TV-Junkie-Tagebuch 2021 – Oktober

01. Okt
Total: 0m

02. Okt
Total: 0m

03. Okt
The Problem with Jon Stewart 30. Sep 2021 War
Real Time with Bill Maher 01. Okt 2021 Steven Van Zandt, Matt Taibbi, Katherine Mangu-Ward
Total: 1h 40m

04. Okt
Community 1×14 Interpretive Dance
Community 1×15 Romantic Expressionism
Community 1×16 Communication Studies
Community 1×17 Physical Education
Castle 4×17 Once Upon a Crime
Castle 4×18 A Dance with Death
Shameless 1×05 Three Boys
Shameless 1×06 Killer Carl
The Neighborhood 3×16 Welcome to the Test Run
The Neighborhood 3×17 Welcome to the Invasion
Total: 4h 52m

05. Okt
The Neighborhood 3×18 Welcome to the Surprise
The Neighborhood 4×03 Welcome to the Sister From Another Mister
Bob Hearts Abishola 3×03 Dud
Total: 1h 1m

06. Okt
Community 1×18 Basic Genealogy
FBI 4×02 Hacktivist
FBI: International 1×02 The Edge
Total: 1h 43m

07. Okt
FBI: International 1×03 Secrets as Weapons
FBI 4×03 Trauma
FBI: Most Wanted 3×02 Patriots
FBI: Most Wanted 3×03 Tough Love
Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen 6×22 Grave (2)
Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen 7×01 Lessons
Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen 7×02 Beneath You
Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen 7×03 Same Time, Same Place
Heroes 1×01 Chapter One ‘Genesis’
Total: 6h 32m

08. Okt
Community 1×08 Home Economics
Friends 1×08 The One where Nana dies Twice
Heroes 1×02 Chapter Two ‘Don’t Look Back’
Heroes 1×03 Chapter Three ‘One Giant Leap’
Psych 7×13 Nip and Suck It!
Psych 7×14 No Trout About It
Psych 7x15x16 Psych: The Musical
The Rookie 4×01 Life and Death
The Rookie 4×02 Five Minutes
Total: 6h 23m

09. Okt
Real Time with Bill Maher 08. Okt 2021 Steven Pinker, Killer Mike, Robert Costa
Ted Lasso 2×01 Goodbye Earl
Ted Lasso 2×02 Lavender
Ted Lasso 2×03 Do the Right-est Thing
Ted Lasso 2×04 Carol of the Bells
Ted Lasso 2×05 Rainbow
Ted Lasso 2×06 The Signal
Ted Lasso 2×07 Headspace
Ted Lasso 2×08 Man City
Ted Lasso 2×09 Beard After Hours
Ted Lasso 2×10 No Weddings and a Funeral
Ted Lasso 2×11 Midnight Train to Royston
Ted Lasso 2×12 Inverting the Pyramid of Success
Total: 8h 48m

10. Okt
Y: The Last Man 1×01 The Day Before
Y: The Last Man 1×02 Would the World Be Kind
Y: The Last Man 1×03 Neil
Y: The Last Man 1×04 Karen and Benji
Y: The Last Man 1×05 Mann Hunt
Y: The Last Man 1×06 Weird Al is Dead
SEAL Team 4x01x02 God of War & Forever War
SEAL Team 4×03 The New Normal
SEAL Team 4×04 Shockwave
SEAL Team 4×05 The Carrot or the Stick
SEAL Team 4×06 Horror Has a Face
SEAL Team 4×07 All In
Total: 10h 2m

11. Okt
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 15. Aug 2021 Ransomware
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 22. Aug 2021 Afghanistan troops withdrawal and 2021 Taliban offensive
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 12. Sep 2021 Alexander Lukashenko
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 26. Sep 2021 Voting rights in the United States
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 03. Okt 2021 Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 10. Okt 2021 Misinformation
Total: 3h 13m

12. Okt
The Neighborhood 4×04 Welcome to the Porch Pirate
Bob Hearts Abishola 3×04 Old Strokey
The Rookie 4×03 In the Line of Fire
SEAL Team 4×08 Cover for Action
SEAL Team 4×09 Reckoning
SEAL Team 4×10 A Question of Honor
Total: 3h 32m

13. Okt
SEAL Team 4×11 Limits of Loyalty
SEAL Team 4×12 Rearview Mirror
SEAL Team 4×13 Do No Harm
Community 1×19 Beginner Pottery
SEAL Team 4×14 Hollow at the Core
SEAL Team 4×15 Nightmare of My Choice
SEAL Team 4×16 One Life to Live
Castle 4×19 47 Seconds
Total: 5h 18m

14. Okt
The Problem with Jon Stewart 13. Okt 2021 Freedom
Total: 43m

15. Okt
Squid Game 1×01 Red Light, Green Light
Squid Game 1×02 Hell
Squid Game 1×03 The Man with the Umbrella
Squid Game 1×04 Stick to the Team
Squid Game 1×05 A Fair World
Squid Game 1×06 Gganbu
Total: 5h 44m

16. Okt
Squid Game 1×07 VIPS
Squid Game 1×08 Front Man
Squid Game 1×09 One Lucky Day
Shameless 1×07 Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father
White Collar 1×10 Vital Signs
White Collar 1×11 Home Invasion
White Collar 1×12 Bottlenecked
White Collar 1×13 Front Man
White Collar 1×14 Out of the Box
White Collar 2×01 Withdrawal
Total: 7h 20m

17. Okt
B Positive 2×01 Love, Taxes and a Kidney
FBI 4×04 Know Thyself
FBI: Most Wanted 3×04 Inherited
FBI: International 1×04 American Optimism
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×18 The Apartment
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×19 Tactical Village
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×20 Fancy Brudgom
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×21 Unsolvable
Chicago Fire 1×13 Warm and Dead
Chicago Fire 1×14 A Little Taste
Chicago Fire 1×15 Nazdarovya!
Chicago Fire 1×16 Viral
Chicago Fire 1×17 Better to Lie
Chicago Fire 1×18 Fireworks
Total: 8h 5m

18. Okt
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×22 Charges and Specs
Chicago Fire 1×19 A Coffin That Small
Total: 1h 3m

19. Okt
Chicago Fire 1×20 Ambition
Chicago Fire 1×21 Retaliation Hit
Community 1×09 Debate 109
Smallville 3×18 Truth
Smallville 3×19 Memoria
Smallville 3×20 Talisman
Smallville 3×21 Forsaken
Smallville 3×22 Covenant
The Big Bang Theory 3×02 The Jiminy Conjecture
The Big Bang Theory 3×03 The Gothowitz Deviation
The Big Bang Theory 3×04 The Pirate Solution
Total: 6h 23m

20. Okt
The Big Bang Theory 3×05 The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary
The Big Bang Theory 3×06 The Cornhusker Vortex
The Big Bang Theory 3×07 The Guitarist Amplification
The Big Bang Theory 3×08 The Adhesive Duck Deficiency
Castle 4×20 The Limey
Friends 1×09 The One where Underdog gets Away
Friends 1×10 The One with the Monkey
The Neighborhood 4×05 Welcome to Your Match
Bob Hearts Abishola 3×05 Greasy Bage of Honor
Total: 3h 29m

21. Okt
Doctor Who (2005) 3×10 Blink
Total: 44m

22. Okt
Smallville 1×13 Kinetic
Smallville 1×16 Stray
Smallville 5×09 Lexmas
Smallville 5×11 Lockdown
Smallville 5×15 Cyborg
Smallville 5×16 Hypnotic
Smallville 5×17 Void
Smallville 6×07 Rage
Smallville 4×07 Jinx
B Positive 2×02 Vermont, Switzerland and Connecticut (2)
Total: 6h 39m

23. Okt
Chicago Fire 1×22 Leaders Lead
Real Time with Bill Maher 22. Okt 2021 Saru Jayaraman, Andrew Yang, John McWhorter
Community 1×20 The Science of Illusion
Angel 3×19 The Price
Angel 3×20 A New World
Total: 3h 24m

24. Okt
Dr. House 3×10 Merry Little Christmas (House M.D.: Season 3: Disc 3)
Dr. House 3×11 Words and Deeds (House M.D.: Season 3: Disc 3)
Angel 3×21 Benediction
Angel 3×22 Tomorrow
Angel 4×01 Deep Down
Lucifer 4×06 Orgy Pants to Work
Lucifer 4×07 Devil Is as Devil Does
Lucifer 4×08 Super Bad Boyfriend
Lucifer 4×09 Save Lucifer
Lucifer 4×10 Who’s da New King of Hell?
Lucifer 5×01 Really Sad Devil Guy
The Blacklist 9×01 The Skinner (No. 45)
Total: 9h 26m

25. Okt
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 24. Okt 2021 Political status of Taiwan
The Rookie 4×04 Red Hot
The Big Bang Theory 3×09 The Vengeance Formulation
Total: 1h 34m

26. Okt
Castle 4×21 Headhunters
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2×01 Undercover
Total: 1h 3m

27. Okt
Smallville 4×01 Crusade
Friends 1×11 The One with Mrs. Bing
Smallville 5×04 Aqua
Community 1×10 Environmental Science
Smallville 9×06 Crossfire
Melissa & Joey 1×20 Joe Versus the Reunion
Melissa & Joey 1×17 Toledo’s Next Top Model
Total: 3h 36m

28. Okt
Chicago Fire 1×23 Let Her Go
Community 1×21 Contemporary American Poultry
Total: 1h 4m

29. Okt
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2×02 Chocolate Milk
The Problem with Jon Stewart 27. Okt 2021 The Economy
Lucifer 5×02 Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!
Lucifer 5×03 ¡Diablo!
Smallville 1×07 Craving
Smallville 1×08 Jitters
Smallville 6×05 Reunion
Total: 5h 4m

30. Okt
Smallville 6×07 Rage
Smallville 6×08 Static
Real Time with Bill Maher 29. Okt 2021 Sean Spicer, Caitlin Flanagan, Chris Coons
Smallville 6×18 Progeny
Smallville 6×19 Nemesis
Total: 3h 45m

31. Okt
Shameless 1×08 It’s Time to Kill the Turtle
Shameless 1×09 But at Last Came a Knock
The Mentalist 2×21 18-5-4
The Mentalist 2×22 Red Letter
Total: 2h 49m

Total: 5d 4h 58m
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