2016 End Statistics

2016 End Statistics:

New Purchase Items: 144 (110 in 2015)
New Movies: 103 (thereof Blu-ray: 79)
New TV Seasons: 66 (thereof Blu-ray: 32)
New TV Specials: 4
New Special Interest: 10

Money Spent: €1,875.92 (€1,604.02 in 2015)
Money Spent on Movies: €924.62
Money Spent on TV Seasons: €880.55
Money Spent on TV Specials: €31.24
Money Spent on Special Interest: €39.51

Avg Spent: €13.03 (€14.58 in 2015)
Avg Spent on Movies: €8.98
Avg Spent on TV Seasons: €13.34
Avg Spent on TV Specials: €7.81
Avg Spent on Special Interest: €3.95

Running Time: 59,956m (41d 15h 16m)
Running Time Movies: 11,649m (8d 2h 9m)
Running Time TV Seasons: 46,950m (32d 14h 30m)
Running Time TV Specials: 500m (8h 20m)
Running Time Special Interest: 857m (14h 17m)

Cheapest Item: Jimmy Carr: Live (€2.27)

Most Expensive Item: Flashpoint: The Complete Series (€83.99)

First Item: The Big Bang Theory: Season 8 (€13.89)

Last Item: Sonnenallee (€7.79)

Purchase by Locality:
Germany: 105
United Kingdom: 25
United States: 14

Total Purchases (in €) by Month:

Movie Purchases (in €) by Month:

TV Show Purchases (in €) by Month:

Special Interest Purchases (in €) by Month: