LOST – The Aftermath

There’s another question that has to be asked:

What have Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof done to the mystery genre as such?

Who is ever going to believe the next guy who comes along in fall 2013 claiming to have written THE mystery show and promising that it will all pay off in season five?

Everyone will throw them seven letters into his face: BSG + LOST. And nobody will believe that he can do it – even if he actually could.

Is LOST the “cry wolf” one too many?

Why don’t they hire someone like J. Michael Straczynski who has proven(!) with Babylon 5 that he can keep track of a five season arc and do modifications should the need arise (actor jumps ship, …)?

(Can you see that I’m a teeny-tiny bit pissed off? See here and here, too.)