Buffy Marathon

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Next to all the science fiction I need a bit of fantasy in the mix. I have ignored Buffy for many years and only in 2007 I watched the pilot for the first time on TV. And I have to say, it intrigued me. I ordered the first season, watched it, wanted to know how it would continue and ordered the entire show.

But there was a movie first:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Kristy Swanson    …    Buffy
Donald Sutherland   …    Merrick
Paul Reubens   …    Amilyn
Rutger Hauer   …    Lothos
Luke Perry   …    Pike
Michele Abrams   …    Jennifer
Hilary Swank   …    Kimberly
Paris Vaughan   …    Nicole
David Arquette   …    Benny
Stephen Root    …    Gary Murray
Thomas Jane    …    Zeph

Synopsis: Buffy is a normal high school freshman and member of the cheerleading squad. But then she meets Merrick and he shows her what she really is: The Chosen One, a Vampire Slayer. Born with the strength and skill to fight the Vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. But she wants to stay a normal girl and wants nothing to do with such rubbish.

My Opinion: This movie may not be what Joss Whedon had intended or will do on the TV show. But it definitively falls into the category of “guilty pleasure” and is a lot of fun if you’re willing to accept its cheesiness. And the dialogue is unmistakably Whedon. Also, Lothos used a Samurai Katana, that’s a plus in the book. 😀

And then there was the show.

Season 1