TV Junkie: A History

I watched a lot of TV shows over the years. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. And I watched accross the board. Keep in mind that I’m only 35 years old. I watched The Guiding Light for two years straight (it’s a soap opera whose German title was the Springfield Story)….

Purchase Diary 2011 – August

The Lord of the Rings 1 – 3 18 Aug – €50.58 (£41.65) @ Kokowääh 19 Aug – €8.99 @ Drogerie Müller The IT Crowd: Season 4 22 Aug – €8.33 (£6.44) @ Machete 22 Aug – €10.01 (£7.87) @ Red 22 Aug – €9.83 (£7.72) @

The Pilot Marathon Part 7

Deutsche Version | Part 6 | Part 8 Two and a Half Men What’s the show about? After his wife has thrown him out, Alan Harper has moved in with his brother Charlie who is a ad jingle composer, a womanizer and lives on a beach house. On the weekends Alan’s son Jake lives also…

The IT Crowd: Version 3.0

Season 3 From Hell Synopsis: Jen has a builder in her home and Roy is quite sure (99% … 60/40) that he’s seen him on “Builders from Hell”. Now Jen can’t let him out of her eyesight. Meanwhile Moss is bullied by some guys in the park and Douglas shoots himself in the leg with…