Purchase Diary 2014 – September

RED 2 (2013) Sep 1st – €9.97 @ Amazon.de Collection no. 1162 Where the Heart is (2000) Sep 1st – €5.97 @ Amazon.de Collection no. 1163 Fifteen & Pregnant (1998) Sep 1st – €6.98 (£2.30) @ Amazon.co.uk Collection no. 1164 The Olsen Gang (1968 – 1981) (Olsen-banden) Sep 11th – €94.99 @ Amazon.de Collection no….

Purchase Diary 2013 – October

Iron Man 3 (2013) Oct 5th – €12.90 @ Media Markt Collection no. 1063 Leap Year (2010) Oct 5th – €7.99 @ Media Markt Collection no. 1064 Two of my favourite childhood movies, so I just had to see how they were dubbed in English (these movies don’t actually have an “original” voice track): They…

TV Junkie: A History

I watched a lot of TV shows over the years. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. And I watched accross the board. Keep in mind that I’m only 35 years old. I watched The Guiding Light for two years straight (it’s a soap opera whose German title was the Springfield Story)….


Elementary @ Wikipedia Elementary @ IMDb Sherlock Holmes, a former consultant to the British police is now living in today’s New York city. He’s just come out of rehab but very few people know that. His family has hired a sober companion for him who’s supposed to stay 24/7 with him. Her name is Dr….