TV Season 2010/2011 Diary #8

Better With You 1×01 / 1×02 Pilot / Better with Firehouse
I watched the first two episodes but I don’t really get it. I think it has to do with the fact that I don’t see the irony in not being married and why that’s supposed to be a source for humour.
What also doesn’t work for me are these scenes where they show all three couples doing the same thing – just differently.

Community 2×02 Accounting for Lawyers
Jeff in his natural habitat. It was cool to see the lawyer from the pilot episode back and how he could twist anything to his liking.
It was also cool to see them all in formal wear and going on a Mission Impossible. šŸ˜‰

$#*! My Dad Says 1×02 Wi-Fight
Shatner as the grumpy old man totally works for me. I’m not sure about the older brother and his wife though. Maybe they need a bit more time to find their pace. They are lucky that they have Shatner and I am willing to give them that time.

Melissa & Joey 1×08 Dancing with the Stars of Toledo
It was an OK episode. I really loved the all-male Tango, it was incredibly funny to watch them dance and they really pulled it off. I also liked the drug-induced dream sequence. It’s of course a staple of these kinds of sitcoms but you also have to find two people that can actually pull it off and I think these two can.

Raising Hope 1×02 Dead Tooth
Even the show acknowledges that it’s weird. And as the cast is getting wider, more weird people come into it. But it also shows the genuine care between father and daughter.
What makes it more fun for me is the fact that I can’t stop seeing Garret Dillahunt as the Terminator from The Sarah Connor Chronicles and then to watch him here.
And Sabrina reminds me a lot of the young Ally Sheedy from WarGames.

Bones 6×02 The Couple in the Cave
To quote someone else (Giles): “The subtext is rapidly becoming the text.” After my last review I have to admit I was surprised how fast they got working together again in a business as usual sense. But there is of course the whole Hannah issue now.
And I have to disagree with Bones on one issue: To lay down your life for another member of your species can absolutely make sense in an anthropological view, for example when a mother dies protecting their offspring.

Gossip Girl 4×03 The Undergraduates
It was interesting to see Serena being the odd one out. After everything that had happened before and in this episode I assumed Juliette’s endgame was against her, but the end proved me wrong.
Eva on the other hand reminded me a lot of Dan. She could be the grounding rod for Chuck that Dan was to Serena in the first season.
And Dan, well, he’s still Mr. Dependable, he would have made a great dad. And I’m not sure this whole Georgina baby story has come to an end. I guess we’ll see.

Life Unexpected 2×03 Criminal Incarcerated
And yet anther one: Emma Caulfield’s character (whose name I have not yet memorized) reminds me a lot of Buffy‘s Anya. Not the social awkwardness (that this character doesn’t have) but the switching from pure business to suddenly showing a bit of warmth and compassion.
I also liked it how the entire Paige thing blew up in the most perfect inappropriate moment. It was like a chain of tiny explosions that lead to the big boom. šŸ˜€

The Big Bang Theory 4×02 The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification
This episode was beyond ridiculous. Sheldon was again cranked up to (his, not normal people’s!) eleven. But I would have loved to see them actually jog. That would have been so much more fun.

Smallville 10×02 Shield
Now they are pressing forward the idea of going public with all their might and I like it.
I also liked that Clark didn’t question the choice Chloe made but recognized her as one of them (he did it before but I like it confirmed).
And I liked the talk between Carter and Lois. But that also caused some problems. Clark must have known that Lois would recognize him, she wrote a front page article about the JSA after all. So even if she didn’t know the secret that would have raised some red flags.
And being a fan of Stargate SG-1 I loved this whole Carter being an archaeologist thing. Granted he’s more than a thousand years old, but the wink is just too obvious. Like in the season nine finale when he was looking for the Kandorians (i.e. aliens) in Egypt and “all he found in Giza were mummies”. Or the specific mention of the sun god Ra (the first Goa’uld they killed).

Cougar Town 2×02 Let Yourself Go
It’s funny how this show can make you feel like something big is changing even though one has known these characters only for a year.
But now let’s go back to the guys doing same crazy stuff…

House M.D. 7×02 Selfish
That was a hard episode. I always feel stronger towards a case when the solving doesn’t only involve some medical magic but also having someone else sacrificing something.
I also loved how House tried to be himself (telling everyone about Huddy) and not being himself (not going up against Cuddy when he feels to).

How I Met Your Mother 6×02 Cleaning House
This was the first episode in a while that I really liked again. It could have used a little less Barney crazydom but overall it tugged all the right strings. I liked Barney’s brother and his dad and I liked Ted and Robin (Why can’t she be the mother?!).

Two and a Half Men 8×02 A Bottle of Wine and a Jackhammer
Alan has learned way too much from Charlie without even realizing it. šŸ˜‰
And I have to admit, I’m really curious on how this is going to work out because it brought Jake more back into the game. And I like Lindsey (but I also liked Chelsea and she’s gone, too).