"Stargate SG-1" Marathon

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First I thought about a re-run of Smallville but I have watched this in the middle of last year and it’s been a while since I’ve watched Stargate SG-1.

In order to watch Stargate SG-1, one has to watch Stargate first.


Kurt Russell … Col. Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neil
James Spader … Dr. Daniel Jackson
Alexis Cruz … Skaara
Viveca Lindfors … Catherine
Mili Avital … Sha’uri
John Diehl … Lieutenant Kawalsky
Leon Rippy … General W.O. West
Erick Avari … Kasuf
French Stewart … Lieutenant Ferretti
Jaye Davidson … Ra

Synopsis: Dr. Jackson is not very renowned in the scientific community. But he is convinced that the great pyramids weren’t build during the fourth dynasty 5,000 years ago. He believes that they are much older. A digging back in 1928 confirms his suspicions: buried in the sands of Egypt under a great cover stone with unknown symbols – not hieroglyphs – the Door to Heaven Stargate was found. The Stargate is an ancient device to open an intergalactic connection to the planet Abydos. Dr. Jackson and Colonel Jack O’Neill (and a group of soldiers) go there. O’Neill’s job is to evaluate the danger of the situation they are facing.

My Opinion: Unfortunately I haven’t seen this movie in the theatres (I went to Star Trek: Generations instead). The idea that alien cultures have been to Earth and have had an influence isn’t new, but it was interestingly presented. I also liked that the Abydosians really spoke abydosian (a variant of ancient egyptian) and not just english. The fights were very well choreographed, too, I didn’t have the feeling that the weapons of the humans were a match to the ones of Ra’s.

To adopt the story for the series they had to make some adjustments (this contains spoilers in regard to the pilot of the series):

  • In the movie, Ra is portrayed as the last of his kind, in the series he is one System Lord amongst many – although the most powerful one
  • In the movie, Ra is no Goa’uld, his alien body looks totally different
  • In the movie, Abydos is in another galaxy, in the series it’s the planet closest to Earth
  • In the movie, the Stargate is a point-to-point connection to Abydos, in the series it’s one in a great network of Stargates
  • Ra’s Jaffa (who aren’t called Jaffa in the movie) don’t have an abdomen pouch in which they carry a Goa’uld larva (the term Goa’uld is also an invention of the series)

Additionally one has to activate one’s “suspension of disbelief” even more than in the movie, because:

  • On most planets the people speak english, no explanation is given (Universal Translator in Star Trek, Translator Microbes in Farscape)
  • Most planets look like canadian forrests
  • On some planets are earth-like cultures that developed only after the gate was buried
  • We never see normal Goa’ulds, they are either rulers or at least scientists, but the huge number of Gua’uld larvae in the Jaffa have to result in a much larger Goa’uld population

Now we can get started …

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