TV Season 2010/2011 Diary #7

Life Unexpected 2×02 Parents Unemployed
I hope that the Paige story goes somewhere and isn’t just swept under the rug.
I have to admit I nearly didn’t recognize Emma “Anyanka” Caulfield but then it made *click*. Good to see her again, it has been a while.
Though I must say the whole firing Cate story doesn’t make much sense considering that they were supposed to get a five year contract just two episodes before (season one finale). Let’s see where this season goes.

Chuck 4×02 Chuck vs. the Suitcase
*indignant voice* “You slapped me!” When Lou “The Hulk” Ferrigno says that, it becomes even more funnier. “Is she naked?” – “Who? … Yes. Yes, she is.” πŸ˜€ This episode had everything I love about Chuck and was incredibly funny – especially the return of the Buy More crew (What an entrance!).

Castle 3×02 He’s Dead, She’s Dead
This was a hard case to follow for me. For some reason I couldn’t keep track of who’s who and how they are connected.
But I still enjoyed it and loved the “Alexander” revelation as well as Beckett’s and Castle’s banter about this whole truth seer issue. πŸ˜‰