"View Askewniverse" Mini Marathon

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View Askew is the production company of Kevin Smith and the “View Askewniverse” is the movie universe that comprises of all the Jay and Silent Bob movies.


Brian O’Halloran … Dante Hicks
Jeff Anderson … Randal Graves
Marilyn Ghigliotti … Veronica Loughran
Lisa Spoonhauer … Caitlin Bree
Jason Mewes … Jay
Kevin Smith … Silent Bob

Clerks tells the story of Dante and Randal who work in two close-by stores, a small convienent store and a video store. They don’t work much but instead they talk about sex, movies and former girlfriends.

Clerks was the first movie of Kevin Smith and was shot in black’n’white.

My opinion:
This movie is just too funny. How do you get such ideas? If you like Smith’s humour in general you will love this flick.


Shannen Doherty … Rene Mosier
Jeremy London … T.S. Quint
Jason Lee … Brodie Bruce
Claire Forlani … Brandi Svenning
Ben Affleck … Shannon Hamilton
Joey Lauren Adams … Gwen Turner
RenΓ©e Humphrey … Tricia Jones
Jason Mewes … Jay
Stan Lee … Himself
Brian O’Halloran … Gill Hicks, Suitor #3
Kevin Smith … Silent Bob

Brodie and TS have been left by their girlfriends. But both are usually just hanging out in the local mall, love comics and are playing video games. But aside from that both have the desire to regain their girlfriends even if that means, to attend a cheesy game show.

Meine Meinung:
Brodie has a real superhero sexorgan complex. πŸ˜‰ Is Lois Lane able to carry Superman’s child or can only Wonder Woman do that? I had a great time with this.

Chasing Amy

Ben Affleck … Holden McNeil
Jason Lee … Banky Edwards
Joey Lauren Adams … Alyssa Jones
Brian O’Halloran … Jim Hicks – Executive #1
Matt Damon … Shawn Oran – Executive #2
Jason Mewes … Jay
Kevin Smith … Silent Bob

Holden and Banky are comic artists and the inventors of “Bluntman & Chronic” and they are the best friends. At a comic con they meet Alyssa. In the course of time Holden falls in love with her. The “only” problem: Alyssa is a lesbian.

Meine Meinung:
Joey Lauren Adams has a weird voice but she is plays a very interesting character. This movie is defenitively not the standard boy-meet-girl romance and that is a very good thing.


Ben Affleck … Bartleby
Matt Damon … Loki
Linda Fiorentino … Bethany Sloane
Jason Mewes … Jay
Chris Rock … Rufus
Alan Rickman … Metatron
Jason Lee … Azrael
Salma Hayek … Serendipity
Kevin Smith … Silent Bob
Alanis Morissette … God
Brian O’Halloran … Grant Hicks
Jeff Anderson … Gun Salesman

Bartleby and Loki are two fallen angels who God had thrown out of paradise. Now they’ve found a loophole in the catholic belief system that would allow them to return. But that would mean the destruction of existence itself. Only the last descenand of Christ can prevent that, because God is currently incapacitated.

Meine Meinung:
This was the first movie I’ve ever seen with Jay and Silent Bob. The story is great and it has a lot of good actors in it.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jason Mewes … Jay
Kevin Smith … Silent Bob
Ben Affleck … Holden McNeil / Himself
Jeff Anderson … Randal Graves
Brian O’Halloran … Dante Hicks
Shannon Elizabeth … Justice
Eliza Dushku … Sissy
Ali Larter … Chrissy
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith … Missy
Will Ferrell … Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly
Jason Lee … Brodie Bruce / Banky Edwards
Carrie Fisher … Nun
Seann William Scott … Brent
Chris Rock … Chaka Luther King
Wes Craven … Himself
Shannen Doherty … Herself
Mark Hamill … Cocknocker
RenΓ©e Humphrey … Tricia Jones
Joey Lauren Adams … Alyssa Jones
Jason Biggs … Himself
Matt Damon … Himself
James Van Der Beek … Himself

Banky has sold the rights for a “Bluntman & Chronic” movie to Miramax. But both characters are based on Jay & Silent Bob and these two want to prevent that movie at any cost. Thus a wild road trip from New Jersey to Hollywood begins.

Meine Meinung:
Practically everyone has made an appearance in this movie who has played in one of the previous movies. If need be in two roles at once. πŸ˜‰ Even Suzanne, the Uran-Utan has his second appearance after that in Mallrats. Liked it. πŸ™‚

Clerks II

Brian O’Halloran … Dante Hicks
Jeff Anderson … Randal Graves
Jason Mewes … Jay
Kevin Smith … Silent Bob
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith … Emma Bunting
Ben Affleck … Gawking Guy
Rosario Dawson … Rebbecca Scott
Jason Lee … Lance Dowds

10 years have gone since Clerks, the Quick Stop has burnt down, but other than that nothing has changed. OK, Dante’s going to marry and moving to Florida, but other than that nothing has changed.

Meine Meinung:
Not as good as the first part, but it’s still a good continuation.