The New C# 6.0 Language Features Explained

I am a professional and passionate software developer and have been using the Microsoft :NET platform for more than a decade now.

A few months ago the new C# compiler was released which supports the new language version C# 6.0.

The following video which I recorded “wiff ze German English accent” I explain some of the new syntax features.

Below the video on Youtube – but here as well – you’ll find the time indices at which a new feature begins:

C# 5.0 language specification
ISBN Converter code (old & new)
C# 6.0 sample programs

Timecodes for new features:
Clean code preamble: 1:10
String Interpolation: 8:19
using static: 11:40
Expression-bodied functions: 20:56
nameof 29:26
Null-conditional operator: 34:40
Initializer for auto-properties: 37:40
Null-coalescing operator: 1:03:56

LetMeEdit: 1:16:48