Halt and Catch Fire

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Synopsis: Set in the early 1980s this is about three employees of a IBM PC clone manufacturer company who want to build a new kind of PC.
They start off reverse engineering the IBM BIOS and then go from there.
These three people are very different and yet excellent at what they do.

My Opinion: The real life’s history of the show’s name can be read on Wikipedia.
In the beginning I was a bit hard for me to actually care about the characters.
They appeared to be cardboard cutouts for Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak from Apple and an Angelina Jolie’s Acid Burn from Hackers thrown in the mix.
But after a few episodes they really grew on me and towards the end of the first season I truly wanted them to succeed.
And it’s very nostalgic to see them fight over every kilobyte of memory whereas nowadays? “8 gigs are too slow? OK, put in 16 gigs!” 😉