Smallville is getting nowhere

I don’t know. I’ve always been a fan of the show but for the last 1.75 seasons I don’t know where the show is heading anymore.

In the begin of season seven they brought Kara in but never made anything interesting out of this character. After the writers strike they brought up this rather ridiculous Veritas arc which contradicted basically everything we’ve learned in the last seven years. Then they decided to show Lex Clark’s secret full knowing that Michael Rosenbaum wouldn’t return in an eighth season.

Then we start with the eighth season. Lana is gone, Lex is gone. But the cliffhanger isn’t really continued, it’s simply broken off and the story continues elsewhere. They don’t even mention Kara, as if nothing had happened. And from where I am standing this whole eight season is devoted to destroy the character of Chloe. She’s been less and less the Chloe I’ve known and loved for seven years with every episode that gets aired. And maybe that’s the purpose. Maybe they want to kill her off at some point because she doesn’t exist in the original Superman universe.

But how is this ever going to work in this Smallville universe? Lana is gone and Clark finally begins to develop some feelings for Lois but suddenly they bring Lana back and Clark forgets all about Lois. And even worse: Chloe forgets all about her husband lying heavily injured in a hospital in Star City. She helps Clark and lets Lois take care of her husband! And then Lana is gone again and this time it will be permanent. And Lois will be rebound girl. And how can Clark ever become Superman in the original maskless costume when he already works glassless in the Daily Planet alongside Lois and Jimmy?

I always thought that Superman’s costume was a bit lame, but now it’s logically impossible to not be recognized by at least the DP people.

We may have a Big Bad this season and Clark will eventually defeat him in the end but I am get less interested with every episode. They have already ordered a ninth season. But I am quite sure they haven’t even a clue yet what it will be about.

Sorry, but that’s how I feel.