hell” was great and so was “The Naked Man”. It was funny to see this extremely fast-paced episode and it had a heart-warming ending.

Leverage 2×14 The Three Strikes Job
It was certainly a very interesting start but I’ll hold judgement until I’ve seen part 2.

Life Unexpected 1×04 Bong Intercepted
I’m afraid this is not my kind of show; it’s too happy-worldy-endy for my taste. Nothing against a happy end, but not in every episode after a major blow-out. I’ll keep watching for a few more episodes to give it a chance, but I don’t think it’ll work for me.

LOST 6×03 What Kate Does
This was a bit of a letdown after this superb season opener. Once again it didn’t happen much on the island (or off for that matter) and I have no idea where the off-island story is supposed to be going (and not in a Oh!-So-many-clues-and-riddles! way). I hope they know what they are doing and don’t deliver a Battlestar Galactica or Heroes ending.

Smallville 9×12 Warrior
This was another really cool episode. It was funny to see Chloe and “Warrior Angel” together and also Clark and Zatanna. I also really liked the ending because it would be another great pairing.
Too bad they didn’t show the scene where Lois and Clark went to the Costume Ball, I really would have liked to see this.
I also really liked it when Clark made the typical superhero move and ripped his shirt open. 😀

Supernatural 5×14 My Bloody Valentine
It was a really good and dark episode where one can really feel that the Apocalypse is actually coming. I especially liked Jensen’s portrayal of the slowly breaking Dean who becomes ever more “mechanical” and less of a real person – and then having this end of the episode…

The Big Bang Theory 3×15 The Large Hadron Collision
When Penny showed the first signs of sickness I thought Sheldon had something to do with it – but I guess that would be against the mood of the show.
I liked the fact that Leonard openly stood against Sheldon and his ridiculous “roommate agreement” until the end. I think that’s good for both of them and the show itself.
Overall I had much fun with this episode.

The Good Wife 1×14 Hi
“Number 12. A judge….” I loved it how Kalinda managed to phrase her statement in a way that “convinced” the judge to stop this kind of questioning. 😀
But I also liked the primary case and how it played out.

The Vampire Diaries 1×14 Fool Me Once
As I’ve said before I like it that they don’t stretch the arcs to all eternity but give the viewer an intermediate result once in a while. OK, so Catherine wasn’t in the tomb but at least they opened it now and can get on with it.

Two and a Half Men 7×15 Aye, Aye, Captain
These two episodes were very funny, the second one in particular (when Charlie was drunk) but the downer ending was still fitting. I just hope that this isn’t the end because Chelsea has become an important part of the show for me and seeing what’s going on in Charlie Sheen’s real life there is a chance that this could be the last season…

White Collar 1×11 Home Invasion
I have to admit, I did not recognize her by her face, but when she spoke I knew I knew that voice and suddenly it made *bling*: Smallville‘s Alicia Baker (aka Sarah Carter).
I enjoyed the episode with Peter’s staying at Neal’s and the interference of Alex during the undervcover op and all. It’s a lot fun to watch.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1×03 / 1×04 Legends / The Thing in the Pit
It’s still a lot of blood and sex. But apart from that? Not much to be honest.

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