Comic Book Men

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Comic Book Men is hard to describe as a show. It’s not a scripted reality show but if you want a picture in your head that’s what it comes closest to.

Every episode starts with Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma) and his comic book store cohorts talking on a radio show where they recap last week’s events.

Featured in every episode are ordinary people who come to the store, usually to sell some rare item instead of buying stuff. 😉

The background of these items is explained and they usually have a geek conversation of that particular comic book or TV series.

Also, they usually have an adventure of their own every week, may it be going to a New Jersey flea market or going to a comic convention.

Kevin Smith himself is not part of the major storyline but the others make very well up for it.

The show is in its second season and is very digestible food for my inner geek.