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Synopsis: Unlike AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, HBO chose to do a comedy based on today’s Silicon Valley.
While working at a Google-like company and living in a start-up incubator, Richard almost accidentally develops a new super-compressing, lossless audio algorithm.
And now he has to make a choice: Sell it to his employer for a fixed sum and be done with it or go with an investor and create his own success story.

My Opinion: Unlike The Big Bang Theory this is not a laugh track comedy and it doesn’t expect you to laugh or even just smile after every sentence.
The characters are funny just the way they are and I really enjoyed this whole first season.

Interesting side note: The Weissman score which is used on the show like a scoreboard of the home vs. guest team was developed just for this show. But it was developed by actual computer scientists at Stanford University and is currently adapted for the real world.

Gavin Belson: "It’s weird. They always travel in groups of five. These programmers, there’s always a tall skinny white guy, a short skinny Asian guy, fat guy with a ponytail, some guy with crazy facial hair and then an East Indian guy. It’s like they trade guys until they all have the right group."