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Synopsis: Will wrote a Christmas song that made him decently rich a few years ago. He is an adult but he never grew up.
His life changes when a single mother and her young son move in next door.
Marcus doesn’t have any friends and is a bit “odd” but for some reason the connects with Will and vice versa.
From there on the three of them have a kind of relationship that is very hard to explain to outsiders but it works for them.

My Opinion: The show started during the Olympics back in February and will soon start its second season.
It’s based on the same book and has (in the beginning) the same basic story as the movie of the same name starring Hugh Grant.

The only truly recognizable names are Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting) and Al Madrigal (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart).

I liked the show right from the start and I am glad that it got a second season. Like most comedies I like it’s not of the Ha-Ha-LOL variety but bases his humour more on the general setting and the likeability of the characters.