Smallville – Lana’s Path to the Truth

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Over the last weeks I felt the urge to watch some Smallville episodes again and decided to do a theme: “I am an omnipotent being and have the power to show Lana who and what Clark really is, before she marries Lex.”

So I watched:

1×01 Pilot – Sets everything in motion, shows Clarks origins and his weakness to Kryptonite.
1×04 X-Ray – Clark gets x-ray vision.
1×21 Tempest, 2×01 Vortex – Lana brings Witney to the airport and gets caught in the tornados.
2×02 Heat – Clark gets heat vision.
2×03 Duplicity – Clark reveals his secret to Pete.
2×04 Red – Clark under the influence of red Kryptonite.
2×10 Skinwalker – Clark finds the caves and is told the story of “Naman”.
2×16 Fever – Martha and Clark get sick by Kryptonite spores, Martha is pregnant and a blood sample of Clark is taken.
2×17 Rosetta – Clark understands the kryptonian language and learns about Krypton and Kal-El.
2×22 Calling – Dr. Walden wants to stop “the last son” from becoming the ruler of “the third planet”.
2×23 Exodus, 3×01 Exile – Clark destroys the spaceship, Martha loses the baby, Clark goes to Metroplis under red K.
3×02 Phoenix – Clark has to clean up his mess, including the providing of another blood sample.
3×03 Extinction – Lana condemns all meteor freaks but expects Clark to confide in her.
3×10 Whisper – Clark gets super-hearing.
3×22 Covenant, 4×01 Crusade – Clark becomes Kal-El and goes on a hunt for the three stones.
4×08 Spell – Lana becomes Countess Isobel and magicks can hurt Clark.
4×11 Unsafe – Alicia returns and marries Clark under the influence of Red K.
4×12 Pariah – Alicia dies and Chloe learns Clark’s secret (partly).
4×19 Blank – Clark loses all his memories and Chloe becomes his tour guide.
4×22 Commencement, 5×01 Arrival – Clark completes the stones, builds the Fortress and Chloe learns his full secret.
5×03 Hidden – Clark dies and becomes super again.
5×11 Lockdown – Two cops hold Lana and Lex hostage to get the ship and Clark knows that his relationship with Lana is falling apart.
5×12 Reckoning – Clark tells Lana everything, proposes and then she dies.
5×22 Vessel, 6×01 Zod – Lex becomes Zod and Clark lands himself in the Phantom Zone.
6×02 Sneeze – Clark gets super-breath.
6×06 Fallout – Clark fights his first Zoner.
6×10 Hydro – Chloe is keeping everyone’s secret, Lana is pregnant and Clark has to protect Oliver’s secret.
6×11 Justice – Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Cyborg (Victor Stone), Aquaman (Arthur “AC” Curry) , Impulse (Bart Allen), Watchtower (Chloe) and Boy Scout (Clark) fight against Lex’s project 33.1.
6×13 Crimson – Clark crashes the wedding rehearsal under the influence of red K.
6×15 Freak – Chloe is a meteor freak, too.

6×16 Promise – The wedding.