DVD Statistics 2015

2015 End Statistics:

New Purchase Items: 110 (131 in 2014)
New Movies: 83 (thereof Blu-ray: 61)
New TV Seasons: 84 (thereof Blu-ray: 19)
New TV Specials: 1
New Special Interest: 3

Money Spent: €1,604.02 (€1,552.75 in 2014)
Money Spent on Movies: €679.44
Money Spent on TV Seasons: €874.97
Money Spent on TV Specials: €11.99
Money Spent on Special Interest: €37.62

Avg Spent: €14.58 (€11.85 in 2014)
Avg Spent on Movies: €8.19
Avg Spent on TV Seasons: €10.42
Avg Spent on TV Specials: €11.99
Avg Spent on Special Interest: €12.54

Running Time: 66,424m (46d 3h 4m)
Running Time Movies: 9,550m (6d 15h 10m)
Running Time TV Seasons: 55,441m (38d 12h 10m)
Running Time TV Specials: 84m (1h 24m)
Running Time Special Interest: 1,349m (22h 29m)

Cheapest Item: In the Line of Duty: Smoke Jumpers (€3.02)

Most Expensive Item: Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series (€133.80)

First Item: Longmire: Season 2 (€0.00 – paid with gift certificate)

Last Item: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (€20.00)

Purchase by Locality:
United States: 28
United Kingdom: 13
Germany: 69

Total Purchases (in €) by Month:

Movie Purchases (in €) by Month:

TV Show Purchases (in €) by Month:

Special Interest Purchases (in €) by Month: