The Vampire Diaries

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Stefan Salvatore is at least 160 years old and a Vampire. He returns into his home town of Mystic Falls to “blend in” as high school student. He lives with his nephew who pretends to be his uncle but unfortunately his brother Damon is also turning up. Damon sees Humans as nothing more than playthings and food and he wants to make Stefan’s life a nightmare. Stefan tries to hide his true identity (even before his new girlfriend) but that isn’t easy with a brother like that.

I thought I give it a try but I am underwhelmed. A Vampire who tries to blend in with the crowd but his evil Vampire buddies don’t let him. Been there, done that (with me being the evil Vampire I mean Wink). And these diary entries at the end don’t make it better. I will watch a few more episodes but I don’t think that this is a show for me.

Update: “The Vampire Diaries” Revised