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Chuck 3×10 Chuck vs. the Tic Tac
The team has hit rock bottom now. It’s basically not even a team anymore. But as the saying goes, it’s always darkest before dawn and since this season was only supposed to have 13 episodes and got an additional set of six and going by what I’ve read I assume this arc will be resolved by the end of episode 13 and then a new one begins.
Chuck without either Sarah or Casey wouldn’t work, so I’m pretty sure they’ll find a way to bring them both back.

White Collar 1×14 Out of the Box
This was a pretty cool season finale. I didn’t expect that so much would be going on in there. As for the final scene, I didn’t really care whether Neal was going because if there’s a season two he would have come back anyway. But this ending was a bit too clichΓ©d – no way in hell did Kate die on that plane.
I certainly like that show and I will be back for the second season.

LOST 6×07 Dr. Linus
The episode didn’t do much to bring the mythology forward but it was a helluva story. Both sides were really great. I loved it not knowing how Ben or Dr. Linus would decide and I loved it how he decided off-island and how the story turned on-island. Michael Emerson is a great actor one has to admit that.
Now I am wondering how this puzzle will look when completed since off-island Dr. Linus and his father have actually been to the island.

LOST 6×08 Recon
And another great episode. Miles and Sawyer as cop-buddies – I’d watch an entire show of that. What did strike me as odd though was the fact that now-we-know-he’s-a-cop Sawyer let Kate escape at LAX in LA X. And I have to wonder if everything has a deeper meaning or if the producers just throw in a bone from time to time (“LaFleur”).
And it’s nice to know that LAPD cops are allowed to sleep with suspects. πŸ˜‰

Gossip Girl 3×13 The Hurt Locket
Four months can be a long time. And it has been four months since the last Gossip Girl episode had been aired. And I have to admit, I had forgotten about what was going on in the show. Thus the first half of the episode I was figuring out the who-why-what questions.
And even at the end of the episode I felt very indifferently towards all of the characters, not even the Jenny drug scam could upset me.

Gossip Girl 3×14 The Lady Vanished
I’m still only slowly reconnecting to the show. All the dramatic events of this episode had little to no effect on me.
As I said before the big break I thought that Chuck has become a grown-up man. But now I also noticed it with Sabrina, Blair & Nathan. They’ve all seemed to have become older and more settled whereas the real adults haven’t changed at all and are as unsteady as ever.

How I Met Your Mother 5×17 Of Course
Going by this episode I bet Barney and Robin are back together by the end of the season. And I am not against it. Once again Barney has proven he’s a decent guy after all.
All in all it was a very funny episode.

The Big Bang Theory 3×17 The Precious Fragmentation
But this one was even better. I laughed so hard at all these nerd jokes (I recognized all of them of course ;)) and I loved it how they recognized how very nerdy they behaved (which happens very rarely).
“I pity the fool who’s illogical!” πŸ˜€

House M.D. 6×14 Private Lives
I know that woman. But from where? Even though I have trouble recognizing faces I am not familiar with it happens from time to time that I see a face that I know I know and just can’t plcae it anywhere. Naturally I look it up, favourably in IMDb. And what do I see: I already looked her up recently; the link is marked as visited (I came from an episode of How I Met Your Mother). But I didn’t found what I was looking for since there are no other links visited. But now I take a closer look and what do I find? That ’70s Show. And now I suddenly see her clearly before me in that garage they used to hang out. Funny thing the mind is because I couldn’t tell you if I had ever seen two full episodes of that show. It was just something that flashed by when I zapped through the channels and yet I can clearly see that big dumb guy, a small Italian(?) guy, the blonde in question and a hot redhead? No wait the hot redhead was in the show with that toy rabbit in the basement…

Anyway… I loved the whole porn story and also Wilson’s retribution. They are becoming more and more The Odd Couple (if that wasn’t the template from the start ;)). And the whole Chase-“I am really good looking?”-affair was also very funny.

House M.D. 6×15 Black Hole
With this episode I have to wonder if that brain imaging machine is actually something real (or at least a theoretical concept in some young doctor’s dissertation) or if it’s just techno voodoo. Because I don’t really like it when shows drift from “real” to science-fiction. For example: Bones had that stuff from the beginning so it didn’t bother me. But House seemed to be a bit more grounded even when they stretch their diagnostic abilities to the breaking point.
This was once again an episode that showed how House has changed since his visit to the loony bin. His mind is still great but he doesn’t (necessarily) use it anymore to torture those around him (like when he said to Taub “Good for you.” and seemed to mean it).

With this episode I have watched 300 episodes in this TV Season 2009/2010 Diary now.

Human Target 1×08 Baptiste
This episode worked much better than last week’s. Lex Luthor’s ex-wife has more chemistry with Chance than the guerrilla woman from the episode before. I also liked the way they told the story with mixing the talk on the bench with scenes of what happened before. Not just a simple “8 hours earlier” and that’s it.
But they didn’t fool me, I didn’t believe she was dead. I can’t remember the last person who was in an episode of any show and then “died” off-screen that was actually dead in the end.

Life Unexpected 1×08 Bride Unbridled
Sometimes I have the feeling they add the drama for its own sake. I really can’t think of an actual reason why Lux would be mad at Baze for helping Jones to give her a happy day – a day where she had the chance to see her best friend again.
But I liked it that Ryan and Baze had a man-to-man and I hope that they will get along better from now on.

Life Unexpected 1×09 Formal Reformed
OK, that went not so well. Maybe Baze is still a bit of the guy he was 16 years ago. And sleeping with Kate’s sister might also not have been his best idea. But on the other hand, he is not in a relationship and Kate has pushed him away once more. So he’s not obligated to anyone. But I bet there will be drama when this comes out.
But in one regard mother and daughter have something in common: They both have more than one guy who cares for her. πŸ˜‰

Two and a Half Men 7×17 I Found Your Moustache
It was an OK episode, Chelsea’s father and his friend a certainly a funny addition to the show.

The Good Wife 1×15 Bang
Gary Cole was a really interesting character and I loved it how he “spoofed” Diane’s picture with Hillary Clinton with his own: Him & Sarah Palin.
I also like Eli, he’s so refreshingly outspoken.
But what I found most amusing was that this book actually exists. πŸ˜€ (Check out the Customer Reviews!)

The Good Wife 1×16 Fleas
I wouldn’t have liked it when they had taken that Drug Lord as a client. I know that law firms are by definition not only representing the good guys but sometimes I like to indulge myself in the illusion that at least my television law firms belong to the good guys.
And now really start to appreciate Eli.

The Good Wife 1×17 Heart
This episode was a bit too American for me. All these endless abortion arguments and the husband who has been unfaithful and now needs to make amends to the public…
Real life example: Why did Tiger Woods apologize to the public because he cheated on his wife?! She has to decided whether she accepts his apology; the public has no business in what happens in other people’s bedrooms if no felony is involved.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1×06 / 1×07 / 1×08 / 1×09 Delicate Things / Great and Unfortunate Things / Mark of the Brotherhood / Whore
I wouldn’t have it thought possible but they actually managed to show even more naked women per episode. In some scenes there’s not a single dressed woman anymore. It’s like softporn – with an actual story. πŸ˜‰
And now they not only show gallons of blood in the arena, but also in the mind of the protagonist.
What I also noticed is that they disposed of quite a number of characters in the first two episodes. And when Spartacus finds out that he had his wife killed Batiatus’s life won’t be worth a single coin…

At this point I’m wondering what the long-term plans for this show are, i.e. do they make it up as they go along or is there a master plan that at some the story point switches from the arena to his uprising?

FlashForward 1×11 / 1×12 Revelation Zero, Part 1 & 2
It was not perfect but I thought it was much better than the last episodes I saw of this show. But maybe it was because Mark wasn’t that much in it. I don’t know, we’ll see.
And the hobbit has lost parts of his finger; that brings back old memories. πŸ˜‰

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