V (2009)

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Out of the blue huge spaceships appear above the major cities all over the world. In 29 ships the Visitors – as they call themselves – came to Earth to make trade. They need a mineral that exists in abundance on Earth and they are willing to give technologies and cures that don’t exist on Earth. But are they really putting all their cards on the table?

It wasn’t bad. And I bet for someone who doesn’t know the original it’s a cool start. But this wasn’t a restart like the one from Battlestar Galactica. Somehow this felt a bit too indistinctive, even when they used a slightly different back story. But all the other elements were there. The Human spokesperson, the secret resistance, the resistance within the aliens, the “Hitler Youth”-alike youth organization, … Don’t get me wrong I will watch it, but so far the only thing that surprised me was the identity of resistance alien.