Smallville Redemption

One year ago I wrote an article called “Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman” postings which I called “Smallville is getting nowhere” and “Doomsday for Smallville” because I was so disappointed and frustrated with how the series had progressed in recent years and how that season (eight) ended.

I am still convinced that seasons seven and eight were the worst years in Smallville history because whatever the makers had in mind, it didn’t work in either year. When I randomly pick an episode to watch, it’s rarely an episode from these seasons.

But for me, they redeemed themselves this year. There were still a few bumps in the road (e.g questionable decisions by all characters including Clark) but overall it was much better and it had quite a number of really great episodes in it, starting with the season openers Savior and Metallo, continuing when the Blur gets his own fan club (Idol), then the two-parter Absolute Justice and the following Warrior and in the end Charade and Salvation.

I rarely watched so many episodes twice or more during the year of airing.

Now I just hope they can create a shining final year to give the show a great ending.