TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 41

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Castle 2×03 Inventing the Girl
It was OK, but nothing special.

Gossip Girl 3×04 Dan de Fleurette
I really enjoyed this whole Olivia/Kate story. It was so typical of Dan to stumble into this the way he did. It reminded me a lot of the pilot and how he stumbled in the Upper East Side life. Too bad that Georgina is in Offscreenville – I watched the first episode of Mercy and wasn’t impressed, Michelle Trachtenberg should return to GG. Unfortunately the ratings are dropping but I don’t think that The CW has that many options.

House M.D. 6×03 The Tyrant
Interesting and controversial episode. And James Earl Jones played a great African dictator. But while it may be House’s way I didn’t really like how he behaved when he was with Foreman, it felt like a bit too much.

How I Met Your Mother 5×03 Robin 101
The Robin/Barney romance is cute but I get the feeling that Lily/Marshall are falling out of the focus, especially after Alyson was absent for a number of episodes in the last season (due to her pregnancy). They should get at least one decent episode focussing on them soon.

The Big Bang Theory 3×03 The Gothowitz Deviation
Both storylines were really hilarious. I had to laugh so hard when Howard entered the room in his Goth outfit. But Sheldon was once again the highlight – to watch how he “trained” Penny: SO GREAT! And it’s also great to see how Jim Parsons manages to keep his voice absolutely normal (I mean normal for Sheldon) when he observes facts like that sex works even better than chocolate to modify behaviour. Hysterical

Two and a Half Men 7×03 Mmm, Fish. Yum.
While funny, also nothing exceptional.

Since I won’t be at home on the second half of the week, that’s all for this week.

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