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Chuck 3×06 Chuck vs Nacho Sampler
Interesting choice of conspiracy partners. I don’t think both will found out but just one of them and he/she will help Chuck cover it up for the other one. On the one hand if it would be his sister, Awesome could finally relax before he breaks. If it would be Morgan it would certainly be fun because he would be a sure candidate for interfering in the wrong moments.
It was also an interesting use of flashbacks to show how much Chuck and Chuck has changed over the past few years. On some level I’m sad that the show has lost its more lighter tone on the other hand I do like it.

Heroes 4×18 Chapter Seventeen ‘The Wall’
So I was right, it will go out in a fight of Specials vs Specials vs. Normals. I liked this episode because this “compressed time” gave Sylar and Peter the chance to deal with their issues. But it’ll only work if the writers don’t come up with yet another Face Heel Turn for Sylar – it’s already hardly believable how often Sylar switched sides…
Now I am keen to see the fight between Samuel’s ma/en and Sylar/Peter. I don’t see him having the slightest chance against them, especially if Peter copies Sylars abilities.

How I Met Your Mother 5×14 Perfect Week
It was OK, but since I knew neither the moderator nor the Yankees baseballer I assume some of the Β Β Β punchlines got lost on me.

House M.D. 6×12 Moving the Chains
House is doing nice things and still remains a scheming mastermind. πŸ˜‰ I liked both side-stories about Foreman’s brother and the condo pranks. The case was also mildly interesting but pretty routine…

Life Unexpected 1×03 Rent Uncollected
Huh. They pretend to have problems, but they actually don’t. This time Baze had a big row with his parents but in the end his daughter who has known him for merely a week fixes things and the episode ends with a roof-top party.
I had hoped for a more realistic portrayal but this episode was too much 7th Heaven for my taste. If this continues, I’ll drop it again.

The Big Bang Theory 3×14 The Einstein Approximation
We’ve seen a “normal” Sheldon, a drunken Sheldon and now a sleep-deprived Sheldon. He just went up to eleven. I don’t dare to imagine a drunken, sleep-deprived Sheldon. πŸ˜€
It was a really funny episode, especially with the gag reel at the end. Bazinga! Β Laugh

Two and a Half Men 7×14 Crude and Uncalled For
I will hold judgement until I’ve seen the second part.

White Collar 1×10 Vital Signs
I love it when they use Neal’s abilities properly: To con a man into giving a confession. That’s why he’s here for after all.
The talk between Peter and his wife when she found the business card was also great, it was absolutely in the mood of the show.
BTW: Is it just me or does Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke in White Collar) a lot like Sarah Lancaster (Ellie Bartowski-Woodcomb in Chuck)?

Human Target 1×03 / 1×04 Embassy Row / Sanctuary
It’s simply a cool action series where one can enjoy a badass hero, badass support and cool one liners without having too much to think about it (in fact, thinking about it may reduce the enjoyment πŸ˜‰ ).

LOST 6×01 / 6×02 LA X
LOST is back and confusing as always. I love it. One has to wonder how many different groups there are on this island and how they managed not to run into each other for so long. I’m also keen to learn how these two different realities (if they are distinct!) will play out.
Once again I’m in full LOST addiction mode!!!
“You’re the monster!” – “Please don’t resort to name-calling.” πŸ˜€

Bones 5×14 The Devil in the Details
That was a really cool case with interesting guest characters and a fascinating victim. What I also liked was how Bones fell for that loony’s play and how the chief psychiatrist confronted her because of her vilification of psychology. I also loved Bones’s & Booth’s talk about “reassurement” at the end.
I just wonder how many Angel jokes David Boreanaz got during the production of this episode. πŸ˜‰

Cougar Town 1×14 All the Wrong Reasons
This episode had again the right mixture of fun and seriousness in all three stories it told. And I liked all three stores, though I have to say that Jules’s/Ellie’s was the least interesting.
Funny thing, I feel a certain vibe between Laurie and Travis but I think that is a major no-no on the show (but I bet it would have fascinating consequences).

Leverage 2×13 The Future Job
It was surprising to see Parker so … human and sad to see her so sad. But the coolest part in the episode was not the final con but the initial con to get him hooked – though I didn’t understand how they pulled off that thing with the cop. But the rest: great. πŸ˜€

The Good Wife 1×13 Bad
I loved it that they let it in the vague whether this guy killed his wife or not. In any case he was an interesting and shady type. I also liked the developments in Peter’s trial and how the attorney “deconstructed” both witnesses.
I like the balance between the case-of-the-week and the arc about her husband.

Burn Notice 3×12 Noble Causes
Michael does the Steven Seagal! A microwave actually seems to be a good weapon.
I love it how Michael can be pressured into doing anything Fi or his mother want him to do. It makes it so much more ironic when he’s playing/being the tough guy towards the bad guys.
“To save time, just press popcorn!”

Supernatural 5×13 The Song Remains the Same
I enjoyed this episode a lot, it was nice to see the young Winchesters again and for her mother to see her grown-up children even though the reset button was punched in the end.
But this episode had one major logic flaw on Dean’s part: He said being murdered is not the same as to have never been born. But the end result is pretty much the same. If he really thought that it would be necessary to sacrifice himself and his brother he might as well have Anna let kill his brother and stop the Apocalypse this way.

Smallville 9×11 Absolute Justice
I was a bit anxious after I saw the pictures of the Justice Society member costumes because they looked so comic-like. On screen they still looked a bit out of place but they fitted much better into the scenery.
I liked the whole story because the points made about “family” were true, Martian Manhunter got his powers back and Tess has a new (dubious) part to play in the events to come.
I think I’m going to watch it again soon.

The Vampire Diaries 1×13 Children of the Damned
Oh the irony. When Elena sleeps at Stefan’s house she sleeps with him but when they’re at her own house the bedroom door must remain open… πŸ˜€
But I liked the flashbacks to the 1860s though I doubt that a white man would openly show his fondness towards an Asian-looking woman – in a Confederate State during the Civil War.
Be that as it may, I like how the show is progressing.

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