TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 04

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Chuck 3×05 Chuck vs First Class
Both stories were really great. It was really cool that put the Buy More (without Chuck) in the focus and Morgan and Casey are awesome together. But Chuck’s mission was also really cool. And I have to admit it: I really like Kristin Kreuk. I liked her on Smallville and I like her here. She’s probably one of very few persons that I wouldn’t mind as “love interest” replacement for Sarah. And Shaw seems to be a good character, too.

Castle 2×14 The Third Man
Another nice scavenger hunt I enjoyed very much. The “double date” dinner was really cool and the case itself was fascinating. It was so funny how Castle tried to hide the newspaper(s) from Beckett and how the “Gossip Girl” had to explain to him why she wrote it that way.

House M.D. 6×11 Remorse
The schizophrenic was a nice proxy to get a glimpse into House himself. This episode was very well written and I really liked the side-story about his former fellow student and (however short) Cuddy. I wish they’d make a full-blown House/Cuddy episode anytime soon.

Life Unexpected 1×02 Home Inspected
Things were a bit rushed in this second episode because of the custody inspection (which they had to pass in order to get the show running) and this caused this back-and-forth in just one episode. But I liked the part about her orphan friends and I still think this is going to be an interesting show.

White Collar 1×09 Bad Judgment
“What does the fridge magnet represent?” – “A fridge magnet.” I really liked this episode, the way they played the OPR agent and made him lose his judge-in-the-pocket. But Mozzie was once again the funniest part of the episode.

Heroes 4×17 Chapter Sixteen ‘The Art of Deception’
Tracy! Long time no see! Finally I get the feeling this season is going somewhere. Though this somewhere looks suspiciously like X-Men: The Last Stand. But as long as they can deliver, I don’t mind.

Bones 5×13 The Dentist in the Ditch
OK case, OK side-story. Nothing that will stay in mind.

Burn Notice 3×11 Friendly Fire
Nice to see Danny Trejo again. Also Mike was a really cool ominous man; I bet the gangbanger will one day become a proper client of his.

Leverage 2×12 The Zanzibar Marketplace Job
Nice to see Mark A. Sheppard again. Also “interesting” that everyone in Kiev seems to speak a decent English. 😉

Smallville 9×10 Disciple
Archer story boring. Zod story mildly interesting but predictable since Zod is no question mark in the Superman universe.

The Vampire Diaries 1×12 Unpleasantville
I always have one problem with big casts: I can’t memorize the faces of the minor characters and can’t remember if they appeared before and what their role was. But at least the episode ended with a bang (IMHO).

Supernatural 5×12 Swap Meat
I’ve recently talked with friends about this and since this episode is the first encounter with it since then, it gets the load: I’m starting to hate this “48 Hours Earlier” crap. It’s worn out. It doesn’t surprise anymore. When an episode starts and the character behaves totally uncharacteristically or is in a shitload of shit then you’ll know by now that after the opening credits they will through you back a couple of hours or days to show the viewer how he came to be in that unfortunate situation. The WTF? moment is totally gone for me.
What me also bothered in this episode was that at the end their dead school buddy wasn’t even worth a mention. I get that with adults (but even then it’s questionable) but the teens should be totally freaked out.

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