Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Deutsche Version

Today I watched the most part of the second season (til the end) and I have to say I am torn.

The show felt odd/strange most of the time (I’d say “merkwürdig” in German). This entire three dots arc was unsatisfactory because they made new riddles all the times and every solution was a dead end. And when the solution appeared it happened in a moment where no one could care less.

And then there was this Riley arc that I only liked until a certain point. (btw: the actress of Riley reminded me a lot of LOST‘s Claire) I would have liked it much better if she would have been an actual girl from this time and not yet another future gal.

There were also a number of weird episodes that tried to change the way of storytelling but it rarely worked out for me.

The only thing that worked really well and that made me wanting to see another season was the open end cliffhanger. But that’s not enough and I can understand why the ratings were constantly dropping.