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Bones 5×04 The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
I really enjoyed this episode with all its entanglements in suburbia and especially the bantering between Bones/anthropology and Sweets/psychology regarding the life there.

Supernatural 5×05 Fallen Idols
Kripke warned the viewers not to judge to quickly about the appearance of Paris Hilton. And he was right, she was the perfect specimen to make the point the wood god wanted to make. 😀 And: “You got whaled on by Paris Hilton!” Hysterical

Smallville 9×03 Rabid
I didn’t care much for the zombie story (despite Supernatural horror still isn’t my genre) but I really like the way they are pushing the triangle C-L-B forward without making it feel forced. I also hope that this wasn’t the last appearance of Green Arrow. I hope he finds his path again soon and will play a larger role this season.

The Big Bang Theory 3×04 The Pirate Solution
I’m surprised, Leonard’s and Penny’s relationship is actually lasting (at least for now 😉 ). And Raj and Sheldon work together in a “Eye of the Tiger” montage – awesome!

Two and a Half Men 7×04 Laxative Tester, Horse Inseminator
It was funny (it would fail if it weren’t) but again not extraordinary. Maybe I shouldn’t watch two sitcoms in a row.

Castle 2×04 Fool Me Once…
That was a cool case with a nice number of twists. And the CIA agent was hilarious. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the Firefly reference, even though I was told there would be one.

House M.D. 6×04 Instant Karma
I still find it interesting how House can claim with absolute certainty that it is disease X and then he explains it to the patient just to be proven wrong a few minutes later. I also found it interesting how the relationships between the team members were developing due to the case of last week. And while House may be covering for Chase (as Mal Reynolds from Firefly put it: “You’re a member of my crew, why are we still talking about this?”) I’m not sure he is actually as casual about this as he appeared to be. I’m quite certain that this will become a major issue over the next episodes.

How I Met Your Mother 5×04 The Sexless Innkeeper
That was a cool episode with all the story-telling, the singing, the photo montages and the intentional over-acting. Marshall even made a website about the best night ever. 😀

Stargate Universe 1×03 Air, Part 3
I just don’t understand this show. One character is more dislikeable than the next. No real story so far. A whole episode with people walking in the desert without going anywhere. And two characters have gone lost without anyone really caring about it. They seriously have to do better in the next episodes.

FlashForward 1×03 137 Sekunden
Story is coming great so far. More clues and more riddles. There’s tension between characters due to their FlashForwards. I enjoy it.

Gossip Girl 3×05 Rufus Getting Married
The Scott issue is finally out in the open and Rufus and Lily are finally married. Should Dan and Serena ever get back together the Humphrey/van der Woodsen/Bass family tree would pretty much look like the one from the Greek pantheon. 😉

Cougar Town 1×03 Don’t Do Me Like That
I begin to like this show. The characters are all highly charged and they look like comic characters most of the time yet they still feel somewhat real. I like this mixture.

Dollhouse 2×03 Belle Chose
I think it is a good idea to step away from the “Echo mission” or “Echo centered” episode and make this show truly a multi-cast show. I think it worked really well to put Victor in the spotlight and making Echo the supporting character. We are now in the second season, all the characters have been established, the audience should know them by now. And thus there’s no harm in switching the focus from episode to episode.

Heroes 4×01 / 4×02 Chapter One ‘Orientation’
Heroes has always been a show of unsteady quality, mostly in seasons two and three. Especially season three was confusing because all the characters were constantly switching sides without really making sense. It was like watching a season-long version of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. And the season three finale was as disappointing as the one from season one.
But I am still watching it, because I really like most of the characters. Sometimes one of them becomes a bit annoying but even that ceases again at some point. And now Volume Five: Redemption has begun and I really liked what I saw. I just hope they can come up with a decent plot like in season one.

Heroes 4×03 Chapter Two ‘Ink’
So far I am glad that the story doesn’t point again to an End-of-the-World scenario, I hope they keep it that way. But I have the feeling they are keeping the per-episode cast smaller than in earlier seasons (Hiro, Ando, Tracy, Nathan and Angela didn’t appear at all), I assume due to budget reasons. But that’s OK as long as they tell their story right.

Heroes 4×04 Chapter Three ‘Acceptance’
I like it how they really try to stay out of trouble or make up for their past – of course that won’t last because how would they fill an entire season with this, but still great that they are trying. I also liked to see Bruce Boxleitner again. Too see him again made me wish for one more good Babylon 5 movie.

Heroes 4×05 Chapter Four ‘Hysterical Blindness’
These were some interesting character developments and I really like Peter’s new friend/the new mutant Emma. I enjoyed all three storylines (Peter, Sylar & Claire) I and sincerely hope they have a plan where they want to go with that circus storyline.

Bones 5×05 A Night at the Bones Museum
Interesting twist to make the mummy not the person being murdered – OK, actually he was murdered/decapitated but that was 3000 years ago. I also found it funny how excited Bones and her assistant Daisy got when they discovered the mummy and its secret, especially after they hadn’t such a warm start.

Supernatural 5×06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future
It’s cool how they use all these different parts from the Bible and yet put a twist on it to make it somehow different. This time the Antichrist who is not really Lucifer’s son. I wonder if we’ll ever see him again before the end.

Cougar Town 1×04 I Won’t Back Down
I’m having more and more fun with that show, Courteney Cox plays a great quirky mom and even though it’s a sitcom again she’s quite distinctive from Monica Geller.

FlashForward 1×04 Black Swan
It’s fascinating how they constantly give the impression that the future is inevitable. Everything points to it. And yet I still don’t believe it. Captain Kirk beat the Kobyashi Maru test and these guys will beat the future. I know it. And finally Merry, erm Charlie, erm Simon has made an appearance. This is going to be interesting.

Stargate Universe 1×04 Darkness
I can’t stand Rush’s constant nagging and whining. I hope the guy shoots himself or gets shot sometime soon. But I begin to like the other characters better. Still not sure whether I’ll ever see the season finale.

Smallville 9×04 Echo
Tess Croft? Lara Mercer? I like her style. 😀 It seems that they have laid the foundation for Oliver’s path to redemption. Good. But the L/C storyline didn’t play out for me this time.

The Good Wife 1×01 Pilot
Attorney-at-law shows have always been an off and on thing for me. Back in the days I watched Matlock and L.A. Law, then later Ally McBeal. But then I fell off the bandwagon and while Boston Legal seemed to be funny it never managed to make me tune in.
Today I heard about this show with Julianna Margulies (Carol Hathaway in ER) and I thought “Why not?”. So I “organized” the pilot episode and watched it. And I really did like it.
Alicia Florrick is the wife of a fallen state attorney who’s now in prison and she returns to her job as lawyer at a law firm. The characters seem to be interesting and the case was good, too. And I loved that Alicia’s teenage daughter put the theme of Twilight Zone onto Alicia’s cell phone as ring tone for when her mother-in-law calls. Devil

The Good Wife 1×02 Stripped
The judge was cool. Very unconventional but in the end he was impartial as he should be. I also like the developing storyline about Alicia’s husband and how he might not be guilty after all. I think I’ll become a regular of this show.

The Good Wife 1×03 Home
Yeah, I like it. I like it that the other guy who is aiming for the permanent position isn’t portrayed as a jerk but just as a guy who also wants to have the same job Alicia does. They can even work together on a case without “killing each other”. I already begin to hope that they’ll find a way to keep them both.

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  1. SGU
    I still hope that they’ll get back to the two stranded idiots, there HAS to be some sort of payoff.

    Rush is an asshole, but I really liked how he had his nervous breakdown.

    I actually like some of the characters. Young is very good, I like how understated his character is played. I also like that religious soldier, he’s not preachy which I like. Usually it’s really in your face.

    And Eli, well he’s necessary to break the tension really.

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