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Harvey Specter is the best closer of his law firm and he is about to be promoted to senior partner. But all senior partners must have a junior lawyer as associate. And he must come from Harvard. Unfortunately all the applicants are douches.
But then there’s this guy. After he wrote the LSATs for someone else to get some quick cash he needs a bigger payday. Despite his reservations he agrees to a drug run for a friend and almost gets busted by the cops. In order to escape he pretends to be one of the applicants.
And he’s the one to get the job. And no, he’s never been to Harvard. At least not as a student.

Usually shows about lawyers are about the final verdict from a jury of your peers with the big speeches at the end. This show tries to avoid that pattern and does a pretty good job. In contrast to David E. Kelley shows (e.g. Boston Legal, Harry’s Law) there’s no heavy-handed message. Specter even tries to avoid showing that he’s a good guy. He has always a reason why doing the right thing is just accidental and is just a by-product of making more money.
Both characters are free spirits, Harvey is fully aware that Mike has now law degree but he sees himself in his younger companion and he has reached a position where he can pull off such shenanigans.