Angel: Season 1

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Disc 1

City of

Synopsis: Angel left Buffy and Sunnydale because he can’t be with her. After he moved into his basement apartment in L.A. he encounters Doyle, a half-demon. Doyle gets visions from “The Powers That Be” that show him which lives Angel must touch to find true salvation. It isn’t enough to save lives, he must save the souls as well. During the attempt to help a waitress who is terrorized by a former friend of hers he meets a powerful vampire…

My Opinion: This “The Powers That Be”-arc comes a bit surprisingly because we’ve already known Angel for three years. But they had to find a way for being Angel not just a Buffy-replacement.

Lonely Hearts

Synopsis: A serial killer haunts the single bars of L.A.. It’s a demon who needs a new body on a regular basis until he finds the right one. Angel decides to stop him.

My Opinion: I like this new female cop. It remains to be seen when she will find out who/what Angel really is. But that depends on whether she is a recurring character. I’d like that.

In the Dark

Synopsis: After Buffy took the “Gem of Amara” (a ring that makes a vampire invincible) from Spike she sends it to Angel. But Spike doesn’t give up that easily and he follows the ring to L.A.

My Opinion: Love to see Spike bad-ass-phase again, before he became “Hostile 17”, before the chip. I alos liked the decission to willingly destroy the ring instead of simply getting it lost somehow.

I Fall to Pieces

Synopsis: Angel helps a young woman who is stalked by her ex-boyfriend (strictly speaking they never were a pair). But this man is a surgeon with a very unique amputation technique.

My Opinion: Freak of the Week. Nothing exceptional.

Disc 2


Synopsis: Cordelia wants out of the grabage can which she has to call her apartment. Doyle, who has financial problems, makes a deal with Angel: Doyle organizes a new apartment for Cordelia and Angel helps him with his problems. But the apartment Doyle found is not really uninhabited.

My Opinion: Cordelia doesn’t change at all – at least not yet. But it was cool to see how she talked the ghost out of her apartment.

Sense & Sensitivity

Synopsis: After Angel helped the cop Kate Lochley to bust a gangster, his attorney forces a senistivity training on the entrie police station. But the trainer has a very special teaching technique.

My Opinion: Angel on an emotional trip and he wants to express his feelings! Hard-ass cops who cry and hug each other. Liked it.

The Bachelor Party

Synopsis: As it comes out, Doyle is married. But his marriage failed because Doyle coulnd’t handle being half-demon. Now his wife wants the divorce to marry another man – who is also a demon. But this one has special plans for his bachelor party.

My Opinion: This entire episode was meant to let Cordelia find out that Doyle is a half-demon – only that she didn’t. They managed to avoid it somehow. But that aside, it was interesting to see “culturally integrated” demons.

I Will Remember You

Synopsis: The second part of the Buffy (4×08)/Angel crossovers. After Angel helped Buffy in Sunnydale without revealing himself, Buffy comes to L.A. to confront him. But then something happens which neither expected: Angel becomes human again – and that opens a can of possebillities for both.

My Opinion: Since I’ve watched all episodes of Buffy I could anticipate what would happen. But it was nonetheless nice to see Buffy again even when it didn’t last long.

Disc 3


Synopsis: A group of pure-blood demons who call themselves “The Scourge” hate all the half-demons and they try to destroy all of them because they “pollute” the demon blood. Angel & co try to help a group of refugees to escape from these demons.

My Opinion: Too bad that Doyle (Quinn) had to leave the show so early, that came a bit unexpected. On the other hand when it comes to Whedon you have to be aware that any main character could die at any time.
The parallels to the Nazis in this episode were quite obvious, although I have to say the the looks and the uniforms of the demons had a much closer resemblance to the Cromaggs from Sliders – but they were also characterized as similar to the Nazis.

Parting Gifts

Synopsis: While Angel and Cordelia mourn for their dead friend, Cordelia has to realize that she inherited something very special from him. Now she has the gift to get visions from the “Powers That Be” (PTB). Additionally there is a new demon hunter in town and he is after the newest client of Angel’s.

My Opinion: Wesley?! That could become interesting. I presume he will give the show a humorous touch – at least that was my impression after seeing how he behaved in this episode. Let’s see what they make of it.


Synopsis: Angel dreams, that he is killing people again. As it soon becomes clear, this dreams become reality, but it isn’t Angel who sucks the blood out of this people. But it is his fault.

My Opinion: Now that he is in the intro I am sure, Wesley (Alexis Denishof) will be a part of the show for quite some time. I also did wonder when someone from Angel’s/Angelus’s past would appear and I am counting on it that it will happen again. The fact that the detective now knows what Angel is should be a guarantee for some exciting events in the future.

Disc 4


Synopsis: Cordelia finally finds the time to go out again. She meets with a nice young guy in a bar and she invites him home. But when she wakes up the next morning, she is alone again – and pregnant in the ninth month.

My Opinion: I like it that they didn’t forget about the ghost in Cordelia’s apartment. And the OB/GYN won’t forget their visit for quite some time.


Synopsis: Angel runs across a woman from another dimension who brings refugees from her into our dimension. But she is being hunted and they come closer.

My Opinion: This was a rather serious episode in comparison to the ones we’ve yet seen – even in comparison to the episode where Doyle died. It was a good change to the usual routine.

I’be Got You Under My Skin

Synopsis: After Cordelia got a vision, Angel saves a small boy from being hit by a car in the middle of the night. But then he has to realize that someone in that boy’s family is possessed by an Ethros demon. Thus he has to find a priest who will do an exorcism.

My Opinion: Nice plot twist at the and of the episode. That was a bit unexpected.

The Prodigal

Synopsis: Kate’s father is involved in some illegal smuggling but he doesn’t know what he’s gotten into. We also learn a lot about the time when Angel was still human and how he became a vampire.

My Opinion: The now-time was a standard-demon-kill-episode. But the flashbacks were interesting. We know some of his past from “Buffy” but this far back.

Disc 5

The Ring

Synopsis: Angel gets lured into a trap by a new “client” and has to fight in a secret “sports event”.

My Opinion: Those of you who know the episode “Tsunkatse” from “Star Trek: Voyager” or the episode “Combat” from “Smallville” should be familiar with the basic plot of this episode. With the exception that Angel or Clark are more believeable in that situation than 7 of 9.


Synopsis: Someone tries to kill a very famous actress but Angel is there to prevent it. While Cordelia can’t believe her luck to meet her, the actress can’t believe that there is someone like Angel who has never even heard of her. But she also has a problem with the concept of aging and when she finds out, what Angel is, she decides to do something about it.

My Opinion: Angelus. “Nice” to see him again. This episode was most definitively a statement against drugs. But as a man I fail to understand why women have a problem with getting older. I’ve recently turned 30 and I couldn’t care less.

Five By Five

Synopsis: The Slayer’s back in town. Too bad that’s the wrong one. Faith has come to L.A. and is hired by Wolfram & Hart to kill Angel. Additionally we see how Angel was cursed and how he got his soul back.

My Opinion: Faith can still sweep the floor with Angel. But I didn’t like her appearance that much but that’s mainly because I didn’t like her in Buffy either. At least Wesley has become more serious.


Synopsis: This episode continues where the last one left off. Faith is confused and has no idea what she is supposed to do. Wesley is understandably enraged and now the local police (meaning: Kate), a Watcher’s Council commando unit and even Buffy is after her.

My Opinion: Unfortunately this is the last Buffy/Angel crossover until the Buffy series finale because Buffy ran on another network from the sixth season on. But I think the change of mind of Faith is hard to believe (given her history). But this was nonetheless an episode of serious decisions. I really liked it when Wesley stood up to the Council and also that Buffy can’t rush into Angel’s life and tell him how he has to live anymore.

Disc 6

War Zone

Synopsis: A group of youngsters fights on their own account and with self-made weapons against vampires. But the vampires intend to strike back and to strike back hard. Angel has to intervene to prevent a bloodbath.

My Opinion: The words “gang warfare” gets a whole new meaning. But the leader of the humans had to learn the hard way that the price can be high and that it is sometimes too high. This episode shows that very impressively.

Blind Date

Synopsis: A young woman attacks Angel and she can practically anticipate his moves. But there is a catch: she is blind and shouldn’t be able to see anything at all.

My Opinion: This reminded me a bit of Daredevil with the exception that she went blind voluntarily. Why? To be able to see more. Unfortunately the attempt of Lindsey to return to the path of righteousness didn’t last long.

To Shanshu in L.A.

Synopsis: A demon is summoned by Wolfram & Hart to retrieve the scroll that Angel stole. Additionally he is supposed to hurt Angel’s friends.

My Opinion: I wasn’t aware of the fact that Darla – Angel’s Sire (the vampire who created another vampire) – was dead. If they’ve mentioned it in “Buffy” I must have missed it. But aside from that the season finale wasn’t that interesting. The reason for that is that Angel didn’t have a season enemy like it was usual in “Buffy”. But at least Lindsey was punished for his betrayal.

The Season – My Opinion: To be honest, I am not very thrilled. That it would be different than Buffy was a given. But the show hasn’t fully taken off yet and I would say this season was weaker than any Buffy season. But at least they have given Angel a goal. Now they have to make sure that he gets there.

Season 2