Renewal Scorecard

This just in: Chuck gets a 13 episode fourth season. V is renewed, too. Heroes is most likely dead. FlashForward, Happy Town, Romantically Challenged: dead. Life Unexpected gets a 12 episode second season. More details (for other shows, too) here.

TV Season 2009/2010 Diary, CW 13-16

Deutsche Version | CW 13-15 | CW 13-17 Romantically Challenged 1×01 Don’t Be Yourself What I’ve seen so far is a run-of-the-mill sitcom and I’ve seen nothing (except for Alyssa of course ;)) that makes this one special. Maybe I watch a few more episodes, maybe I don’t. But I honestly don’t think I’ll miss…

C# CodeDom Inline Compiling

I was a bit bored just now and since the WYSIWYG editor of WordPress 2.9.2 doesn’t work as optimal as I had hoped, I decided to write my own program that translates forum posts with BB code into HTML. Of course I could have put all these replace functions into the code but then I…


After an earlier attempt wasn’t that successful I’ve tried again to upgrade WordPress, this time from 2.3.3 to 2.9.2. The catalyst for this was me wanting a new layout (one with a larger font) and these don’t really work with the old WordPress versions anymore. I just hope that the performance of the scripts is…

SAKAPO now in English too!

Few years ago I’ve written myself my own Amazon Price Observer. Today I translated the project to English. Check it out: Amazon Price Observer