Stargate SG-1: Season 6

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Disc 1


Synopsis: For three months Jonas Quinn has been on Earth and in the SGC. Now he is allowed to leave for the first time, SG-1 takes him with them to Area 51, where the X-302 has been completed. After the X-301 disaster the X-302 is completely man-made and with the help of the Naqahdriah it even has an hyperlight drive – the Death Gliders don’t have one.
But then Teal’c has to return to Chulak because his wife is dying and his son blames him for that. While he’s there someone opens the Stargate to Earth but it doesn’t close again.

My Opinion: As predicted, Anubis now turns his attention to Earth but obviously he doesn’t dare to trike openly – yet. The X-302 has its charme because she really looks like a mixture of stealth bomber and Death Glider. I also like Jack’s question if it has Phasers when Sam enumerated all the features.

Redemption, Part 2

Synopsis: A little more than 50 hours until the Stargate overloads and will blow up the state of Colorado and poison the atmosphere. The Stargate can’t be disabled and ths SGC has no way to contact the Asgard. But then Jonas has an idea and Bra’tac, Teal’c and Rya’c do their best to save Earth.

My Opinion: A good conclusion to this two-parter, especially because they didn’t find a technobabble solution to close the Gate but really had to dispose it. And the second Gate didn’t come out of nowhere thus it was no miracle solution. Ironically the now installed Gate is the original one and the blown up one is the Antarctica Gate.
BTW: This was the fourth time a Battlestar Galactica cast member made an appearance: Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol in BSG) played of of Anubis’s Jaffa.


Synopsis: A Ha’tak has entered orbit around Earth but it doesn’t attack. SG-1 – whose most recent addition has been Jonas Quinn – and Jacob/Selmak fly to the ship in a Tel’tak. The ship has been abandoned and it is the same ship in which Thor was held prisoner.

My Opinion: I like Jonas. He has an innocent, curious nature. He hasn’t yet seen what SG-1 has seen and one really believes that he wants to become a part of it.
A really good effect was when the ring transporter “beamed” Jonas and the water pillar.


Synopsis: Four years after the Antarctica Gate has been discovered a young woman is found – but she is not Jaffa but instead several million years old. She is one of the Ancients but she looks like a human. That means today’s humans are only the second evolution of this form on this planet and that can’t be a coincedence.

My Opinion: I don’t know why but Ayiana always reminded me of Leeloo from The Fifth Element. We also see that Jonas has the same talent Daniel had when it comes to connecting with other beings. Apart from that the episode wasn’t that interesting.

Disc 2


Synopsis: While Jack is still with the Tok’ra , Sam gets an mysterious call from a scientist. This scientist is somehow connected to Adrian Conrad and Sam, Teal’c and Jonas drive to a small town to find out what is going on.

My Opinion: Nice The X Files episode. 😉 I especially liked the part where Sam pretended to be a Goa’uld ans slapped Jonas in the face.


Synopsis: Jack and his symbiote have tried to free the Lo’tar (the highest rank among human slaves, in this case a woman) of Ba’al but they only partly succeed. Shortly before both get captured the symbiote leaves Jack and Jack gets captured. Then he is tortured by Ba’al who wants to find out what they were doing there. Jack’s only support is Daniel who cannot be corporeal (due to his ascension) but can be seen and talked to.

My Opinion: I have no clue what the purpose of this episode was. Ba’al tortures Jack and Daniel tries to pull him through it by talking to him. But the conversations weren’t interesting.

Shadow Play

Synopsis: The Kelownans (Jonas’s people) come to Earth and ask for help. The other two states on this planet are negiotiating a non-aggression pact and the Kelownans are afraid that they will be attacked afterwards. But Jonas’s old professor is a member of a secret organisation that tries to create an enduring peace on the planet.

My Opinion: While I liked to see Dean Stockwell (Al in Quantum Leap) again, this episode was also not that interesting.

The Other Guys

Synopsis: Three scientists, Felger, Coombs and Meyers are researching a ring transporter on a planet when they are ordered back through the Stargate by SG-1. SG-1 is attacked by an Al’kesh and gets captured. Felger decides to follow them with Coombs in tow.

My Opinion: Great episode. The both of them in these unfitting Jaffa uniforms and the ridiculously painted tattoo and the many Star Trek references (Roddenberry, Redshirts, …) – I loved to watch them. Especially because Coombs is played by John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox in Star Trek: Enterprise).

Disc 3


Synopsis: A Tok’ra base has been overrun by Anubis’s troops and a group of SG teams helps to evacuate. They bring the Tok’ra to the Alpha Site, a planet unknown to the Goa’uld. The Jaffa rebels also live there since they’ve been betrayed by Imhotep. But both groups don’t get along very well and it escalates when a Jaffa and a Tok’ra is killed under dubious circumstances.

My Opinion: In my opinion they portrayed the conflict well, because the basic statement is correct: While both are fighting for the same cause, they have been enemies for ages and that isn’t solved over night. The “crisis management” of Jack, Bra’tac and Jacob/Selmak was also believable.


Synopsis: SG-1 comes to a planet that technologically isn’t as far developed as Earth but they can offer something else: Tretonin. A medicine than can cure all kinds of illnesses and prevents from getting ill. The catch is that it suspends the natural immune system, that it has to be taken regularily and how it is produced.

My Opinion: What I liked here was the moral conflict. Nobody except SG-1 seems to have any problem with using a Goa’uld queen as long as it was just any queen. When it turns out to be Egeria, the mother of all Tok’ra, it becomes reprehensible. I liked it.


Synopsis: A reporter has learned of a secret project, code name “Prometheus”. But it isn’t what she’d thought it was, but the X-303, the first human-built mothership with hyperlight drive. But then Colonol Simmons and Adrian Conrad hijack it and only Sam and Jonas are on board to stop them.

My Opinion: I liked the cock-and-bull story Sam told the reporter of how they gained access to the alien technology and her intentional avoiding of the word “Roswell”. 😉 While I liked the episode, the threat to blow up the ship and Nevada had a flaw: The Goa’uld’s instinct of self preservation is extremely high and I would rule Simmons out as a martyr. I would have called the bluff.

Unnatural Selection

Synopsis: SG-1 is asked by Thor to fly with the X-303 (Jack wasn’t allowed to name her “Enterprise”) to the home galaxy of the Asgards and fight the Replicators once again. The Asgard had an ingenious plan but it failed miserably. Now SG-1 has to face a completely new generation of Replicators.

My Opinion: When I wrote the above summary a moment ago, I actually wrote “new generation of Cylons” – and truth be told, that wasn’t that far a mental leap. The new Replicators look like humans but they aren’t. One of the five Replicators is played by Tahmoh Penikett (Karl “Helo” Agathon in Battlestar Galactica) who has a child with a Cylon in BSG. 😉
There are other similarities as well. While the first four are normal Replicators, Fifth (Patrick Currie) has become much more human, an attribute he shares with certain Cylon models.
I liked this episode, too.

Disc 4

Sight Unseen

Synopsis: After SG-1 has brought a device to Earth that was presumably build by the Ancients, Jonas starts to see weird insects. At first no one knows what to make of it but then others begin to see them, too. It even spreads among the normal population.

My Opinion: I liked the fact that it wasn’t something they brought back but that these creatures have always been here – we just can’t perceive them. The gas station guy was also funny and I liked the insects they’ve invented.

Smoke & Mirrors

Synopsis: Jack assassinates Senator Kinsey. At least it looks like it. While Jack is in prison, SG-1 tries to find out what really happened and they get help from the NID.

My Opinion: As I previously mentioned, nearly every storyline gets picked up again and is continued in SG-1. This time they re-used the holographic devices from Foothold. I especially liked the way Teal’c interrogated the scientist. I also thought it to be a good thing that they portreyed the NID from a different POV, that they aren’t just a heinous gang that stops at nothing.

Paradise Lost

Synopsis: In exchange for a Stargate address and a device that can open an Ancients weapons locker, Maybourne gets a presidential pardon. He also has another trump card that allows him to accompany SG-1. But he played with marked cards and he transports himself and Jack to a remote place. Unfortunately he doesn’t find what he had hoped for.

My Opinion: Finally a decent Jack episode again. I haven’t noticed it before but it struck me during this marathon: Richard Dean Anderson had astonishingly few screen time during this season. In one episode he made no appearance at all (Nightwalkers) in others he has very few scenes (especially but not exclusively in the last two episodes).
But Jack and Maybourne were once again fun to watch, both have their way to survive in the wilderness. And once again it’s Jack who is seperated from his team and has to survive on a remote planet for several weeks. He has the same talent as Daniel who falls for power.


Synopsis: The russian SG team brings a man to the SGC. He and his people are experimented on by Nirrti. SG-1 feels morally obligated to stop her but they get caught in the experiment.

My Opinion: She got what she deserved. The fact that she has been killed by her own victims bears a certain poetic justice. But I am more interested in what the writers had in mind when they mentioned that Jonas’s DNA is different. I can’t remember if this has ever been revealed.

Disc 4


Synopsis: The ambassadors of China, the United Kingdom and France have been invited to the Pentagon. There they learn about the Stargate program. But Senator Kinsey is also present and he wants to persuade the ambassadors to give the NID control over the Stargate program.

My Opinion: Now alle the permanent members of the UN Security Council know about the Stargate. Interesting about this episode was that no member of SG-1 (past or present) made a live appearance. Everything was presented as flashbacks. If you wanted to see a SG team, you’d have to imagine General Hammond, Major Davis, Colonel Checkov and Thor as a SG team. 😉
But the best scene was when Thor corrects Senator Kinsey and insists that he isn’t just a Commander but the Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet.
But you haven’t missed anything if you didn’t watch it.


Synopsis: SG-1 discovers a crashed spaceship and its crew, but is soon attacked by other aliens. Sam wants to repair the ship to learn more about it but the crew isn’t who they claim to be.

My Opinion: The episode wasn’t bad, especially because SG-1 has learned from past experiences not to judge too quickly, who the “good guys” and who the “bad guys” are.
But what I found more interesting was to read the name Dion Johnstone once again. Dion was the black “Jaffa” in Rules of Engagement. After that he played the Unas Chaka, the Goa’uld Na’onak (Apophis’s alter ego on the hell moon, probably to avoid the mentioning of Peter Williams’s name in the opening sequence and thus spoiling the punch line), Lt. Tyler in The Fifth Man and just recently in Metamorphosis. In this episode he played the Captain of the Sebrus. It reminds me a bit of Wayne Alexander who played Sebastian (Jack the Ripper) and Lorien as well as a Narn, a Drazi and a Drakh in Babylon 5. However, both actors wore masks in most of their roles thus avoiding to challenge the suspension of disbelief.

The Changeling

Synopsis: Teal’c has weird dreams, although he usually doesn’t dream at all. He dreams that he is a firefighter. But he has to leave soon for an important mission but these dreams prevent him from having a proper Kel’no’reem. The firefighter with the nickname “T” has weird dreams. He dreams that he belongs to a team that visits other planets. But he has to undergo an important surgery soon, he gives one of his kidneys to his stepfather Brae.

My Opinion: Great episode. To see all the guys (and gal) as firefighters was interesting. Sometimes it reminded me of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Far Beyond the Stars. But as I said, I like out-of-character episodes. This wasn’t even a real out-of-character episode because all people behaved as they would normally do – except that they were firefighters.


Synopsis: During a training flight with the Prometheus the hyperlight drive had to be jettisoned in the orbit of a planet where it explodes. Unfortunately the planet has no Stargate and without the hyperlight drive the travel would take ages.

My Opinion: An picture that is shown on Stargate (both in SG-1 or Atlantis) is that alien cultures can be as paranoid as we are. And that this paranoia can lead to actions that make more damage than they prevent. Unfortunately politicians on our planet don’t seem to watch Sci-Fi shows. Instead they are creating more security laws and are thereby taking our freedom. Fortunately there was a politican that wasn’t short-sighted (that’s the reason why they call it “fiction”).

Disc 6


Synopsis: Caused by Nirrti’s experiments a tumor is growing in Jonas’s brain and it’s growing fast. But this tumor has a side effect: Jonas has flashes of future events that come true. But the tumor also endangers his life.

My Opinion: I stand corrected, they pick up the story of Jonas’s DNA again. But the episode was average. Went to a planet, helped a people, killed a Goa’uld, departured.

Full Circle

Synopsis: Daniel appears to both Skaara and Jack to warn them that Anubis will come to Abydos to find the “Eye of Ra”. This would allow him to build a powerful weapon. SG-1 wants to forstall him.

My Opinion: A good conclusion to the Abydos storyline, I especially liked the reunion of Jack and Daniel. What amazes me with these stories is where these super-weapons always come from. It’s highly unlikely that none of the other System Lords tried to find it, especially when two of the “Eyes” belonged to Ra and Osiris. Ra has been dead for a while and Osiris was out of the game for more than a millennia. Apophis who also possessed one should have been more than interested to get these, yet his former First Prime Teal’c didn’t even know they existed.
Anyway, the episode was good, particularly because they didn’t defeat Anubis in some surprising way.

The Season – My Opinion: The season was mixed. Jonas brought new life into the team and I liked him end-to-end. But there were a number of episodes I didn’t like that much and I even liked the clip show Disclosure more than (for example) Shadow Play. But they still managed to create a good enemy, after the “abdication” of Apophis.

Stargate SG-1: Season 7